IET Evolve Video II Dec 2010

IET Evolve Video II  Dec 2010
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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

2012, Bioenergy Fields, Life Energy & Extraterrestrial Contact

September 18, 2010

Having attended an interesting and forward thinking conference this weekend on Life Energy, this blogger thought it would be helpful to outline some of the key findings as they relate to us as human beings, our energy fields, the EMF's around us, the Earth's energy field and the energy fields of the cosmos. The Cosmos and Consciousness conference has been held for ten consecutive years by Michael Mannion and Trish Corbett of the Mindshift Institute.

It is a small gathering of people held in the picturesque mountains of northern United States in the quiet lake region of Rangeley, Maine and former home and laboratory of Wilhelm Reich, the famous orgone expert who was jailed by the FDA for fear of his orgone discoveries and sadly died in prison in 1957. His books were burned and banned. What is interesting to note is that in the year 2010, the orgone accumulator is still being banned from doctors in the United States that choose to use orgone for therapy for their patients.

This years presenters were Ron Bryan, PhD physicist from Texas A&M, Conny Huthsteiner, MD who is a psychiatrist and medical orgonomist and Beverley Rubik, PhD, Director of the Institute of Frontier Science. Having attended this conference now for the fourth time, as always it did not disappoint. In fact, this may have been the most forward thinking conference I've attended ever. At the end of the formal presentation the people in attendance were asked to create a new reality in different sectors of large organizations which affect the world we live. They were; government, military, religion, medicine, schools, business and academia. However the workshop attendees were asked to approach this new reality based on the emotion, vibration and frequency of love. Emotions impact our thinking, which impacts our behavior and what we produce. The thoughts were exchanged in the room were certainly new, forward thinking, healthy, supportive, inclusive, positive and evolutionary.

Considering this is an experiencer's perspective, it is important to highlight and tie together some of the findings that were illustrated by the esteemed presenters regarding their area of discipline.

We know the Earth operates on 7.83 hertz Earth resonance frequency which is known as Schumann resonance. Robert Beck discovered through his research that people who have "mystical abilities" are able to be sympathetic with the Earth's frequency as their brain wave states experienced brief periods of being in the transitory stage at the cusp of the alpha and theta brain wave states. So simplistically speaking, when we line ourselves up with the natural frequency of the waves that are being emitted from the Earth, we can tap into higher states of consciousness.

Unhealthy and Healthy Bio Energy Field
However, we have a few problems. Our bio energetic bodies are constantly being tweaked and not in line with the Earth's natural resonance. Using cell phones, microwave ovens, wifi signals, cell phone towers, fluorescent lighting, white noise and yes unfortunately, usages of these damaging magnetic waves by governing bodies to prevent balance and stability within individuals for usage of power or economic gain. In addition, the unresolved emotional traumas our bodies are holding which restrict our chi from flowing. Lastly consider how unnatural processed and chemically enhanced food that some of us put into our bodies further affects our chi, which is our life energy flow, we have compounded the problem of living outside the natural resonance of the Earth's frequency.

"Intuition is our first sense, not our sixth sense." Apollo 14 Astronaut, Edgar Mitchell

Sometimes there is one sentence that a person may speak that rings volume in our mind. This very such occasion occurred on Friday night. Dr. Bryan states "When we found that a particle had entered through the Earth's atmosphere faster than the speed of light, we knew we were dealing with a multidimensional electron." A multidimensional electron? This is scientifically verifiable. Meaning that it is beyond the three dimension world we have been drilled to accept actually exists?

Well now things are getting interesting. So, multidimensional energies are coming to Earth. How does this then effect the Earth itself? What about a human being who happens to be standing in the spot of where this energy may hit?

If we take into consideration something very important, a human being lining up to the natural frequency of the Earth than the multidimensional energy stands a far greater chance of being absorbed in some capacity versus the human being who is in a higher beta wave state which is comprised of fear, anxiety, and rigidity. Research has shown that when we are open in a calm relaxed state which is associated with a lower beta state or an alpha state our bioenergy field can absorb subtle energies much more easily than being in states of stress. One can hypothesize that calming our minds, hearts and bodies relates to being a better receiver to multidimensional information. Which relates to being able to "see" into the cosmos, remote view, telepath, precognitive insight and the like.

What does this possibly have to do with 2012? Let's explore these various pieces of information...
  • We are now experiencing a magnetic pole shift.
  • Many people have been noticing 10:10, 11:11, 12:12, 2:22, 3:33 and 4:44, numbers that are aligned.
  • People who are sensitive to energies and electromagnetic fields are becoming even more sensitive to the energies of those around them and needing to be with others in a similar vibration, frequency and closer to natural Earth energies during these transitory times.
    Sacred Geometry                       
  • Crop circles often possess extreme precision in the alignment of their various shapes and designs.
  • Higher vibratory non terrestrial beings transfer energy and move from one dimensional space time to another through their "group energy." These beings have pristine alignment in their intent, will and emotion in order to achieve this transference of energy. This is similar to how dolphins work together in pods. What is interesting to note is that when dolphins interact with human beings the human being's brain wave state changes to an alpha state. People who have claimed to have extraterrestrial contacthave had EEG measurements and they can fairly quickly access their alpha/theta state similar to that of an experienced meditator.
As Greg Braden points out below in this video clip regarding the magnetic pole shift and Schumann's resonance he says he doesn't know what will happen. Actually, he gives a very good indication whether he is choosing to be humble or truly does not know. Many people who have had extraterrestrial contact throughout their lives have been shown the divide of what occurs the stages after what many of us now know is the pole shift.

It is not as if this just instantly happens and viola high vibratory energies and lower vibratory energies will change in a heartbeat. We are actually in transition right now gearing up for the pole shift to effectively, cleanly and healthily move through this shift. I have often believed and now have confirmation that people who have had extraterrestrial contact may be more sensitive to these energies as we are moving through these shifts first to help guide others as to what to expect next, what to do next and yes to help others through these phases. It may be one of the reasons why some of us are wired to care so deeply about humanity and life energy. If we care, then we can assist.

Rangeley, Maine sunset September 18, 2010

Lastly it seems what is really trying to come through for an overall message is this...alignment. This alignment within our chi for a healthy bio energy field, alignment with the changing earth energy, alignment with others who are on the same path. Then we can be in flow with new energies that are moving in from the cosmos. These energies are filled with unimaginable positive evolvitory information to help guide us towards a new Earth. Perhaps also with the means in which to discover free energy for travel beyond this planet into other places and dimensions. 

We create the reality we want. Creativity is related to love. Self love is a necessary component of flowing chi and a healthy extending bio energy field. When we link up with other healthy bio energy fields we can stretch our ourselves to states of bliss and create stunning new realities for a brand new human experience.



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