IET Evolve Video II Dec 2010

IET Evolve Video II  Dec 2010
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Friday, September 10, 2010

Emotional Transitions to Higher Consciousness and the Pain Body

A few years ago after reading A New Earth by Eckart Tolle and working with emotional intelligence it dawned on me that what Eckart is referring to in this clip very much relates to our willingness to incorporate love and joy in our life which is the pathway to higher consciousness. This could also be through the people we attract in our lives and our ability to "accept" others in or not.

When a face smiles happiness that has not truly smiled and felt happy in many years or only rarely, the happy face morphs to a hard smile versus a a naturally uplifted easy flowing smile (which likely has a stronger bandwidth of true happiness). The pain body is similiar. If we have experienced much pain in our life and that is our expection, when we actually come across a person or situation that has joy, our pain body might react by rejecting it or feelings of unworthyness may arise because it is unfamiliar. Not because it knows it is healthy for the person to experience it to evolve, rather it is unfamiliar. It is easy to think of examples in times when we have been unfamiliar with someone, a place, or even an idea that we reject it only to find out that we missed out on having the experience.

Well...blame it on the pain body. But the good news is the pain body is not YOU. It is the memory and neural pathways of the negative emotions in the past which are still being held and you may be subconsciously reinforcing. It requires a transition in energy, yes, an acknowledgement of the emotions you are experiencing in the moment and an acceptance for something that is unfamiliar but beautifully beneficial for a whole body transition to higher consciousness.

Note to self...don't let the pain body fool you! Experience joy, love, laughter even though it may feel weird to do so. Your soul will thank you for clearing out the pain body and letting the natural primordial light shine through.

**Addition to this article added 9/11/10 2:12 a.m. est by contributions of B. Zane. The comments were too good not to post and related to our energy field which of course is related to our emotional well being and physical health.**

Yes excellent SK. Happiness in essence is more important to align with, even more so than Love. This may sound counter intuitive at 1st but in Modern society, Love is a very abused word and often used to manipulate others via drugs and or disfunctional relationships. Happy however is a concept that is more pure.

The best description of Love is the Hawaiian version: Aloha: "To joyously share life energy in the present. and To Love is to be Happy with."

Once you make Happiness not only a choice but the key to abundance it is easy to recognize the energy draining emotions that cause pain: Depression Anger Hate Guilt Shame these drain orgone or mana from the spirit body: Aka Body as the Huna's. The other emotions give energy and if one can maintain this state you will have so much energy that you can heal thyself and be able to share. Like this short novel for example LOL ~ < * > ~

Also the Hawaiian language is one of the oldest on the planet and a single word often has a paragraph of meaning.....and one could argue one of the most beautiful places on this Earth. But what do I know? I am just a happy dog with his head out of the car window...
..Feels Good Man LOL

Here Eckart talks about untying the knot which is related to a higher level of functioning in a lower beta and alpha brain wave state.

Thanks A.J. for the introduction to E. Tolle's work.



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