IET Evolve Video II Dec 2010

IET Evolve Video II  Dec 2010
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Monday, May 10, 2010

Oh Boy...How Much? Vatican. Hawking. World Governments. Psychologists.

Oh much?

Being a lifetime experiencer of understanding human beings have had a lengthy history of connection with our off planetary brothers and sisters in the Universe and beyond I say, oh boy and roll my eyes for the following reasons;

1. Oh boy...Really Hawking? - have you met an ET or spent time with people throughout your theoretical years that have had contact with ET's and pursued the subject with a truly open mind? Hmmmm...probably not, yet you are now well quoted on the subject whereas a woman by the name of Dolores Cannon has spent the majority of her life pursuing this topic objectively and the wealth of information she has to offer is outstanding for those who are brave enough to "hold" this knowledge and how it may personally effect their world view. And might I also offer the esteemed late Dr. John Mack of Harvard as well.

2. Oh boy Vatican Church...hmmm....astrobiology thanks for making this term popular. So we are now just going public with this knowledge and pursuit of understanding just what may lie outside, inside and on top of our planet? One need not look far to see that our off planetary visitors have been here for quite some time and there is little doubt that the Vatican probably knew this information.

3. Oh boy World Governments...come on now. I won't expect an "I'm sorry" from you for psychologically manipulating billions of people for the past 50+ years so you could harness control of this free energy technology and all that came with it. For continuing to drill into the Earth and pillaging it's resources while the free energy technology is hidden.

4. Oh boy...Psychologists...time to realize that there is a bigger picture emerging here and in order to really help people through the various changes they are experiencing you may just need to take into account quantum science, neuroscience and delve deeper into spirituality to help your clients. What they are teaching in school may not be enough to help you help others during these transitory times.

5. Oh boy...Common Sense...where has the common sense gone? It is common sense to realize we are not alone and statistically highly feasible that life does in fact exist outside of Earth! Take responsibility for one's life and direction and to seek answers from people and places that have nothing to gain egotistically, financially or from a power standpoint, that's common sense.

This "Oh Boy" was written because at first governments have denied ET's exist. Which as a result was forbidden to be discussed in society and intelligently researched in academic institutions throughout the world. Now they are trying to tell people at large "if they do" exist then they might be hostile and we might have to weaponize space. This is nothing but complete garbage filled with more fear, propaganda and sheer ignorance.

The ET connection is literally about the complete opposite of this and the truth is rather beautiful and loving. It is about free energy, alternative healing with energy and our evolution as a human species. It is one of the reasons why people who have had contact work in helping professions and have a positive impact on those around them. The more we allow ourselves to have misinformation from these various groups be the truth we choose to blindly accept, the further held up our society is at evolving into a peaceful, smart and cohesive group of people.

Get your truth from people who have actually experienced a lifetime of these energies, now that's even more common sense and a way to move forward during these transitory times. The fear thing is getting old fast!



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