IET Evolve Video II Dec 2010

IET Evolve Video II  Dec 2010
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Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Beautiful Human Being and a Soldier in Iraq

This is an intelligent emotional truth because it is real, raw and happening right now and very much relates to a quantum leap in human consciousness. My entire conception of war and those who go to war changed in a nano second a few months ago. Did this blogger feel for the men and women that served over seas previously? Well yes, feel is a also general term. The depth of the feeling now and the intense focus on understanding what can be done to bring our soldiers home and to get off our reliance of fossil fuels has skyrocketed to a whole new stratosphere in "feeling."

The young man I write about in this article is my nephew. I have touched him while he was in his mother's womb as he would kick her belly. Held too many times to count as a baby and sang him "Mother" by Pink Floyd so he could sleep (and would cover his ears on the "break your balls" part because I thought somehow it didn't seem right that this amazing little being should hear a dirty word sang while he was so young and innocent). Kissed his soft baby cheeks, caressed his gentle blonde hair and watched him as he fell asleep. Witnessing him develop throughout the years and how this peaceful, loving, happy and accepting human being grew into a young man whom I along with many others love so dearly.

In April of this year at his going away party before he got sent off to one of the army bases on the Eastern seaboard to train before heading to Iraq, I sat back and thought "how the hell did this happen?" How did this "gentle giant" (his Mom's nickname for him) of a beautiful human being get to ride on this path of serving overseas? Then another memory kicked in at that moment, my attendance at Harvard Business School in Cambridge, Massachusetts in January of 2010.

Harvard Business School was a client at one point and I have an immense amount of respect for one of the professors at the college. I was visiting one day to sit in on a class for this particular professor and it was one of those moments where the sites and sounds of that day stick in your memory and you know at that moment serve as some sort of learning point in the future. As I walked into the building and traveled along to find the class, I realize I had taken a wrong turn. The class was now at the other end of the building. At this very point of realizing I was not in the right part of the building, it seemed as if time abruptly slowed down.

I found myself starring more deeply at the students and the professors that were gathering in the hallways during the break between classes as I walked on by. Observing their attire, their demeanor, the content of their conversation, the tone in which they spoke and noticed the food outside the classrooms for the students to eat. The food displayed was orderly, bountiful and of high quality. I then began to have a sick feeling in my stomach, it wasn't from the aroma of the food itself. It was from the realization at that moment of where I was standing and knowing where my nephew would be in only a few months time. These two different worlds converged at that moment while looking at the food display and it was if my body and mind were now experiencing a great dichotomy. Here I am looking at those who will in some way subsequently manage the wealth of the world and feel in my heart for those who fight for it and risk their lives. Those that fight for it, many unknowingly of course are fighting for the Earth's resources for someone else's profit. And those who manage it, unknowingly? A big question indeed.
Further information check out John Perkins work.

Back at the going away party, I thought about how this young man's path began to develop to where he was and there were many significant turning points along the way. He grew up witnessing 9/11, he was just shy of 13 years old when the twin towers went down. Just a few years after 9/11 his father passes away rather unexpectedly. Then before we know it, a military recruiter is at his house. A few close friends that are older decide to join the military and then the following year my nephew does as well.

He initially says he is doing it in order to pay for college. He doesn't have to serve overseas if he doesn't want too. He then does his 12 weeks of basic training, returns back home and enrolls in college. While he is in school his paperwork to have the military pay for school becomes very screwed up and significantly delayed and it is causing him stress because he now has to take out a loan to pay for the semester. At this very same point he is learning that other people in his unit are now serving their 2nd and 3rd tour of duty and many of these people have not been home to see their spouses and to meet their newborn babies because they have not made it home yet.

In October of 2009 he is moved by what his fellow unit members are going through and says "I feel bad for them, they have wives and kids and it's their 2nd and 3rd time serving. I'm not married, I don't have a child and it will be my first time. It's time I go." Of course the many questions from his mother, other family members, friends and myself were asked to make sure this is what he wanted to do and that he is aware of the real dangers that exist. He has already made the decision.

As I continue watching him at the going away party. He is hugging his wife. You see he met the perfect girl for him and him for her. They married just one week before in front of friends and family. He loves her sweetness, nose and her beautiful eyes and she loves his kindness, patience and big paws as she lovingly refers to his hands. There is something quite amazing watching two people who are starring at one another in their eyes and you know they feel the real thing. It is real, it is deep and it is energetic.

Having worked in the area of emotional intelligence, another thought kicks in, the male brain. The male brain is not fully developed and capable of making emotionally sound decisions till in the early 20's in comparison to the female brain. Would this young man have signed up if he was older, more emotionally aware of the consequences of war? Calculated the risks? Is this something our military recruiters are well aware of? Moreover, did him losing his father as he entered his teenage years effect him to satisfy a need to be around more male role models and to fit in with his male friends?

Today is Sunday July 18th and he writes "well, Iraq is cooler than Kuwait." Today is his first day in Iraq. I sit here reading the news that 49 people were killed in Baghdad today. I hold my breath. Breathe out and meditate on his strength and well being and work to craft a funny but grounded email that might bring a smile to his face. He naturally carries a high vibration and whatever he does over there will have a positive effect. Personally, I am proud of his strength and courage. Many of us walk around in this world exclusively caring about ourselves and are disconnected with the very essence of life right in the world we live. This man is different, in fact he is exceptional.

I often wonder how people in the world, especially in the U.S. could turn away at the oil spill. It completely dumbfounded me. I know see how people turn away at the atrocities of war and have become numb to it. Please have the courage to not turn away and allow yourself to feel it, turn towards it and see what is really happening and who is effected. Once we can see the reality of life and those who it truly touches, we may just become part of the solution to cure the ills of what is wrong with the psyche of our human species. If alot of us do "something" we stand a far better chance of "ending the warlike times on our planet" than if the masses of people do "nothing."

His wife texted me yesterday and said they might find out the gender of their baby in early August. She is just entering her fourth month of pregnancy. Life is certainly ironic.



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