IET Evolve Video II Dec 2010

IET Evolve Video II  Dec 2010
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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Top Ten List - What's Hot. What's Not.

Here are some predictions of what's hot and what's not.

Let's start off first with what's not.

1. Greed - Halliburton, Goldman Sacs, BP. Ummm can we say oil spill and old white
guys continuing to ridiculously line their pockets at other people's and the planets resources expense?

2. Blame Game - "same list as above."

3. Lying/Cheating - Jesse James and Tiger Woods. Those boys are falling awfully
hard these days.

4. I/Me - There is no top dog anymore, no one person is going to have all the
answers or be the savior.

5. TV - People are dropping the tube at a significant rate.

6. GMO and Processed Food - High fructose corn syrup, high sugar and high salt
based food. If it's not healthy, don't eat it.

7. Apathy - People on this planet can no longer hide and let other's do the work.

8. Ignorance - In today's day and age ALL the information is here and most of the times it is analyzed and synthesized at one's finger types ready to be absorbed by reading, watching you tube clips or listening to sound bites.

9. Acceptance of Information from Big Business (including Vatican, World Governments and NASA) - there has been PLENTY of evidence to show these big organizations are in it for control, themselves and have an enormous issue from a greed and ignorance standpoint.

And lastly...

10. Fear - people are getting sick of being told what to do because if they don't
they will...well you fill in the blank.

Now for what's hot!

1. Creativity - Be the change you want.

2. Self Empowerment - Take control of your health.

3. Truth - There is a valid reason why there is a saying "the truth sets you free."

4. Collaboration - Science merging with spirituality.

5. Grassroots Take Over - No longer living in a hierarchy. Equality can be achieved.

6. Intuition - Moving away from traditional left brained thinking and realization our
6th sense is actually our 1st sense.

7. Indigenous Knowledge - Secrets are being revealed around the globe of human
beings true ancestory and it isn't at all what we have been led to believe.

8. Respect for All Living Beings - including Mother Earth, people, plants, animals,
other humanoid species.

9. Gardens - Grow your own food.

10. LOVE - Love for one's self. Unconditional love for all life energies. This includes soul exploration. Why we are here and what is our part in the cosmos.

And a recent clip to help emphasize this point...

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