IET Evolve Video II Dec 2010

IET Evolve Video II  Dec 2010
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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Qigong - Self Healing and Energy Transference

After reading the Magus of Java; Teachings of an Authentic Taoist Immortal by Kosta Danaos it became more evident as we talk about living in harmony with the Earth's energy and our own energy that Qigong was a clear way and dare I say easier way to get in touch with this energy and to help balance out the energies that are in our body. When we start to become familiar with the energies in our body and how they are distributed then we can start to move to balance out those energies more effectively for optimal health, emotion and spirit. For example, when a person has worries or concerns on a consistent basis which could have recently manifested or began in childhood then the the third chakra is likely comprised and perhaps this energy becomes fixed in the second chakra. Qigong can help work to circulate the energy around more evenly, allowing the person to feel more secure and balanced in their third chakra and therefore effect the second chakra allowing the person to have a healthy, rich and balanced sexual drive. The stoppage and flow of these energies is related to our overall emotional well being and clearly related to our physical health.

Studies have shown the people who practice qigong are significantly more likely to fully recuperate from cancer if they incorporate qigong as part of their healing process. Qigong is also used as preventive medicine for people with stress, prone to heart issues as well as a plethora of other well known diseases. In addition, qigong has proved helpful to slow the symptoms of M.S. by helping to maintain balance and coordination in the movement of these exercises.

For those people who are masters of their chi, like John Chang, we see the incredible energy transference of healing with the people he worked to treat. As John Chang said, his intense focus and meditation is what allowed him to be able to conduct his healings. He took seriously the humbleness in which he performed his work and the need to remain low key and perform his healings without ego.

Over the past few weeks I became introduced to an Australian man named Andrew Morrissey. Andrew is dedicated to his Qigong practice and is taking his talents and teaching others what he has discovered. People find alternative methods of healing for a variety of different reasons. Andrew had faced certain addictions and he indicated that those addictions almost killed him. Then he decided a change must be made and then as he puts it "the Tao found me." He was then introduced to a Chinese master and then went to live with him and is now setting up a Teacher Training facility in Thailand.

Take a look at Andrew's detailed video with beginner instruction. It is very helpful for those learning about what Qigong looks like and to get a feel for its practice. IET Evolve will be writing more about Qigong in the upcoming weeks and how this energy is different and both similar to ET energy. What a wild concept and so fun to explore as we learn about the different energies that exist in our body, in the Earth's magnetic field, the Earth's atmosphere and different celestial beings outside our planet!

Link to Andrew's Qigong site



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