IET Evolve Video II Dec 2010

IET Evolve Video II  Dec 2010
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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

UFO's Hessedalen, Norway - Scientifically Examined

For many people viewing this blog, yes we know spaceships exist. However, this is one of the best documentaries on the subject for a few reasons and they are as follows:

1. The long standing eye witness accounts with zero embellishment in their account of retelling what they had seen.

2. The cameras set up by scientists over a period of a year and catching the UFO's on video tape.

3. Diligently studying the movement of the object, lights, radiation and speed emanating from the object while cross referencing information from other scientific sources such as radio waves.

4. Finding the object "seems" to pick up energy from the Earth's atmosphere to propel itself.

5. The ground where the object appears to have been cut, removed and placed on another part of the ground, suggesting that piece of the Earth perhaps was examined.

6. Raising the question that these UFO's might be inner Earth dwellers and using the minerals on the Earth in ways which even advanced scientists have yet to understand.

Having spent time at the ECETI Ranch in Trout Lake, Washington and seeing with my own eyes part of the mountain light up and what appeared to be literally a portal open up at least 20 times over a period of 3 hours while viewing Mount Adams, there seems to be something significant about the possibility of these inner earth dwellers and their ability to move in and out of the Earth and out to space.

Lastly, when we can approach this phenomena with the intellectual and curious rigor necessary as these scientists have done in Norway, we can learn, we can evolve and we can help to create the Quantum Leap. Human contact with ET's isn't just for scientists, we are learning the average person with the proper intent, right heart and right mind can have contact occur. No money needed! Now THAT is pretty darn cool.

Listed below is the first of five series, the rest of the series can be found through the link below on youtube.


Monday, December 28, 2009

The Art of Close Encounters by Kim Carlsberg

For those who want to get a glimpse into the world of extra terrestrial contact, this book surely provides one of the best illustrations to date. It is filled with numerous drawings from contactees living all over the globe. It is helpful to those people who are learning about extra terrestrials. As the reader will see the different beings are as diverse as the life forms that exists on our own very planet Earth.

Many contactees have spent numerous years in silence regarding their contact and the amazing places they have seen, the different dimensions they have walked in and the incredible teachings they have been students to. This art work is a way to express the extensive messages that exist in these encounters for public viewing.

Our controlled media has thrown images at us for years regarding what we as humans should look like, what we should idolize and how we should behave. This blogger can't help but think that for most Americans watching American Idol, Survivor and popular culture shows this is sure to be a massive switch in their psyche if they so choose to enter in. The world that truly exists right beyond our window and outside our door is far more interesting and teeming with life encompassing infinite possibilities. This book shows you what is, what can be and what is beyond.

**This book is in the process of being published. Updates on the release of Kim's book will be posted on this blog.

Click here to view The Art of Close Encounters by Kim Carlsberg


Russia Today - How the US Media Spins and Emotionally Manipulates Info

Oh Bill, you give us bloggers so much to write about. Great clip from Russia Today. What is ironic is the woman interviewing the man Bill is referring to, speaks perfectly clear English. The man does not have his facts straight. Those who may yell the loudest and with such passion may not be at all accurate in what they are saying. I think that line is fitting in this situation. HELLO AMERICA! If you want to know what is going on, please stop watching mainstream media.

*Thanks for bringing this to light Dave.


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays!

IET Evolve would like to wish everyone a peaceful, loving and downright fun Holiday Season. New posts and stories will be coming very shortly. Be good and if you can't be good at least be relatively sane.


Monday, December 21, 2009

Collective Experiencer Intelligence & Psychological Resolve

As promised IET Evolve is working on providing information regarding the collective intelligence of people who have had ET contact. As time has gone by and connections with other experiencers have grown it seems there is a story that is unfolding about just who these experiencers are, how they hold themselves in this world and what they feel their role is in the current transformation that is on the planet. The first of several of these series will appear soon.


Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Vibration of Emotion and Water - Dr. Masaru Emoto

Here is an explanation regarding the power of emotion and the impact on water. Our bodies are 70% composed of water. Therefore the emotion we hold both subtle in our thoughts and charged through our emotional feeling and emotional expression has an impact on our vibration. The vibration of what we send off and what we attract to ourselves. The author of the video illustrates an experiment we can conduct ourselves to help clarify how water is related to our vibratory being.


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Evolution of Indigo Children, Indigo Adults and Crystal Beings


Friday, December 18, 2009

The FDA. The Media. Big Pharma and $$ - The Veil is Thinning.

What does a decision made by the FDA in 1956 have to do with another FDA action this week and mainstream media?

In 1956 the FDA burned Wilhelm Reich's work on orgone energy. This is a man that developed the concept of orgone energy and believed orgone was tied to many aspects of a persons health such as cancer and the effective energy flow with the human body for optimal functioning. The FDA went further and jailed Mr. Reich and he subsequently died in prison. Yes the FDA is still the very same agency that instructs the people living in the United States of what is allegedly "right" to put in our bodies and what is not.

This week another FDA ping was revealed when the FDA decided to go after an herbalist by the name of Greg Canton. An herbalist working with natural remedies overseas in Ecuador. IET Evolve spent time this past year in South America learning about plant medicine with a shaman and learned how it is possible to cure the incurable. Consciousness/spirit effects the energy of the plant that is being used for healing and visa versa. Our western medicine and big pharma does not have proper healing consciousness attached to the growth of the plant, development and subsequent usage of these drugs. It is no wonder that they are not providing cures to what is ailing the world regarding certain diseases. Is this what is so threatening to the FDA? That we might actually figure this out and not use their medicine which has been literally jammed down our throats and has torn a massive hole in our pockets?

Here is an article that appeared December 18th, 2009 in the Huffington Post. It is in regards to multiple sclerosis, a potential way to significantly relieve M.S. and how the American media has given little attention to this alternative way of healing around this disease. This is not what I would classify as a quantum leap in consciousness in terms of what is usually posted on IET Evolve, rather yet again another simple wake up call about how mainstream media is tied to big business and big pharma.M.S. American Media Neglects Discussing Possible Ways to Cure Because of Big Pharma $$

Yes evil exists in the world. Evil in the form of greed, control, power, material comfort and fear based coercion tactics. When human beings make the choice to "turn their heads away" from the truth regarding the health and vitality of their fellow man to line their pockets, then that mind frame and behavior is quite an illness in and of itself.

We can get healthy as a person, society and planet if we all do our part and wake up. Waking up is having the courage to step away from big business, mainstream media, big government and yes social norms which are no longer working. The indigenous people of the world knew quite a bit about the connection with our interplanetary brothers and sisters, how to diagnose and heal around disease and most importantly how to respect nature since it is nature that provides us with the source for our food and our medicine.

Lastly, what is the tie with Wilhem Reich and IET Evolve? It is believed that Mr. Reich also had contact with enlightened beings. Perhaps the time wasn't right in 1956 for Wilhem to gain the mass support he needed to help save his life which would have in turn likely saved countless other lives and produced a quantum leap in human's consciousness at the time. Turn the clock forward nearly 54 years later to the year 2009 and embarking on 2010 and we are still under a sleeping cloak of the big giants. Big pharma, big business, big government, mass media.

It's time to pull the covers off. The quantum leap is right outside your door just waiting for you to open it.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Norwegian Gigantic Luminous Spiral UPDATE

As stated on Wednesday December 9, 2009 when IET Evolve first wrote about the luminious spiral that was being reported in the news there is more that has surfaced in the last week. After sifting through news stories and articles from various sources here we have the following;

The Official Story from the Russian Military

The Exopolitics Report by Alfred Lmbremont Webre including information about HAARP and Project Blue Beam

What is important to note about this unusual display of luminosity in the sky last week is it has certainly stirred up quite a bit of interest and further exposure of Project Blue Beam and HAARP. Moreover, as we consider something highly important in the skies above that is the historic role UFO's had played as human beings living on this planet became interested in and set off atomic bombs. There is plenty of evidence to suggest UFO's and extra terrrestrials do not like missiles and bombs and have consistently "taken out" these warheads.

It begs the question as to why? If we are silly enough to plainly answer that question from a military standpoint - then the answer usually is "well that is because ET's want to take over the Earth." Hmmmm, not so fast. They have the technology already to overcome our technology and have not taken over the Earth for eons. When you integrate in the collective knowledge of people who have had contact with ET's AND add in the knowledge of the indigenous people around the world regarding what they do not refer to as ET's, rather star beings then we have a more complete picture.

Our interplanetary neighbors likely take out the warheads because it is incredibly damaging to the planet and all the living beings that are on it. Moreover, it likely effects the atmosphere around the Earth and could very well contaminate the atmosphere outside of the Earth, like a ripple in the pond. Only a missile or bomb that is set off is a ripple in the fragile energetic Universe that the Earth is sitting in. UFO's/ET's might be trying to helps us. We can only see this perspective if we are willing to look at the whole picture and not just one piece of it.


Monday, December 14, 2009

New Stories and Updates Coming Tomorrow

IET Evolve is working on a few stories at the present time. They are as follows;

Psychological Strength of Experiencers

Detailed Follow Up to the Norwegian Spiral Lights

And coming soon....the blog will also feature news stories on microvita and economic updates from J.C. Leask who writes for the Prout Journal

Note to readers, I have received emails from a few people who were unable to post feedback to articles in the comment section of the blog. I will work to try to get this fixed. I want your feedback to be posted openly.


Friday, December 11, 2009

IET Evolve - Unthought Known , Pearl Jam

IET Evolve's First Video


Thursday, December 10, 2009

NEW Update on the Norwegian Spiral

Initial reports usually provide the most accurate data before the information can be watered down. This story has now been reported on MSN, the Rachel Maddow Show, and a variety of international news stations. The "official" report is that this was a Russian missile that malfunctioned - not part of the initial report.

Missile malfunction? Would we expect to see such perfect symmetry and an incredible luminous blue light emanating from the center from a deadly man made object designed to destroy things that malfunctioned?

Another consideration is the Russians are testing a missile while the leader of the "free" world is receiving his noble peace prize? Reminds me of a song in the 80's "things that make you go hmmmm.?"

Thought this video might be funky to view


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Norwegian Gigantic Luminous Spiral

Norwegian Spiral Light Story

A large luminous spiral was viewed by thousands on witnesses in Norway on December 9th at 7:50 a.m. local time. As word spread fast through the internet and various stations reporting on the coverage it caught the attention of two people here in the United States. An Ivy league astronomer reviewed the photograph and the article and saw a connection with the magnetic monopoles and the spiraling. Another source closely familiar with alternative energy sources saw a connection with the spiraling motion ("spinning wave") of the orgone energy which is thought by some to be the power source of these enigmas.

What is interesting to note is the confirmation of the accuracy of the picture is also being reported by This agency is not typically known to report on alternative phenomena.

Whatever it is - it certainly is different and is catching the interest of other astronomers in the scientific community. More to come on this for sure.

Special thank you to Michael Mannion for bringing this to light.


See Dark to Move to Light

A Perfect Circle - Imagine

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke)


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What We Mean By Increasing Vibration and How It Relates to Emotion - With an ET Ending

The author of these two video's illustrate the importance of emotion and vibration and why it is vital we realize the connection between the two in the day and age we are living in NOW.

The Earth is in trouble - that we know but may be unwilling to really address. Our humanity is being comprised - yet many of us still choose to do nothing about our neighbors and our own selves. It has been this bloggers experiences working coaching and training people in emotional intelligence that many of us in the Western world live our day to day lives in denial with our eyes purposefully closed of a great many number of things in order to "just get by." Whether we mindlessly watch television, keep busy on performing tasks as to not have to "deal" with our inner turmoils or choose to participate in maladaptive activities to please our ego. Think Tiger Woods, how many affairs is enough? It is a cup with a hole at the bottom and will never be filled (the women will never be enough) because there is a hole inside the human.

We are made up of energy. Emotions are also energy and this energy if misdirected and not effectively processed has a cost. The more someone hides their pain, typically the greater the pain and the more maladaptive activities they participate in. The more stimulation needed to please their needs. This can manifest in food, sex, excessive t.v. watching etc...

The good news is with the available information that now exists regarding healing emotional trauma's and the many spiritual practioners who can help people release this deep emotional pain so the person can stand in the world neutral and free from these emotional restrictions, there is help.

Where there is help, there is hope and the possibility of a quantum leap. Our emotions impact our thinking, which impacts our behavior both individually and collectively. When we are genuinely open to receive and give love we can CREATE a NEW. When we are in a fear based state we are contractred and this contraction fragments us from being genuinely connected with those around us. And most importantly this contraction from fear we are holding (and most typically subconsciously) severely cuts us off from experiencing the immense power that exists when we can feel the connection of our greater self.

What is the greater self? It is not denial, ignorance, fear, lying, manipulation, greed, power, control and excess. It is the one word - LOVE and loving oneself. I leave it up to you to envision what love is.

In many of the the experiences with the ET's there was something very simple - a genuine soul to soul connection. This is not only possible but required as us human beings living on this planet to experience the quantum leap to the next phase of this journey. Our time and place on this planet is dynamic, not static. The quantum leap to new technologies, telepathy, space travel and healing. This blogger longs for the days when human beings can walk around on this planet and have the soul to soul connection. Funny part is it is entirely possible and may just be right around the corner, but it is a choice.


Monday, December 7, 2009

Jeff Peckman Discusses ET's on David Letterman

A friend forward this today. Jeff does an excellent job in a short period of time summarizing ET's, government and human contact. Take a special note of what he says at the end regarding "heart."


Sunday, December 6, 2009

Media's Portrayal of ET Contact

When this blog first started which was two weeks ago, there was an article IET Evolve wrote regarding Hollywood's portrayal of ET contact. The article was posted for only about 12 hours. I decided to pull it because I thought I was letting my emotions around this subject matter overtake my logic as opposed to working to strive a balance between emotion and logic. What you will now read is a "cleaner" and more balanced version of the original with a link to an article written by the French branch of Exopolitics titled Media: Propaganda or Fear? by Glen Shoefield. (Click on the link in the lower left hand corner for automatic English translation). The author discusses a true story that occurred when this blogger was contacted by a Hollywood producer in May of 2008.

To further expand on the situation the producer had specifically asked if I could produce people to interview around the globe right after they had an ET experience "you know to get the rawness of the situation." Which was was more the shock and awe aspect of the ET experience. He then sent me a video clip based on people's real experiences to a pilot show he was working on where there was a police officer shot multiple times by several "bad guys" and the scene was incredibly emotional and filled with violence. Ultimately the officer survived and took down the bad guys while fighting for his life.

I explained how the intricacies of ET contact differ to help him understand that human contact with ET's isn't cut and dry/black and white. It varies because people's experiences can either be in the physical and/or the psychic and there isn't necessarily an immediate complete knowing of all the details of what occured in the experience. Went on further to explain that if you add up all the contact experiences and learn collectively what they mean then there is a much richer and enlightening story that can be told and it is about the survival of humanity with planet we are living on and our connection with the Cosmo's. Point blank - he wasn't interested in telling a real/true story about this phenomenon because his main purpose for "pitching it" was to have the network "buy in."

He then said to me that I needed to work to "sell this" because there is a great opportunity here for me to be on the show/and or to be a consultant for the show. That's when I felt the energy to pull away and not be a part of the project. If the story is going to be told through a biased and unhelpful strainer to benefit someone's pocket at the expense of the experiencer and what is trying to emerge for truth, then the choice is simple - pull out.

Considering that was nearly a year and half ago, what has since occurred in Hollywood regarding their illustration in t.v. and movies of extraterrestrials has mainly turned off those people who have serious knowledge regarding this subject. Movies like The Fourth Kind, 2012 and the television series V have only chosen to illustrate the negative fear based aspects of some of this contact for either entertainment purposes or propaganda. Either way, the true and real story has yet to really be told. The closest Hollywood has come to uncovering some of these truths is perhaps with Spielberg and the TV series Taken.

Knowing how the emotions we hold in our minds, bodies and spirit which are transmitted through our vibration have plasticity - it is imperitive we consider what we allow into our psyches even if you are attending for entertainment purposes only. Consider what is left in the viewers mind who may be engaging in this subject for the first time and seeing The Fourth Kind and the series V? Fear and apprehension. When they finally do meet a person who has had contact, perhaps see spacecraft for themselves one day or hear disclosure from a government in the world how will they then react? Certainly a lot less likely with an open neutral objective mind.

Maybe one day there will be someone bold enough in Hollywood with a consciousness higher than what has been allowed on the airwaves that actually cares about what they produce and the impact to the people who will be watching it. Hollywood still has a long way to go. In the meantime it seems bloggers, You Tube, going to attend a talk, books and listening to your inner self around this subject may yield the most accurate and neutral information so you yourself can decide what this phenomena is about and ultimately means to you.
**Note - I am not a University professor as referenced in the article. I have done work on a consulting basis with a variety of universities in the area of emotional intelligence working with professors, students and staff.


Friday, December 4, 2009

Susan K - Paratopia Interview

IET Evolve interviewed with Paratopia last night. First time speaking verbally for a public forum about emotional intelligence, extraordinary experiences and consciousness. There was no script, no questions in advance - rather a raw conversation with Jeremy and Jeff where the interviewers asked insightful questions. The show will be broadcast at 9:00 p.m. tonight. IET Evolve Interview Podcast.


Thursday, December 3, 2009

DNA - New Matter, UFO's and the Gold Connection

A very quantum leap in understanding how what we know is possible is now potentially scientifically explainable. More pieces of the puzzle to consider. The following information is provided by Michael Tellinger.

In February 2008, Science Daily reported an astonishing achievement by scientists from Northwestern University and Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences.

The report said the following: DNA is the blueprint of all life, giving instruction and function to organisms ranging from simple one-celled bacteria to complex human beings. Now researchers report they have used DNA as the blueprint, to build a three-dimensional structure out of gold, a lifeless material.

What these guys basically did was to use DNA as the foundation or backbone to build a living organic structure of their own design, made up of nano-particles of gold. By programming the DNA to take on a specific shape, and immersing it in a solution of nano-particles of gold, which are 15 nanometres in diameter, the gold attaches itself to the DNA in very specific positions to give it form and strength.

They report that each gold nano-particle has multiple strands of DNA attached to its surface so the nano-particle binds in many directions, resulting in a three-dimensional structure of a new golden organic crystal. One sequence of linker DNA, programmed by the researchers, resulted in one type of golden crystal structure while a different sequence of linker DNA resulted in a different structure. This means that we can now effectively program DNA to form any shape we need it to be, to perform various functions in industry and science – including space travel.

In fact, it can be called a living organic crystal, because any break or fracture that occurs is immediately corrected by the DNA backbone, as it automatically reconstitutes itself. But we are not restricted to gold nano-particles. We can basically use nano-particles of any substance we choose, to create a different look and feel of the finished product. Copper, aluminium, silica, etc.

Furthermore, a multitude of building blocks of different sizes can be used – with different composition. Gold, silver and fluorescent particles, for example, and different shapes – like spheres, rods, cubes and triangles. Controlling the distance between the nano-particles is also key to the structure's function. “Once you get good at this you can build anything you want,” said Chad A. Mirkin, director of Northwestern's International Institute for Nanotechnology.

It is all so simple once you think about it. The scientists can program the DNA to take on a different shape. A different DNA sequence in the strand resulted in the formation of a different crystal shape formation. The researchers say that it’s like building a house. Starting with basic materials, the construction team can build many different types of houses out of the same building blocks and different materials.

The technique is a major and fundamental step toward building functional "designer" materials using programmable self-assembly materials (DNA), and was published in the journal Nature on 31 January 2008, reflecting more than a decade of work. It is reported that this new discovery will allow scientists to take inorganic materials and build structures with specific properties for a given application, such as therapeutics, biodiagnostics, optics, electronics or catalysis. But I see a much more exciting prospect here – In the area of space travel.

The novel part of the work is that the researchers use DNA to drive the assembly of the crystal. Changing the DNA strand's sequence of As, Ts, Gs and Cs changes the blueprint, and thus the shape, of the organic-crystalline structure. The two crystals reported in Nature, were both made of gold, and have different properties because the particles are arranged differently.

I find this report absolutely amazing because many people now know that GOLD is not a lifeless material and that GOLD has been the obsession humans and their gods since the garden of Eden. And since we also know that gold can be virtually an inexhaustible source of energy in its mono-atomic state, we could be on the verge of creating an indestructible, biological craft that can travel through space for ever, because of the material from which it is constructed… nano-particles of gold.

It took scientists decades of work to learn how to synthesize DNA. “Now we've learned how to use the synthesized form outside the body to arrange lifeless matter into things that are useful. We are now closer to the dream of learning, as nano-scientists, how to break everything down into fundamental building blocks, which for us are nano-particles, and reassembling them into whatever structure we want that gives us the properties needed for certain applications," said Mirkin.

“DNA is the stabilizing force, the glue that holds the structure together. These structures are a new form of matter, that would be difficult, if not impossible, to make any other way” he added.

Now imagine a spaceship made up of gold nano-particles and DNA – which is basically indestructible, and can travel throughout space forever, as it uses the mono-atomic form of the golden structure, for its source of energy. Very exciting prospect indeed, and I would not be surprised if the black-ops, or secret space bodies behind NASA are not already working on this.
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Keep exploring

Michael Tellinger

In addition to Mirkin and Schatz, other authors and researchers are Sung Yong Park, a former postdoctoral fellow in Schatz's lab and now at the University of Rochester (lead author); graduate student Abigail K. R. Lytton-Jean, Northwestern University; Byeongdu Lee, Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Laboratory; and Steven Weigand, Northwestern's DND-CAT Synchrotron Research Center at Argonne's Advanced Photon Source.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

EI and ET Audio Interview - Friday 9:00 p.m. EST December 4, 2009

IET Evolve will be interviewed on Thursday evening and the session will be broadcast on Friday night at 9:00 p.m. Interviewers are Jeremy Vaeni and Jeff Ritzman. The topic is emotional intelligence pertaining to consciousness and people who have had extraordinary experiences.

You can access the interview on Friday at 9:00 p.m. EST by clicking on the following link IETevolve audio session.


Quantum Leap - Center for a New Earth, Cambridge, Massachusetts

The Xi group is in the process of developing a center for the public to be able to come and discover the following;

*"How to Hold the Impossible" Workshop Gatherings
*Learn Telepathy
*Nurturing Indigo and Star Children
*Animal Intelligence
*Free Energy Discoveries and Exploration
*Emotional and Spiritual Awareness
*Indigenous Knowledge

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