IET Evolve Video II Dec 2010

IET Evolve Video II  Dec 2010
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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A letter from a family member of a friend living down south

Please note that the info contained in this letter mirrors what James Fox says in the verbal interview given on the link to the right. These two sources are independent from one another and just arrived yesterday June 8th, 2010. Time to pay attention to what is occurring, what we have learned is that when people hide things from another it is because the news isn't good.

"This is a copy of a message that I just received from my brother (name chosen to be withheld by blogger). He lives in Miami."

Hi (name chosen to be withheld) : I'm pulled in many directions at the moment, I am not writing
a daily until I get out of school, so my info comes mostly from inside
sources that I can't quote, but: The media is not allowed into
the cleanup efforts, if any. Workers all on BP payroll are forbidden to
speak to reporters. There are very few volunters allowed to clean up
because BP cannot keep them silent. More than 30% of the gulf is quarantined.
No flyovers, no boats, and no photographs!

The skimmers and the preventions are not doing a very good job. Workers by
the hundreds have been taken to the hospitals from poisoning. They are
ill trained and under staffed. In fact oil is getting through to the
beaches and killing hundreds of birds and marine life as I write this,
along with the beaches and marches themselves. It's a horrible site. The
oil IS in the loop current on its way to the straits and into the
jet-stream. That means it will filter into the North Atlantic
eventually and make its way to the European shores by the end of the
year if not stopped. And nobody knows how to stop it.

The oil is predicted to reach the Miami coastline within 40 days or less, maybe
much less.Only the residents here are taking this seriously.
The tourists are not. Very little is being said about the coral reef in
the straits. Honestly, I know it is going to die and all the marine
life in it as well. Scientists are collecting samples from all
over the glades, fisheries and wetlands. Why? It is much easier to
clone a live plant or entity than a dead one. This is an effort to
perhaps regrow certain life-forms after a waiting period of x decades.

I would not be surprised at all if the national guard were here in a
month. People are outraged that BP officials are not in jail. Thirteen
tropical storms are predicted for this summer and this summer is
arguably going to be the hottest in history. No body knows for sure
what's going to happen when the first storm hits. It's going to make
Katrina look like a simple hail storm.I wish I'd better news. Gotta go. smooch.(name withheld by blogger)



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