IET Evolve Video II Dec 2010

IET Evolve Video II  Dec 2010
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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Article on the Culmination of the Past, Present and Future

This article is coming soon, it may take a few days to post. However, think it might be worth it:>)


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Climate Change Article by Jeffrey Masters PhD

IET Evolve has considered posting information on climate change. Wanting to make sure the information on climate change is balanced, I have been slow to post articles and links on the topic as there has been such a great debate over this topic in the past year. Finally, came across an article by a fairly independent source on this topic that seemed worthy of people's time.

In the upcoming weeks we will be tying in how people's ET experiences relate to the information they received years ago regarding these changes in the Earth's climate. Moreover, we will relate how the development and usage of nuclear technology is effecting our Earth's atmosphere which may be impacting these shifts in climate change as well.

Click here for the Climate Change Article by Jeffrey Masters PhD


Friday, January 22, 2010

Gerald Celente on 2010 Predictions

Food for thought. Much of what he is saying is in line with what several people who have had precognitive capabilities have been shown a number of years ago. Combine that info with what he is saying and these predictions may occur. Good to know and even better to be empowered to live your life in accordance to that which you see fit (assuming you have been brave enough to consider all the information presented to you of course:>).


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Moon Rising: UFO The Greatest Story Ever Denied II, A New Film by Jose Escamilla

Click here to see the entire movie Moon Rising: UFO The Greatest Story Ever Denied II

If you have ever looked up at the moon and wondered..."what's there?" This movie cannot be missed. It is filled with traceable science. Now when we combine what we know scientifically about these greater truths and the many years of contact with people living on this planet regarding extra terrestrials and review the ancient astronaut evidence we can then more clearly and jointly enter into the quantum leap. This movie is definitely of the quantum leap type. Enjoy.

This clip is the opening piece of the movie, the entire movie can be viewed by clicking on the gold link above.

Thanks Dennis Whitney


Amazing Crystal Caves in Mexico

This is incredibly beautiful. Not just beautiful but the energetic qualities need to be considered as well.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Indigenous Cultures, The Earth, Avatar and The Vatican with an ET Spin

Avatar has been written about quite a bit in the press lately. Some well known groups are chiming in on their views regarding the movie. How does one movie cause such a stir within the Vatican? Well read for yourself, Vatican views on Avatar. How incredibly interesting the Vatican is concerned that people will direct their energies towards as they so disparagingly put it "worshipping" the the Earth and not a particular religious group.

This is reminiscent of other groups of people throughout the world that have had chosen to direct their energies towards the Earth and sky spirits. Native Americans, Hopi Indians, Mayans, Australian Aborigines, the persecution of so called "witches" who were women that knew how to use the medicinal healing energies of herbs with their consciousness and in more recent times South American tribes who continue to live off the land and respect the life energies of the Earth as their day to day living is connected in with these Earth energies.

These groups of people and their land have been historically desecrated by religious extremists, people within government who are apathetic and others who are geared more towards, power, money and control. Having visited the Amazon in March of 2009 and seeing how connected the people of the land were with the natural life energies of the animals, plants and air surrounding them it became clear that if you take away their land you literally are cutting off their life energy which is an essential artery to their day to day and soul existence in which they have harmony and balance.

It is no wonder why they are willing to fight to the death to protect their land, their land is what gives them the life and they respect it. The recent clashes with police and indigenous people in Peru are real, true and could be literally taken right out of a scene from Avatar (see article on recent clash June 2009).
There are some governments that recognize their mistakes and are willing to take responsibility for what has occurred. See the recent events that have unfolded in Chile (click here for article) .

It is becoming clear why Avatar is striking a cord within the public (see movie goers reactions). There is something that is touching us at our soul level that is not going away with people especially when they leave the movie theatre and go back to their disconnected way of living when maybe, just maybe they know there is more here than what they have traditionally believed and lived.

What does all of this have to do with extra terrestrials? Indigenous people have lived so closely to the land and connected in with nature that they are connected in with "the star beings also." They have received great wisdom and new ways of living from these various star cultures. They recognize, value and appreciate the different beings in their various forms and respect that particular life energy however it may appear. It seems in our biggest human limitation is we are far too hung up on the physical form of a variety of different things and want things to be "just like us", the "just like us" extends to religious and political/governmental structures. People involved in these structures will even go so far as to force others change to be like we are as opposed to simply appreciating, respecting and learning from the vast diversity of the life energy that is around us. Perhaps that is one of the greatest lessons we can take away from these recent events, a respect of all forms of life energy no matter how similiar or dissimimliar to us.


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Difference Between Ego and Soul Service- Carolyn Myss

This short clip helps to illustrate the difference between ego and soul service. When the ego begins to shed the soul is allowed to wake up. When the soul is truly awoken, then freedom can fully be felt.

First the ego must recognize that courage is needed to be held energetically, emotionally and spiritually to face our fears and defenses. In this world now, one does not need to do this alone. There are so many qualified people capable of helping to stir and rise this courage in you that the path for soul service and the path to living one's life freely is accessible.

Please also see Carolyn's clip on change


Friday, January 8, 2010

Two Realities, Two Dimensions = A New Earth Occurring NOW

As difficult as this might seem to comprehend for some people if you are new to this information, Dolores gives one of the most simplest explanations of what is occurring and what will be. The reason why IET Evolve feels confident posting this clip is because the collective intelligence of the extraordinary experiences people have had in conjunction with the various indigenous knowledge existing across the planet are consistently speaking of these two realities. It is also why if one wants to develop his or herself, the time is now.


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Qigong - Self Healing and Energy Transference

After reading the Magus of Java; Teachings of an Authentic Taoist Immortal by Kosta Danaos it became more evident as we talk about living in harmony with the Earth's energy and our own energy that Qigong was a clear way and dare I say easier way to get in touch with this energy and to help balance out the energies that are in our body. When we start to become familiar with the energies in our body and how they are distributed then we can start to move to balance out those energies more effectively for optimal health, emotion and spirit. For example, when a person has worries or concerns on a consistent basis which could have recently manifested or began in childhood then the the third chakra is likely comprised and perhaps this energy becomes fixed in the second chakra. Qigong can help work to circulate the energy around more evenly, allowing the person to feel more secure and balanced in their third chakra and therefore effect the second chakra allowing the person to have a healthy, rich and balanced sexual drive. The stoppage and flow of these energies is related to our overall emotional well being and clearly related to our physical health.

Studies have shown the people who practice qigong are significantly more likely to fully recuperate from cancer if they incorporate qigong as part of their healing process. Qigong is also used as preventive medicine for people with stress, prone to heart issues as well as a plethora of other well known diseases. In addition, qigong has proved helpful to slow the symptoms of M.S. by helping to maintain balance and coordination in the movement of these exercises.

For those people who are masters of their chi, like John Chang, we see the incredible energy transference of healing with the people he worked to treat. As John Chang said, his intense focus and meditation is what allowed him to be able to conduct his healings. He took seriously the humbleness in which he performed his work and the need to remain low key and perform his healings without ego.

Over the past few weeks I became introduced to an Australian man named Andrew Morrissey. Andrew is dedicated to his Qigong practice and is taking his talents and teaching others what he has discovered. People find alternative methods of healing for a variety of different reasons. Andrew had faced certain addictions and he indicated that those addictions almost killed him. Then he decided a change must be made and then as he puts it "the Tao found me." He was then introduced to a Chinese master and then went to live with him and is now setting up a Teacher Training facility in Thailand.

Take a look at Andrew's detailed video with beginner instruction. It is very helpful for those learning about what Qigong looks like and to get a feel for its practice. IET Evolve will be writing more about Qigong in the upcoming weeks and how this energy is different and both similar to ET energy. What a wild concept and so fun to explore as we learn about the different energies that exist in our body, in the Earth's magnetic field, the Earth's atmosphere and different celestial beings outside our planet!

Link to Andrew's Qigong site


Monday, January 4, 2010

A True Intelligent Emotional Truth - Near Death Experiences and Commentary from IET Evolve Regarding the Extraterrestrial Connection

With so many people coming back to tell their stories from the other side, we can learn so much from their collective experiences and how we choose to live our lives on a day to day basis. These video's clearly speak for themselves.

These people reveal what they witnessed such as: God, angels, inter-dimensional beings, alternate realities, the freedom of their soul choosing where to go next, seeing loved ones that have passed and their life review. What is the connection with people who have had extraterrestrial experiences? Well, quite a bit. Interplanetary travel, a sense of love, deep ancestral and familial connection with different beings, getting a tour of the cosmos, out of body experience, inter dimensional travel, humor, unconditional love and telepathic communication with these different beings.

Some long term ET experiencers remember where they came from prior to being incarnated into a human body on Earth and feel a deep sense of purpose as it relates to their time on the planet and helping mankind evolve. Moreover, they speak of the extraordinary sensitivities to other life forms whether they be plant, animal, air, their fellow man and other living entities. As some have heard the term that "we are all connected" in the Universe(s), there are some people that intellectually get that thought and there are others who are in tune energetically and emotionally empathetic to these other energies as if it is an extension of their own self.

What is an infinite emotion? Love. Love. It is love. I often wonder if we can live our human lives in the presence of this love and hold that emotion within ourselves and express it to others during our time on this planet, then what can be achieved as a result? Ah. I think the answer is - A Quantum Leap. A Quantum Leap on Earth. Our planet needs this now.


Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010 - Be Prepared

2010 - Be prepared to dare to dream the dream. If you give yourself permission to dream what you want, how you want to behave, what you want to see, what you want to feel, then it is all right there for you waiting to manifest. Oh and don't be selfish. if you know people that need help and positive vibes moving their way, direct these thoughts to these people to help give them a kick start:>)


A Predictive Speech from 1974 - Reality Today (cannot be missed, especially if are between 18-45 years old)

IET Evolve does not usually post this type of information as it isn't a clear cut quantum leap in science or extra terrestrial related findings. However, it is about an intelligent emotional truth.

if you were born in the early 60's to late 80's then the reality of what you grew up with might have become your truth. If you were like this blogger who grew up on television (Scooby Doo, Happy Days), processed food, vaccinations, getting your news from three main news sources (abc, cbs and nbc), fluoridated water and as you became a teenager just trying to fit in socially seemed like the most important thing - ever. As you grew older finding a job or career or moving through college and then having to pay for college bills took precedence. Once you secured this job, getting a house and/or a spouse and finding some time to simply chill and recharge your batteries became your priority. Oh and if you happened to have children, then the cycle continues over again, except now YOU are the one that is responsible for these little beings.

With all of this you might not have questioned much along the way regarding, government, large corporations, why we go to war and such entities as the United Nations. Just took it for granted that this is the way life is because it was what we were comfortable with, not necessarily what is good or healthy for us or even true for that matter, rather this was comfort because of the familiarity. Psychologically it is difficult to see outside the looking glass if we are inside of it. It is even tougher to FEEL outside the looking glass if we are unfamiliar with what our own truth is versus the one that has been directed to us. Moreover, Americans are the least likely to travel outside their own country for vacation, business, etc...

This poses a problem. The problem is knowing when the wool is being pulled over your eyes versus when something is real and true. Americans since the inception of television have been drilled with marketing hype and propaganda through the media, government and inhuman social norms. With all this hype, we lose out on knowing our own truths versus the one that "we are told we are supposed to adhere too." Many have heard of the United Nations, yet do we really know what they do and what they stand for as a benefit to each and every one of us? What power exists within the UN?

America. Americans. What America was founded on was life, liberty and justice. We have emotionally moved so far away from the days of Thomas Jefferson and what the constitution was founded on because we have been slowly conditioned to feel and think a certain way for someone else's benefit. The term for this emotion would be called submission, when fear and trust are combined it creates the emotion of submission.

America itself was not founded on submission it was founded on strength, love and empowerment for the people. In order for the nation to change and the world to change we need to have the courage and strength to step away and move out of allowing ourselves and spirit to be controlled by another. This video is a continued wake up call to see what is really real unfolding around you and not the one we have been programmed to believe exists.

The Quantum Leap can occur. Move out of submission and dare to get off the grid. If you are unable to get off the grid and find yourself on it, have the courage to work to find your voice, speak it and change the one you are in. It is here we will really experience and charter a course for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


Friday, January 1, 2010

Closer to the Truth - Time Travel M. Kaku

So few scientists are willing to tackle the concept of time travel. As we continue to explore the many different aspects of our interplanetary visitors, this topic becomes essential to address. For those people who have had contact with these off-worlders, the deep soul level ancestral connection which is evident in many of these interactions begs us to consider the time travel concept. How is it that these beings which seem to be of extraterrestrial origin touch the people on Earth who have had contact so deeply? Are these beings representations of our deeper self from the future or perhaps an alternate dimension?

The good news is there are many profound and potential alternate reality changing questions that exist regarding time travel, et's and human interaction with such beings that we now can seriously contemplate and address. The times we are living in are most exciting.

Click here to see Closer to the Truth - Time Travel M. Kaku


Quantum Leap - Center for a New Earth, Cambridge, Massachusetts

The Xi group is in the process of developing a center for the public to be able to come and discover the following;

*"How to Hold the Impossible" Workshop Gatherings
*Learn Telepathy
*Nurturing Indigo and Star Children
*Animal Intelligence
*Free Energy Discoveries and Exploration
*Emotional and Spiritual Awareness
*Indigenous Knowledge

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