IET Evolve Video II Dec 2010

IET Evolve Video II  Dec 2010
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Friday, June 4, 2010

Physical Symptoms of Spiritual Development

Questions are arising from others and myself in regards to physical changes occurring in the body during these transitory times. Dennis Whitney has a poll up on his blogspot ( for people to report their physical changes. In addition Dolores Cannon speaks of the physical changes she is noting in people that are experiencing shifts in consciousness as well (or as some people are calling ascension symptoms). Moreover, yesterday a member of the Gaia Souls community prompted questions about some physical changes she was experiencing and I as well as other people were reporting similar symptoms.

Ironically, last night I am reading the last chapter of a book titled Stalking the Wild Pendulum by Itzhak Bentov which was published in 1977 and on the final chapter of the book and boom there it is, his writings about the physical symptoms of spiritual development. It reads as follows starting on page 174, "the sequence of body symptoms usually starts at the left foot or toes, either as a mild tingling stimulus or as cramps. The stimulus continues up the left leg to the hip. In extreme cases, there is a paralysis of the foot and of the whole leg. Loss of sensation in large areas of the skin of the leg may occur. From the hip the stimulus moves up the spine to the head. Here sometimes severe headaches (pressure like) may develop. In case of prolonged and severe pressures in the head, degeneration of the optical nerve may set it, with accompanying visual impairment. Loss of memory and general disorientation may occur." He continues a few paragraphs later with "these symptoms are, after all, the correlates of spiritual development. It would, therefore, be wise for us to look into the literature dealing with such matters and see whether we can find descriptions of similar things happening in other cultures at other times." He goes on to discuss kundalini and describes in great detail how the energy of kundalini effects all parts of the body including the nervous system, receptors, heart and our brain.

He calls kundalini "the ultimate stress release mechanism." So the more a person has stressors then the more intense the symptoms may be and people that have sensitive receptors may experience more symptoms as well. On page 183 he writes "in such spontaneous cases of development, in which severe bodily symptoms, such as strong headaches, pressure in the eyes, or other symptoms are present over a long period of time, permanent impairment of mental or physical function may occur.

However, people who meditate have milder symptoms, and they are unlikely to discontinue meditation because of occasional problems. Having reached a certain level of development of their nervous system through continuous practice, they realize that these are temporary obstacles on the way, until a total purification of the nervous system from stress is achieved." Lastly on page 185 he concludes the chapter with this sentence, "this the next stage in evolution of our nervous system, and it is a necessary correlate of spiritual development, toward which all mankind is moving."

Since many of us believe we are experiencing pole shifts on the planet right now, perhaps what Bentov wrote 33 years ago serves as a base for what may be occurring now, not the whole enchilada, but rather a very solid base which to gather good information as we move forward.



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