IET Evolve Video II Dec 2010

IET Evolve Video II  Dec 2010
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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Oil Leak: Conspiracy, Contact and Consciousness, the Link.

Having seen many things that would make conspiracy theorists become very excited (of course referring to extraterrestrial intelligent beings, interstellar space craft, men in black questioning and a visit or two through the cosmos), what this article is about is trying to understand and piece together just what led up to where we are today June 12, 2010 with the leak situation in the Gulf.

The times we are living in now has put those of us who have had this extraordinary contact on high alert. Our cells are vibrating at a higher rate and we are beginning to see how the visions that many of us had (even as children) with and without the ET assistance are coming to fruition. In some ways there is a vindication of truth if you will that somehow confirms these greater truths which we have "known" and held in our core almost an entire lifetime, yet it is met with a sadness at the destruction because of the loss of all forms of life and the strangulation of oxygen in a once vibrant pulsating ocean.

There is a growing sense of anxiety and frustration at the continued manifestation of apathy and helplessness as the situation continues to play out on a daily basis. What is this blogger referring too? Consciousness. As some conspiracy theorists have speculated the leak was intentional by Halliburton (or other big money corporate entity) to gain further profit or a torpedo set off by North Korea. However, this blogger thinks the causes of the leak is much simpler and even more pervasive and that is two things; fragmentation and submission. These are opposite of a higher consciousness.

If you review the clips below by non mainstream and mainstream media sources and simply look around at the people you know and are directly connected to, a picture begins to emerge. Are the people that you know discussing this oil leak? And if so to what capacity? If we were to ask people a few questions, let's wonder what the answers would be. Here are the questions;

1. Wind the clock back, it's January 15, 2010. "A large portion of the United States ecosystem will be destroyed over a few month time span which will severely impact how people eat, the air they breathe and their commerce. To what extent would you care? How much time would you invest in helping your fellow country members?"

2. "If you saw an innocent person getting mugged and beaten on the street and the mugger did not have a weapon, would you intervene to help the victim?"

Here is the point, We "think" we would care and perhaps become involved to help our neighbors in the states if tragedy occurred or step in to help the victim in the mugging situation. However, when the situation does actually arise, we fail to be the person that we "think" we truly are. How does all this then relate to the actual causes of the leak in the Gulf?

It comes back to consciousness. When real life is right in front of us and playing out, we are failing. We are failing to rise up to our higher consciousness and subsequently action that consciousness. We allow ourselves to justify non action, apathy and submission. Personally, I am hesitant to share visions and communication that has been exchanged from the ET's because it is deeply impactful to this blogger and incredibly emotional, but the time to do it is now.

In the summer of 2004, this blogger had contact kick up in a big way and pretty much out of the blue. It pulled me out of my "normal" day to day life as a new Mom and in the midst of starting a consulting business in the area of emotional intelligence. There were many experiences throughout that year, however, there is one that is very connected to what may be occurring now. The scene played out of an extraterrestrial being that was on the floor of an organic food market. The extraterrestrial was in bad shape and was dying. I saw the being, knelt down and immediately picked up it's head, held it under my arms, looked in its eyes and began to sob uncontrollably as I felt I was a part of it and it a part of me. As I looked around for others to help and possibly revive this being, no one cared. People would walk by and glance down and then keep walking and keep shopping.

Here it is 2010, six years later and this extraordinary contact finally makes sense. The years I have spent and the time and energy trying to understand what this experience means finally makes sense on June 12, 2010. The scene was an organic food market, these folks actually care about the food they put into their bodies, perhaps they should care about the life energy of their fellow neighbors and other life energies. This is possibly one of the many groups of people that can awaken, but do they?

I often wondered why the being showed me this whole scene. It might make sense that the people in the market didn't help out because they saw the ET as being separate from them. Really after all it was a grayish translucent being! Not really a looker if you know what I mean. If it was Tom Brady, we might have a whole different reaction here folks. And here is the big connection, we have become alien to each other on our own planet. Alien from human to human, alien to our food source, alien to our air quality and alien to know who we are really working for and why we perform the work we do. Fragmented from caring about each other, the work we perform and submissive to our own power.

When you review the clips below you can see what led to the leak, submission and fragmentation. The supervisor from Deepwater was arguing with the BP head. The BP head demanded to put water down the pipe instead of mud. This friction was heard by the survivors. However, the water still went down the pipe by human hands and not the mud. We take our orders from people even though we know it may be dangerous on a wide variety of levels. It sometimes does take a village to say "no" to stop something that could be catastrophic. Financial gain won out in the short term on the rig that day at an enormous cost to all parties involved. We are gaining clarity on seeing just how much is effected when we perform work without the proper consciousness attached which results from being disconnected from what we are touching and doing. Seeing and feeling what our actions ultimately touch with the work we perform are essential as we move forward living on this planet.

Many experiencers talk about waking up to our higher consciousness and we have tried to convey the messages to our brothers and sisters on this planet. Just like the ET's have conveyed to us the numerous messages of taking care of our planet and helping to take care of each other, we have been trying for years to do that with those people who have not had the contact. I can assure you our lives have not been an easy road holding these greater truths for the benefit of us all. Many forms of social norms in our day to day life have suffered greatly as we have understood there is a role that is essential to assist in during these times. But we will continue to do our part and vision that humanity begins to awaken from its slumber. Being awakened means to care, connect and actually be the change you want to see occur on this planet and in one's life.

Are the best of times ahead of us. Yes! Free energy will be harnessed for the greater good. The Earth will be healed. People will be able to alternatively heal themselves and their loved ones and lastly we will be able to travel around the cosmos. The Earth is in the process of earning its place to join in with this greater galactic community. However, like anything in this world and people know this from their own personal experiences, we have to work to make it happen. It will not happen on it's own and higher consciousness is the ticket.

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