IET Evolve Video II Dec 2010

IET Evolve Video II  Dec 2010
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Sunday, June 27, 2010

UFO Researcher (and personal friend) Quits After Alleged Threat with IET Commentary

Dennis Whitney is a personal friend and authored this bloggers first semi anonymous interview regarding ET experiences and knowledge received from those experiences which appeared in in April of 2009. Dennis and I spoke two times yesterday before this article was written regarding what has occurred with him and where he is at during this time. I respect his decision and fully support him as he moves forward in a new light.

I would like to shed a bit of light on this situation from a personal experience. As some people know that have followed this blog, this blogger is a life long experiencer. As a child, I remembered drawing the beings and the craft I had seen as a child in school over and over as I looked out the window of my elementary school. The classrooms had tall windows for kindergarten up through fourth or fifth grade. Yes, this does explain the satisfactory report cards I used to get and not the superior one's. Paying attention to the teacher after having an experience the night before was a wee bit difficult to say the least. Questions would loom in my mind such as; "Where did they come from? How did they get here? How did they move through the wall? When are they coming back?"

That same year of making the drawings in school which must have been about first or second grade, I recall a strange man driving me home from school. I only remember a glimpse of the event and this is what I recall. A man who was supposedly a school janitor (although he was not from this particular elementary school). I have no idea where he came from and he was dressed in janitor clothing, but had shiny clean shoes and access to the town school vehicle. This man somehow was allowed to drive me home. How and why he was allowed to take me home was beyond me. My mother was a stay at home Mom, so someone could likely have picked me up. However, these were the 70's, rules were as loose as bell bottoms back then.

I remember feeling incredibly uncomfortable with him as it just didn't feel and look right, especially his shoes. And he was not the janitor that I had ever seen before. I sat in the front seat of a large station wagon and pressed my body up against the passenger door so I could get as far away as possible. The elementary school was only about a quarter mile away from my house and when we reached the intersection for him to go straight which was the road to my house, he decided to take a right. I could feel he was going to take his time and pretend to get lost before he made he turn and that is what he did do. So, I went up closer and harder to the passenger door to get some comfort.

He then says without ever making eye contact with me in a casual voice, "so you see those beings too? You see those beings and the ship too?" I could feel my heart race. Just "BRING ME HOME" I screamed in my head. I knew not to say a word and I didn't. I do not recall what happened after that moment.

What is the point with this? At 7 or 8 years old someone knew this contact was occurring. How? Why? What? I don't know. What I do know is the truth of these beings, the continuing contact and knowledge about free energy has been stifled for ages. People have worked hard to not see this truth come to light. Perhaps even taking an 8 year old kid alone for a ride in a car and questioning her about the beings. Could this have been someone who legitimately worked for the school who had experienced something similiar to me and caught site of one of my drawings? Perhaps. However, the shoes. It just didn't add up. He barely had a scuff on them and moreover, I stayed in the same school system for the next 10 years upon graduation from high school and never saw him again after that day.

I have always said "truth is stranger than fiction." Maybe it explains why I have no tolerance for romance novels or mysteries.

Cheers to you Dennis Whitney, "I love ya man!"

Not So Much a Goodbye as ‘Changing Course’: A Final Post by Dennis Whitney. To all of those that have remained so supportive of me (and my work) these past few years, I want to offer my sincerest thanks. For many of you, this may come as an absolute surprise to read, but it was important to me to at least say goodbye properly, and not just disappear into the sunset without explanation.

It has come to my attention that my efforts to speak the truth about
the subjects of UFOs, 9/11, and most probably, the Gulf situation, has
garnered the attention of those that would rather not have you hear
such things. This has further led to a supposed contract on my life.
This may be overblown, or it may be for real. But the communication
and connections that I have had with my own Guides tell me, this isn’t
a game. But it’s ‘arrival’ in my life has prompted some needed
changes, at a time that seems oddly well-timed, and appropriate. I
think you’ll understand.

Though I’m a little surprised its gone this far, I’m also not very
surprised at all, given my compulsion to passionately share all that I
can with those who just aren’t ‘getting it’ yet. My aim has always
been (since the days of my own awakening) to awaken others, for their
own benefit and safety, as well as helping them understand the
importance of raising their own consciousness and vibration.

And the importance of that cannot be understated. To have a grasp of
the issues that surround us such as; the ET presence, the suppressed
technologies we so badly need on this planet, to our positions as
pawns for a corrupt government, will eventually help us all to rise
above the lies, and ascend during this period of dimensional shifting,
and crashing paradigms. To not be aware, is to suppress your own
vibrations, which can make your ascension into a new and beautiful 5D
world somewhat impossible. And it’s no fairytale, as the evidence is
there for us to see every day now, as we watch it all come to pass.
And the short version is, I want as many of you to be part of this
amazing time in mankind’s history, as I can possibly gather. I’d like
to think I’ve done my best until this point, and I think I have.

I’ve used this analogy with others. If you’re on a beach with someone,
and all signs are pointing to an imminent tsunami, how long do you
stand there and argue your point to them, until it takes both of you
away? That’s where we are now. And many of us can no longer help those
that choose not to be helped. We need to get to higher ground right
now, with or without you. But we’d like you to come along, make no
mistake about that.

But this also may very well be my cue to close one chapter in my life,
to only begin the next. None of what we feel or do is coincidental in
this life. There is a plan at work. A plan created before we were
born. And we receive signs of that every day, through synchronicity
and intuition. I’m sure you feel it, too, as I do.

So for me, it will be less focus on the corruption and orchestration
of a government hell bent on continuing their control and reduction of
the population, and more focus on the tangible, positive efforts on
the ground. Things are going to get crazy, and I think we know that. I
also think it’s my time to help others physically through this period,
rather than on the internet, which many of us feel is coming quickly
to an end anyway, through further controls and the power now granted
to this president to shut it down. Again, it seems to be my cue to
exit stage left at this time. I can help in other ways.

This is not to say that I don’t believe in the things I have shared,
nor have I been ‘gotten to’. This is a personal decision of mine to
move forward with what little time is left to do so. The issues are
real, and the efforts of a darker government to control, manipulate
and threaten still exist in this world. I hope I have awakened a few
in the mean time to this. I feel I have, which is also why I also feel
that it’s alright for me to move on from writing about these subjects.
And if your own inner guidance tells you the same, I’d say, act on it.
But YES, every bit of what I have shared I believe in to my very core.
But now, I choose not to give it that power. They are done, and they
know it. It’s time for many of us to move forth, and just watch as
they grasp for their vanishing power, which will soon be no more than
dust in their hands. It is ALL good, and time for us to move forward.
Brighter days ahead, we can be sure, after this madness comes to an
end. And it will, very soon.

We’re all here for particular reasons and tasks. And I feel that many
of us are protected as we fulfill them. Which is why, there is no fear
from my end. Just a certain sensibility, strength, and sense of peace
and completion as ‘Phase 2’ now begins. I feel stronger now, more
resolute, and ready to act on whatever I need to do next, for myself
and others. Many of you are no different in that regard, and I KNOW
who you are, and I’m grateful and blessed for having known you.

In one week from now, when I return from a brief trip away, I will
close my accounts, my columns, and my blog. This is not a snap
decision of mine, and again, is under the direction and suggestion of
my own Guides who have brought me to where I am today, safely and
happily. I would have thought to at least leave them open and
operating, so others can continue to do their own research. I got a
no-go on that. Sorry.

In closing, I would say that if you have not awakened to the realities
people are trying to share with you, please look a bit harder into
what they are seeing that you are not. There is so much more truth to
these realities than you may ever know. And simply opening up to them
can have tremendously positive, spiritual implications that many of us
are already experiencing. Don’t lose out on that opportunity. It’s
right there on a plate for you, and time is running out for those
still resistant to such truths. Open yourself up. Lose the belief
systems now. And if you’re living along the Gulf, being open and
listening, might just give you the tools you need to save your life,
and causing you to get out of that situation.

We are a people, deserving of all the secrets kept from us for the
past century. Humanity has needed these to evolve, and to limit the
power and corruption we are now witnessing. We should’ve been
fully-integrated and assimilated into the greater cosmic community
with our star brothers and sisters by now (I think), and we sure as
hell haven’t needed the very oil that is causing so much rampant
destruction, control, and wealth that it is today (at least in terms
of operating our vehicles). It has been a sham. The technology exists,
and it is clean and cheap, UFOs do not get from star to star using
diesel. The technology is there, and we’ll have it soon enough. Just
investigate the findings of Gary McKinnon, and you will KNOW this is

And the days of threats, intimidation, incarceration and ‘hits’ should
have long since passed. It’s time we all stand up in our own way, and
take what’s rightfully ours. We are not slaves. We are a connected
human family. No one has the right to dictate the direction of our
lives but us. Please remember that.

I will also tell you, that although I feel absolutely fine, and am
sure the threat above will soon pass, I find it absolutely necessary
to make one thing clear. In studying the mysterious deaths of many UFO
researchers, microbiologists, and whistle blowers over the years, many
have been deemed ‘suicides’ by the coroner, conveniently after
releasing some very damaging testimony and evidence of these truths.
The kinds of things that would embarrass or harm the agenda of certain
powers. I can tell you, without hesitation, that that will NEVER be a
solution for me under any circumstance.

I have great plans when this incarnation of mine is done upon earth,
and suicide only defeats, destroys, and screws with any such plans. So
IF anything ever happened, this letter is my testimony to that fact
that I did NOT commit suicide. And I would ask, for however many of
you choose to store it in your files or post on your walls or blogs,
that you immediately release this letter (en masse) to any media
source our outlet that you can find, and expose them for who they are.
That this was no accident, nor intention to end my own life. This, I
would expect to be my little insurance policy. If they act, you act.
That simple. And if anything did happen, you would also be notified
by any of several of my closest friends. So no news is good news.

All my thanks and gratitude to you all, as it’s been a wonderful ride.
We’ll meet up again somewhere down the line, if it’s ‘part of the

Hang in there. We’re almost there!


Dennis Whitney

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