IET Evolve Video II Dec 2010

IET Evolve Video II  Dec 2010
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Friday, February 26, 2010

NASA: Where's the Mission (at least publicly)

Knowing what we know about the real and true presence of extraterrestrials and NASA's role in educating the public regarding NASA's operations, it might be interesting for people to see what occurs at this particular NASA budget hearing with Miles O'Brien former CNN journalist who is now working with His comments appear 1hr:32 minutes and his contribution as well as others testifying are rather interesting.

It is clear from watching this clip that to those working within a certain level of NASA and those affiliated with the organization, that this agency is without a mission. When they are still needing to quote former President Kennedy about putting a man on the moon and we have not done anything beyond putting a man on the moon since the 70's (at least to the public's knowledge) one has to seriously consider just what is going on? Who knows what? And just where is this agency going?

Moreover, consider the incredible advancements in technology and now our everyday human capacity to learn and understand a wide variety of information. Leaps and bounds have been made on Earth with a myriad of things in our capacity to create technologies yet we have been stifled in our space program? One doesn't need a PhD in Astrophysics or Logic to realize this is illogical, it just doesn't add up.

I think there is no stifling. Just what the public has been led to believe and even those working within this agency themselves. There are reasons human beings have not been back to the moon (at least to the public's knowledge) that others don't want us to know about. What is unfolding within NASA and those closely associated with this organization is certainly most interesting.

Let's keep in mind President Kennedy was assassinated. He spoke of the secret governments within our own government. The last time a public quantum leap in space occurred was with Kennedy as president. Very hard for this blogger to believe we do not possess the capacity to return to the cosmos, at least publicly of course.

This is simply one more piece of the puzzle to consider as we move towards creating the quantum leap in our human consciousness.



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