IET Evolve Video II Dec 2010

IET Evolve Video II  Dec 2010
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Friday, September 3, 2010

2012 Shift - Real Preparation Not Found in a Box

Over the past few months this blogger has received several emails and questions from people asking what can they do to prepare for the shift and what do I think is going to happen. In this article, it is my intention to answer the question of preparation. As far as what is going to happen in the future, personally I believe that is dependent upon what each person is doing in their own life now and what their own unique vibration holds. The future can be stunning and positively jaw dropping for some and for others, well...a good chug of whiskey might be a nice distraction.

Preparing the Physical Body

1. Minimize or eliminate meat from your diet.

2. Eat fresh locally grown produce without pesticides.

3. Minimize or eliminate dairy.

4. Minimize unnecessary carbs.

5. Minimize or eliminate processed foods.

6. Drink plenty of fresh water and set a positive intention when you pour the water and drink it.

7. Get rigorous and fun exercise often throughout your week.

8. Stimulate your body's senses through nature and enjoy it:>)

9. Swim in the ocean, lake or fresh water pool.

10. Stop taking vaccines. They are unneccesary.

11. Consider taking yoga, Qigong or Tai Chi to help balance the body, become familar with energy movement to release stagnation and increase mind created communication between cells. This is your intent in action moving through your body.

Prepare your Environment

1. Unplug your microwave oven and stop using it.

2. Use natural organic fluoride free toothpaste.

3. Minimize exposure of wireless internet (especially in the home).

4. Use bluetooth device whenever using cell phone because of minimizing radiation. Shut off cell phone when not in use.

5. Stop using harmful household cleaning items and switch to natural organic.

6. Use low energy lighting.

7. Unplug machinery that does not get consistent use. This will help to minimize white (background noise).

Preparing the Mind/Emotional State

1. Meditate to retrain your brain to be in a lower beta and into an alpha state.

2. Reduce and minimize unneccessary stressors from your life - need to give yourself permission to do this.

3. Simplify your life. If it isn't working, don't do it. What can you let go of?

4. Clean your emotional house. Determine what triggers fear, anger, apathy in you. Work with a good hypnotherapist/spiritual person/counselor to release these emotions which are deeply held in you. Work to make what triggers these emotions conscious so you can then be a co-creator in taking responsbility for your actions, thoughts and shifting to new helpful emotions in the moment.

5. Emotional consciousness is key here. Our thoughts/emotions and subtle emotions create our reality. Being very clear, concise in what we are thinking, feeling in every part of our life and moving it to where we want it to be is essential. This is in meditative, dream and waking states. Moreover, seeing how our thoughts/emotions are effecting those people around us is an evolving extention of our consciousness.

6. Realize you and only you have the power to heal yourself, create your reality and live the life you want. People and energies may come and offer assistance, use discernment to know what is healthy for you to let in to assist.

Caring About Self and Others

1. When we care about ourselves enough to love ourselves we can then walk in the world whole and balanced.

2. We can then give the energy to others who are in need without sacrificing our own energy.

3. Christ consciousness is about having appropriate emotional empathy for others. When we are whole we have the energy to care about others and to be of service. This promotes positive balanced Universal energy.

New Energies Hitting the Planet Now

1. We don't need to wait till 2012. It may be the tipping point for each person. The energies are well alive and hitting us now if we are prepared to receive. If you are prepared then you are an early riser:>)

2. If we are open, balanced and in a true positive emotional state this will resonate our energy body and like energies will attract. The more people of light that come together the stronger the light illuminates and therefore the new coming energies will be aligned towards.

Male and Female Balance

1. Females are getting into their true feminine divine. Feelings of more intense sexuality (on a higher level) and stimulation of all chakras seem to be occuring in some women. The woman is wanting to acheive balance to bring forth her nuturing qualities and divine warrior tendencies for Earth's sustainability and planetary evolution. Think what a mother will do to protect her baby! This is occuring on a wide scale if women will listen to these energies moving within them and respond accordingly.

2. The man's role is to support the woman's independence and spiritual growth to be her protector and to allow her the comfort necessary so she can flourish during these times.

3. The Earth is working to acheive balance and the male energy has traditionally been in domination. The rise of the female energy supported and protected by the male energy is how this balance will be acheived. If the Universe is going through a whole alignment process, then Earth is just one of the many planets with it's inhabitants in this process.

**More on this to come** And thanks to all who contributed Andrea, Melissa and Mike:>)



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