IET Evolve Video II Dec 2010

IET Evolve Video II  Dec 2010
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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Humanity on the Brink - A Disease and a Remedy

This article was supposed to come out last week. It didn't for whatever reason. When the thoughts flow, they flow and when they don't...well a video is posted. Ideas are now merging and new pieces of information have come in to help to pull this all together.

Here is what is currently happening on I.E.T's radar screen. How the "news" being reported is changing. The China UFO sighting. The BP oil leak. The role of people who have had extraterrestrial experiences and lastly, people know something is up. The world is shifting rather quickly.

The New Media: The People's Truth Media (Blogging and Wikileaks)

We have two significant events which are occurring that are helping to shed light on truths which effect the world we live. The first is in the world of blogging, just today alone a blogger by the name of John Aravosis found a discrepancy when reviewing photo's of BP's command center. The title of the article is BP's Photoshop Command Center Just the Latest in the Pattern of Deception (click here) appeared today July 20th, 2010 in the Huffington Post. This is newsworthy because someone took it upon themselves to care about this discrepancy, report it out to a wider audience and as a result we are seeing consistent evidence that BP is continuing to be untrustworthy.

The second significant event is Julian Assange appearing on TED (click here for the TED interview) and CNN reporting on Julian Assange (click here for CNN/Julian Assange report). Having Julian Assange move in a more public forum helps to bring to light the truths regarding several massive topics that have been hidden and to protect Julian from suddenly "disappearing" as he is not well liked by those large organizations as he acts as a safe information conduit and catalyst to expose these cover ups. Wikileaks helps to provide the whistleblowers exposure and provides confidentiality to the information they are bringing forth. When these truths surface to a wider audience they can possibly help to reform our world. In addition, the Iceland government is now seen as a "media safe haven as they have the strongest press and whistleblower protection laws" (click here to see article on Iceland written by Julian Assange).

China UFO, the Media, Experiencers and Disclosure

Being connected to the UFO community and people who have had ET experiences, many of us were well aware within hours of the July 7th sighting in China. We just like those not affiliated with the UFO/ET community question whether or not it is a non Earthly spacecraft. However, there are a few significant pieces of information to report here. The original pictures were also mixed in with photoshopped pictures (see article referring to this to thwart disclosure) after the event took place. In addition the buzz of the China UFO sighting in China was not going away. Then mainstream U.S. press begins to get wind of the buzz, reports it today July 20th and then many of us affiliated with the UFO/ET community could see where it was going (click here to see CNN version of China UFO..."time to bring in "the expert" out of a University to specifically tell the masses what the object is from a picture" as if this analysts opinion is the gospel and it ends there. What about the people in China that actually saw it? Do they matter for us to form our ultimate opinion on this particular event? It was they who were physically present that witnessed the sighting.

Here is a key point on UFO's as it relates to many of us experiencers over the last few years. Beginning in 2004 some people who had lifelong contact began to spontaneously gather to discuss what these experiences were all about. After a year or so, we understood clearly that this was about helping other people know the truth regarding the existence our off world visitors. That one day the time would come when the masses would need to (for whatever reason) see their own truth versus what is downloaded from major media outlets or the government. We intuitively felt and collectively knew the truth wasn't going to be given squarely by our government in the manner and timeframe that we were feeling it needed to be. We were aware of this knowledge around 2006. These sightings are appearing much more frequently and this year activity has seemed to pick up significantly. Personally, in the last two months, two have been spotted in the nighttime sky very easily between 11 p.m. and 3 a.m. in Massachusetts with a surprising confirmation of another person living 60 miles away. These sightings are appearing without much effort to look. Moreover, numerous people around the globe are having clear sightings. There is hours of footage and pictures which now exist that one can access for their own perusal(see Gaia Souls website).

Regarding disclosure, "we are disclosure." Those who have had the lifelong contact and military/NASA whistleblowers have risked much to come forward in an effort to reveal the truths that exist regarding our rightful connection with other beings in the Universe, this is disclosure, it is happening, daily, hourly and now. If we are waiting for the government or the mainstream media in some grand event with a well paid scientist holding a great retirement package to tell the masses we are not alone in the Universe and just what they allegedly "know" what these species are all about, then we are missing out on years and years of learning to integrate this knowledge and to ask the all important question "just who am I?" The irony here is one doesn't need to be an advanced yogi to access this information or to have security clearance. The information is accessible right now and it is up to each person to pursue their own individual truth around their unique connection with other worldly beings.

Here is where this blogger refers to it as "the quantum leap in consciousness" can take place or as Dr. Bruce Lipton refers to it "spontaneous evolution." In addition when we "wait" for a government agency which we are now well aware is strongly affiliated (and may now be lead by) these international corporate entities to tell us their version of such an important and perhaps Godlike truth, we may just want to consider the pureness of that source. We now can say that governments and large corporate entities have historically not managed the Earth and it's resources effectively. We allow ourselves to experience a sense of submission when we wait for their version of the truth. Versus seeking out the knowledge on our own and deciding for ourselves, which is far more empowering. I often think of the phrase "God created man in his image." Well if God is a creator, then wouldn't that logic imply we are co-creators? Being creative does not imply being submissive in fact quite the opposite.

If hypothetically all the images we have seen over the past few months starting with the Norwegian spiral in November of 2009, then the Canadian Spiral a few months ago and now with the recent China sighting in July 2010 are actually residues of missile launches, then we can expect to see even more sightings of UFO's in the sky. UFO's have appeared and consistently appear when us humans seem to do and/or are about to do some damage to the planet and to the Earth's upper atmosphere (see Robert Hastings work on Nukes and UFO's). When us silly kids on Earth start to play too rough with one another and potentially ruin the playground and the air that surrounds it, there seems to be a loud siren goes off and signals to our interplanetary brothers and sisters.

Humanity is on the brink. It is on the brink of revealing a disease in the human psyche that each of us possess. The disease is falsifying information and covering up the truth which is a subset of greed. Why is information falsified? Typically it is to gain something, but often times at someone else's expense. Regarding BP, there is mounting evidence and it is being displayed right before our eyes of this disease right in action. Examples of this insane greed exists by not even providing appropriate gear for the human beings cleaning up the spill,

the lack of transparency in the clean up efforts by media being barred from recording what is really occurring with sea life deaths and lastly, the imbalance of the U.S. government to protect it's people from a corporate entity.

What is the remedy? An active and creative search for one's own internal truth.



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