IET Evolve Video II Dec 2010

IET Evolve Video II  Dec 2010
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Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Predictive Speech from 1974 - Reality Today (cannot be missed, especially if are between 18-45 years old)

IET Evolve does not usually post this type of information as it isn't a clear cut quantum leap in science or extra terrestrial related findings. However, it is about an intelligent emotional truth.

if you were born in the early 60's to late 80's then the reality of what you grew up with might have become your truth. If you were like this blogger who grew up on television (Scooby Doo, Happy Days), processed food, vaccinations, getting your news from three main news sources (abc, cbs and nbc), fluoridated water and as you became a teenager just trying to fit in socially seemed like the most important thing - ever. As you grew older finding a job or career or moving through college and then having to pay for college bills took precedence. Once you secured this job, getting a house and/or a spouse and finding some time to simply chill and recharge your batteries became your priority. Oh and if you happened to have children, then the cycle continues over again, except now YOU are the one that is responsible for these little beings.

With all of this you might not have questioned much along the way regarding, government, large corporations, why we go to war and such entities as the United Nations. Just took it for granted that this is the way life is because it was what we were comfortable with, not necessarily what is good or healthy for us or even true for that matter, rather this was comfort because of the familiarity. Psychologically it is difficult to see outside the looking glass if we are inside of it. It is even tougher to FEEL outside the looking glass if we are unfamiliar with what our own truth is versus the one that has been directed to us. Moreover, Americans are the least likely to travel outside their own country for vacation, business, etc...

This poses a problem. The problem is knowing when the wool is being pulled over your eyes versus when something is real and true. Americans since the inception of television have been drilled with marketing hype and propaganda through the media, government and inhuman social norms. With all this hype, we lose out on knowing our own truths versus the one that "we are told we are supposed to adhere too." Many have heard of the United Nations, yet do we really know what they do and what they stand for as a benefit to each and every one of us? What power exists within the UN?

America. Americans. What America was founded on was life, liberty and justice. We have emotionally moved so far away from the days of Thomas Jefferson and what the constitution was founded on because we have been slowly conditioned to feel and think a certain way for someone else's benefit. The term for this emotion would be called submission, when fear and trust are combined it creates the emotion of submission.

America itself was not founded on submission it was founded on strength, love and empowerment for the people. In order for the nation to change and the world to change we need to have the courage and strength to step away and move out of allowing ourselves and spirit to be controlled by another. This video is a continued wake up call to see what is really real unfolding around you and not the one we have been programmed to believe exists.

The Quantum Leap can occur. Move out of submission and dare to get off the grid. If you are unable to get off the grid and find yourself on it, have the courage to work to find your voice, speak it and change the one you are in. It is here we will really experience and charter a course for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.



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