IET Evolve Video II Dec 2010

IET Evolve Video II  Dec 2010
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Monday, November 30, 2009

Human Beings as Energy of Light - Scientifically Explained and an Emotional Intelligence Precursor

For those of us who have felt and seen energies that we know exist and are the "not the norm" of understanding in the mainstream Western world the author of this article does a wonderful job piecing together research to help validate the concept of light and energy as it progresses into physical matter. Think energy first and physical matter next with a whole lot of "stuff" that happens in between. The food we eat and the vibration of healthy earth grown food versus processed unnatural chemically enhanced food has an effect on the cellular level of our body which ultimately effects our overall health, IQ and ability to handle stressors in our life.

The surface emotions we hold on a day to day basis and the deeper emotions we may be unconsciously holding in our body has an effect on the cellular level which can cause either an expansion or a contraction of these cells and how they flow and move. If the mind/body/cells are in a sustained period of contraction then not only will they be slowed down and cause us to become unhealthy and you can literally "pick your disease" at that point. When cells are flowing freely the energy in the body or chi if you will, feels more in balance and lighter, your body feels less dense. Think about how you feel when you are sad, experiencing greed, jealousy, fear and apprehension. You may likely feel heavy, lethargic, a tightness or emptiness in your belly and other areas of your body and your thoughts may be "I can't do this, I want this and don't like this person because they have that. I'm not good enough for this or I want more and I don't care who or what I take down in the process of getting what I want."

On the flip side when you are truly feeling happy, joyous, loving, anticipatory and interested that time seems to go by without even noticing it because the chi is moving more freely. You will feel lighter, warmer, expansive and connected to many things around you whether they be people, plant, animals, the other subtler intelligent energies in the ether and perhaps your union with what you consider God/Source/Light to be. Your thoughts may be "I feel good, I know I can do this, I care about the people around me and the impact my actions and energy has on them, I want to know more, that is beautiful."

Having had the good fortune of spending time coaching and training 1000+ people over the past 6 years in emotional intelligence around the globe and collaborating with other scientists and experiencers regarding their extraordinary experiences that understanding emotions and connecting in with these other subtler intelligent energies in the ether is related to our conscious and subconscious emotional states. Being in a balance and/or an expansive state helps to connect in and with likewise energies. When we are not in balance or expansive we are contracted and our abilities to reach out to the other intelligent energies both on earth and in the ether is compromised. If we want to experience a quantum leap in our health and well being and perhaps for the planet we might be best served in learning how to first identify and manage our emotions.

Human Beings as Energy of Light by Dan Eden


Saturday, November 28, 2009

Green- The Story of a Female Orangutan and Her Final Days

As you watch this film ask yourself what is the difference between human emotion and this orangutan's emotion? What happens to this animal as her home is destroyed? How does this relate to mankind? Follow the trail - we are all responsible.

Green- The film. A story of a female orangutan and her final days.


Friday, November 27, 2009

The Promise of New Energy Dr. Greer

European Exopolitics July 2009

Government disclosure and the impact regarding energy as to how we currently live on this planet and how we COULD be living.


Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Alien Agenda - you might be surprised

October 26, 2009

Having been a lifelong contactee with a multitude of different beings and further connecting with people and groups regarding all things “ET” something struck me big today that I thought might be worthy of sharing.
I am 38 years old and found myself slightly afraid last night when I went to sleep. Slept with the light on and I have not done that in nearly 15 years. Prior to going to bed, I began reviewing the exopolitics website I came across a chart of ET’s that work with the government and those who work independently from the government. As any normal contactee would do I scanned through the chart to see if “my ET’s” were the decent good ones. And low and behold it listed the greys as working with government.

Soon after reading the charts of ET’s – why they are here and what they want I began to feel concerned and question my own experiences yet again. I felt like I had already processed the hell out of my experiences and the beings I have come in contact with and last night the concern arose.

Around 2 am I woke up and realized the light was on. I then became slightly agitated at something. The something was regarding my foolishness and not listening to my own insight regarding my experiences, consciousness and in general what I know about how I approach people and life.

Have I seen the greys? Well kind of because they were mostly grey. Not easily classifiable because at times they appeared iridescent looking and this would occur when they moved and used their energy they then appeared almost golden in color.
I have also seen different beings and none that I would classify as the bad ones. Did I have tests done? Yes. They were testing for my empathy and sensitivity by exposing me to a screaming hybrid toddler who was angry and sad and measuring if I was having a reaction to the child’s emotional state. Was I asked to breastfeed a hybrid looking baby? Yes. Well actually they handed me two and each could fit in my hand they were so small.

Have I been given an energy by a human looking ET which led me on this amazing journey to the Amazon to learn how to cure myself and potentially my family from a deadly genetic disease which modern science says there is no cure? Yes. Have I been shown a budding new Universe and taught how the life energy of this Universe propagates to the next Universe? Yes.
Then something dawned on me today and I feel like it all just got pulled together. We classify people, situations and even the et’s as good or bad. It is a real problem when we do this because it leaves us unintelligibly missing information about our deeper energetic self and moreover how we may approach life and the people we meet on a day-to-day basis.

There is no doubt I have experienced beings of a high vibration and those of a lower vibration. The higher vibratory beings gave me energy, insight, beauty and love as well as an understanding of eternity in the Cosmo’s, which has touched me deeply. The lower vibratory beings where in need of something from me. Thinking of the breastfeeding situation, they were pushing the babies at me and it was clear they didn’t understand that it was not possible for me to feed them because I couldn’t lactate because I didn’t give birth to them. I explained it to them and told them that I would try to do what they were asking so they could understand how lactation worked.

Just like the people we meet in our day-to-day lives. There are those who lift us up and teach us and there are those people whom it is wise to practice patience and we find we might need to “give” them something to help teach them so they can operate their lives more effectively. And there are some people who it is wise for us to avoid completely:>)
This brings me back to the greys – if in fact there were greys in whatever this classifiable sense may be. I have heard they are lacking in emotion and need to insert it back somehow into their species and that is why the hybridization program. Some people have viewed this negatively.

If we are truly all one – doesn’t that concept transcend intelligent life forms?

Perhaps human beings have something to offer other species operating at a lower vibration to help their species survive. The more evolved species in comparison to humans are teaching, guiding and helping us humans evolve to a wiser species. It seems it is the Yin and the Yang of the Universe operating on a grand scale. We cannot always be taking without giving, then we have an imbalance. Humans and the wide variety of ET’s that exist in life beyond our planet have much to give and take from one another.

Maybe being conscious of our oneness allows for a much richer and deeper understanding as our role of both teacher and student.


Wisdom from 1974

This blogger was 3 when this video was made. I can't help but think about how far worse we are as a society because the trajectory didn't change in the world. It was and still is dominated by science without consciousness, greed, power and domination. What will the world be like in the next 5 years if we don't immediately change the trajectory?

Emotional truths can be quite uncomfortable. And yes each and everyone of us is responsible for changing the direction of our path for ourselves, our neighbors, our fellow man/woman and children.


A Brave Whistleblower - ET Contact and the Military

This brave and compassionate woman tells her story and shares her wisdom with us. People like this are rare in the world and there is much we can learn as we listen to her story and objectively hear what has unfolded for her.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Susan K - The Story of Awakening

The interview session below was conducted in March of 2009 by Dennis Whitney. This interview provides a sampling and highlights the many years of contact, what was learned from the contact and how the contact has integrated with emotional intelligence. There are some insights shared on the upcoming Earth changes and how it relates to our humanness.

This bloggers interview session with Dennis Whitney for March 2009


Monday, November 23, 2009

2012 changes are now Video


Xi - The collective intelligence of the eXperiencers

We will be featuring an ongoing section dedicated to the collective intelligence of eXperiencers. Not only will their stories be told but they will inform the world what they have learned as a result of their ongoing eXperiences and contact. Stay tuned as this information is sure to help you along your journey of understanding the earth changes and where we might want to head as a society.


Infinite Consciousness; One soul - the transcendence of emotion from one body to the next

The video you are about to watch is an example of something each of us possess - human emotion. The intensity of our emotions seem to carry one from one body to the next in our infinite consciousness or soul as some like to say. This boy knew on his soul level he had unfinished business that needed to be done and the emotion he carried was a vehicle to move him and his parents towards uncovering who he was prior to this lifetime.

IET evolve will continue to post evidence on this blog as it relates to how the emotion we feel carries over and transcends from one body and/or spirit to the next.


How to Hold the Impossible 2 Meeting; Cambridge, Masschusetts November 7th, 2009

How to Hold the Impossible

November 7, 2009

Attended the second “How to Hold the Impossible” meeting in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The meeting was held by individuals with the following expertise; political strategist/civil rights activist, Ivy league astrophysicist, international emotional intelligence consultant, animal intelligence expert and special guest for the day was a grandmother and ceremonial leader in the Lakota tradition. The group also had members which were advised by people who have had nearly a lifetime of extra ordinary experiences.

20 guests ranging from their early 20’s to early 70’s attended the meeting. Many of these guests were invited by people from the inner circle and/or affiliated with the event.

“Jane”, the political and civil rights expert, led the meeting. Jane started off the meeting allowing the group of 25 to introduce themselves and state their objective for attending the gathering. Some of the stated intentions for gathering were as follows; connecting at the heart level, help to create a society in which these deep life changing experiences are accepted, learn how those who have not had extraordinary experiences can benefit from those who have had them and visa versa, learn what our roles are as the Earth changes. How to move from the old way to the new way and be present to learn during our time together.

The energy in the room was vibrating very high at this point already in the day. People were engaged, focused and committed to uncovering these deeper truths, our roles and what we could learn from each other.
The astrophysicist was next to discuss how what we think is impossible is actually quite possible with what we now know regarding “new science”. This included extraordinary experiences such as remote viewing, intuition, human contact with extraterrestrials, out of body experiences and other non-ordinary states of “knowing” information. The esteemed Dr. provided wonderful relatable examples of how Universal information propagates faster than the speed of light. How we now understand how the Universe works is far different than what scientists originally thought. This Dr. has done extensive work on dark matter and black holes.

He also referred to his collaboration with another scientific expert who went to the moon and proposed his theory on how the information in the Universe is held and moves through what is referred to as a Quantum Hologram. He also provided examples about the disorientation of what astronauts experience when they are out in space as they are seeing the sun rise and set every 90 minutes and how this effects their sense of self. He provided one memorable example of an astronaut that reported being an elephant and extremely dehydrated in the desert in need of water while he was in space!

The Dr. went on to say this may explain why humans on the planet are so tuned into animal intelligence and vibration, plant intelligence and vibration, human intelligenceand vibration and even extraterrestrial beings intelligence and vibration. If it is in the ether – then some of us are tapping into the other life forms in the Universe whether they are human, plant, Mother Earth itself, animals and our cosmic brothers and sisters in the Universe(s).

After this session the group broke out into groups of five. Where each person had the opportunity to discuss their individual extraordinary experiences so we could bring forth, explore and discuss how these various experiences effect us individually and collectively and more over what should we do differently as a result of being more conscious of these experiences as they so now so clearly relate to our higher infinite self.
The topics ranged anywhere from the discussion of extraterrestrial contact, seeing and feeling non physical entities in houses, journeying, strong sensations guiding people with no true degree of logic which ended up being a transformative event and a discussion regarding the similarities and differences between spiritual and psychic experiences.

After a much needed break at this point, the group took ten and came back to have the ceremonial leader of the Lakota tradition voice her representation of the indigenous people she is a part of and which these extraordinary experiences are not even considered extraordinary, rather they are simply part of the daily connection with Mother Earth and Spirit. She has a quote below that might best represent her presence at the day’s gathering.
“I believe that to create peace and harmony and to heal generations of disregard and harm to the Earth Mother, her creatures, waters and the air we breathe we must return to the sacred ways of ritual and ceremony of our Ancestors. Who’s knowledge, sensitivity and awareness of Humans impact upon the earth and as loving care takers of the Earth Mother had realized the importance of respect for all things in preparation for the next coming generations. It is my hope that what I have been guided to teach and share with you will bring us together in kindness and respect to take part in mending the sacred hoop."
The grandmother then discussed the changing energies that are on our planet at this time and the rise of the indigenous people around the globe. Certain tribes are coming out of hiding from years of seclusion to participate in prayer and ceremony to help to restore and energies back to Mother Earth as it is now time. It is time to help bring in the new energies that are emerging on this planet. The Earth is changing and so are we.

We broke out into group again to discuss the following questions; what are we going to do differently and why are the extraterrestrial beings visiting? The group came up with the following answers; it is important to speak our truths no matter how today’s society has been programmed through religion, government and mainstream media to consider such events. Using a grassroots approach is more powerful, holding additional gatherings eventually open to the public, producing good quality and truthful videos and posting on you tube and doing pod casts and in addition, living in our truths and holding the loving vibration. Many of us have been granted gifts of awareness and new energies that have brought about our transformation; we believe we need to make ourselves available to those who want to raise their vibration.

Why are the beings visiting? Answers were; they have always been visiting, there are many different kinds, the vast majority are benevolent (despite what the populace might think due to the shock and awe of mainstream media), they are helping us through this crisis on Earth and will teach us only so much but it is up to us “pursue these new energies and to get it.” We are both student and teacher with our cosmic brothers and sisters. Earth is a rare place in the Universe in the sense it is a wonderful expression of extremes. Hot, cold, dry, wet and because of its uniqueness we have the ability to be sensorial unlike other intelligent beings in the Universe.

Then the emotional intelligence consultant discussed how we as humans have an AMAZING CAPACITY TO FEEL. We can feel love, the touch and caress of our children, lovers, taste abundant food choices, see amazing colors in the sky and in plants/flowers, feel the wind in your hair and the fresh green grass on the bottom of your feet. This is an amazing planet with all of the natural beauty. The natural composition on this planet helps humans to form their senses, which in turn form their emotions to help us care about one another and help each other collectively as a society. If we continue harm on Mother Earth – then we are only harming our human species and then effecting the plant and animal life that is teeming with it’s diversity right outside our door.

She discussed unnatural attacks on our senses affect our ability to fully and effectively feel appropriate emotions to help guide us towards holistic and perhaps engaging in a quantum leap of development as a whole planetary society. Divisions in how we live and how we work dampen our emotions and often times we may feel powerless or apathetic. Recognizing your emotions and effectively managing emotions is a starting key in waking up to your eternal self.

The group spent some time in quiet meditation after this point. It was then time to end the day with some concluding thoughts and there were; continue having these gatherings, house the gatherings in central location and then provide the outline to other potential groups around the world to use this as a format. Move to the urgency of what is occurring now, as there is little time for people to continue living in the asleep submissive state, which has been created, by the Western world.

Notekeepers last thoughts…
Some of us remember where we came from – where we came from was love and light and yes, from the stars. It never left us and we knew one day this time would come as we had many visions and knew we carried a deep sense of purpose and service to humanity. Many of us experiencers were born in average families. We have carried a lifetime of knowledge and “holding in” regarding our experiences as society at large (and small) wasn’t ready to deal with the truth.

What we now know is our brothers and sisters beyond our planet are helping us and guiding us through our time of need, but they cannot do the work for us. Mankind as a whole got ourselves where we are and it is up to us to get us out of it. We share a common trait and that is “love, respect and care for all life forms including our own.” One doesn’t not need to be an experiencer to feel this – you do need to have the bravery to love yourself and equitably love and care about other life forms.

We are living in time now that every person on this planet is a part of this transition. It will take everyone to move out of the old energies and into the new energies where we know the impossible is actually possible. Imagine what can be. Healing your loved ones with your vibration, restoring the Earth back to its natural beauty, interplanetary travel, I dare you too! It is beyond our wildest dreams and just waiting for you to bring forth these new ways of existing with a loving expansive heart. The time is now.

Thank you Dr. Mack.

p.s. the room was buzzing when we adjourned. I feel grateful for today’s gathering and hopeful regarding our movement into a peaceful loving society.


Quantum Leap - Center for a New Earth, Cambridge, Massachusetts

The Xi group is in the process of developing a center for the public to be able to come and discover the following;

*"How to Hold the Impossible" Workshop Gatherings
*Learn Telepathy
*Nurturing Indigo and Star Children
*Animal Intelligence
*Free Energy Discoveries and Exploration
*Emotional and Spiritual Awareness
*Indigenous Knowledge

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