IET Evolve Video II Dec 2010

IET Evolve Video II  Dec 2010
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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Space Flight as an Anticipatory Computing System

Received today from Michael Mannion on Behalf of the Mindshift Institute

Excerpt from:
Space Flight as an Anticipatory Computing System
Edgar Mitchell, Sc.D.

In a little know report, Krichevskii (11) records the experiences of two Russian cosmonauts living aboard the Mir spacecraft for six months. Their concerns about official reaction to the experience requires their anonymity. I cite the report in this paper because the quantum hologram offers a valid explanation for the unusual experiences of the cosmonauts. They each, but not simultaneously, experienced dream and waking states featuring extraordinary perceptions. They also experienced distorted time perception during these events. The cosmonauts frequently perceived themselves as other creatures on Earth, including dinosaurs, other humans and extraterrestrials. They discussed these experiences in great detail, including hearing voices, instructions and precognitive predictions about their spacecraft’s future problems, which were all subsequently fulfilled. They experienced these events as though the information originated outside themselves. With good reason they could not report these events to their controllers nor to the medical monitors for fear of mental disqualification and loss of flight status. Only the quantum hologram permits a framework to explain these events within the context of science, without resorting to hallucination and mental dysfunction.

Most astronauts and cosmonauts have had a heightened awareness and profound insights during prolonged space experiences. Though discussed privately, but seldom reported officially, these experiences must now be considered in the context of long duration space voyages. The book The Home Planet (12) provides only an intriguing taste of these experiences in its brief captions to the inspiring photographs. For the purposes of this paper, I raise the question: “Does the quantum hologram and non-locality offer a new avenue for research into alternative communication for space travel?” Alcubierre with the warp drive, Van Flandern with astrophysical measurements, and Haish, Rueda, Puthoff with zero point field theory, have raised serious and vital questions about the validity of certain quantum and relativistic interpretations. Non-local information has been considered a useless curiosity, except to entangled particles, for most of this century. It now appears to be the basis for our most personal experience---subjectivity (10 ). Does this also mean that we perhaps can find a method which builds upon current knowledge of quantum computing, quantum holography and non-locality to communicate across the universe when we can go there?



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