IET Evolve Video II Dec 2010

IET Evolve Video II  Dec 2010
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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Earthquake in Chile and ET Experiencers

If you are waking up today and going about your daily business with little or no care (but wait a minute, if you are reading this then that is NOT you) that we have had major planetary shifts in Haiti and now Chile within the past two months and one in Japan yesterday, I would say...ignorance must be bliss. For those people who are ET experiencers (those who have experienced life long or recent ET contact), this is part of what we FEEL. We cannot tune these changes out, it is connected to us and we it. Many of us experiencers have known for years about these earth changes and the information has been provided by our interplanetary brothers and sisters. This information and a need to prepare the unawakened public for these changes is what this collective knowledge of what the years of contact have been geared towards, this blogger believes.

The changes are many. They are fast. We are seeing this play out on a daily basis in our economy, technology, planetary shifts, people's behavior, old systems failing, veils being lifted and truths that have been hidden are being revealed. On a note about the truths, it is this awakening within people where they can intuit the world doesn't really operate as we have been told. And as a result old paradigms are falling and new ones are allowed to emerge.

Dennis Whitney on his Strange Planet Blogspot has the most comprehensive post regarding the collective knowledge encompassing earth changes and this latest round of Earthquakes in Chile and Japan, much of the activity as we can see is around the Pacific Rim.

Please click on Strange Planet Blogspot link to be directed to his latest post.

Thanks Dennis.



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