IET Evolve Video II Dec 2010

IET Evolve Video II  Dec 2010
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Monday, February 1, 2010

When Mainstream Academia Starts to "Get it." Science of the Quantum Leap Type, Well Kinda

For those of us who have experienced alternate realities and dimensions and seen what has been labeled "impossible" by the staunch mainstream academics from years past, let's say hello to the new science occurring throughout the world. A new book offered by Stoyan Sarg attemps to explain how antigravity devices can move. Moreover this week an article was posted regarding MIT and Columbia University working on antigravity technology as well (click here for article). The kicker with all of this of course is "are we developing and using these technologies with the proper consciousness attached?"

We are still in warlike times on our planet. The technology must have the proper mindful good intended consciousness attached to the creation of the devices and their usage in order for us to earn a rightful place in our exploration of the Cosmos. Hmmmm maybe this is what our interplanetary brothers and sisters are concerned about? Have the kids on Earth grown up enough, have we evolved enough to earn our rightful place among them and to know the gifts that lie beyond our planet or are we as a human species going to continue to act the same way we do on our own planet? Controlling, dominating, excluding, destroying and disrespecting? Maybe this is one of the many reasons why there is so much buzz of UFO activity around our planet at the present time.

Have the kids on Earth grown up enough to know how to act with the proper consciousness to use such technology? Perhaps we need to look at the consciousness directed at our own planet and the present day results to know this answer.

New book offers scientific reasoning for UFO technology

Field Propulsion by Control of Gravity by Stoyan Sarg, Ph.D.
explains a new theory of propulsion in an effort to explain the
reported movements of unidentified aircraft

TORONTO (MMD Newswire) January 28, 2010 -- Field Propulsion
by Control of Gravity: Theory and Experiments by Stoyan Sarg,
Ph.D. seeks to explain the science behind a propulsion system that
would be consistent with the movements and appearance often
attributed to UFOs.

According to Sarg, the nature of UFO phenomena is still considered
a mystery because the observed and registered physical effects
are not explainable from the point of view of modern physics. Citing
overwhelming evidence, Sarg contends that the scientific
community should reconsider previously held assumptions about
gravity and propulsion as related to flight. With that in mind, Sarg
presents a theory called "Basic Structures of Matter -
Supergravitation Unified Theory," which predicts an effect called
stimulated anomalous reaction to gravity. It is based on a process
that invokes quantum mechanical interactions between oscillating
ion-electron pairs and the space-time continuum. According to Sarg,
the effect could lead to development of a new propulsion system for
a spacecraft.

"Serious inquiry into UFO subject matter is not an agenda in the
scientific community despite the significant database of
observations and recorded physical data," he says. "We can't
simply ignore the evidence because the phenomenon seems to
contradict the laws of physics. Instead, some adopted postulates
should be revised."

The book is a blend of theoretical analysis, conclusions and
experiments related to new technologies that could power and
guide a spacecraft. Featuring illustrations and designs, the book
seeks to demonstrate the feasibility of the predicted propulsion
method and offers a practical foundation for future research.

Field Propulsion by Control of Gravity: Theory and Experiments is
available for sale online at, and through additional
wholesale and retail channels worldwide.

About the Author
Stoyan Sarg, Ph.D. is a scientist, researcher and writer presently at
York University in Toronto. Born in Bulgaria, Sarg earned a degree
in engineering and holds a Ph.D. in physics. His career began with
space research projects coordinated by the former Soviet Union for
the international program Intercosmos. He immigrated to Canada in
1991 and later became involved in projects for the Canadian Space
. Today, Sarg is focused on his role as an educator and

*Thank you Janis for the info on Stoyan's findings and latest book



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