IET Evolve Video II Dec 2010

IET Evolve Video II  Dec 2010
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Thursday, September 9, 2010

From 3 D to 5th D - Invisibility Occurring Now?

A realization occured five days ago. Are those who are transitioning into the 5d already becoming less dense to those in the 3d?

Here is a true story to consider.

A woman was at a store she goes to perhaps once a year. When she is there this year she has an immediate reaction of "I don't belong here" and claims that in this space she could "float away like helium balloon". Then reveals she is standing in line waiting for pay for a grocery item and notices a woman who has her hand out literally a mere inch away from her face. The woman is in her late 50's, has an extensive amount of make up and jewelery on and seems to be rather overweight.

This particular woman is waiting to pick up her bakery item. The "light" woman goes to move out of the "bakery item" woman's way because she has her hand a mere inch away from her face and notices something very unusual. The "bakery" woman does not see her. The "light" woman is looking and starring right at her, is about an inch taller and the bakery woman does not flinch, her arm does not retract to give the light woman space to move, her eyes don't shift, her body doesn't move...nothing.

While starring at the bakery woman in that moment, the light woman realizes there is a discrepancy in emotion, energy and density between the two. She stares at the bakery woman's hand and see's her body eagerly anticipating the bakery item and hears "Give me. I want. I take. I need."

It's in this moment the light woman discovers our transition to the fifth dimension may just be occuring right now.

Here is an article from Mary Desaulniers on Shift in Consciousness from the 3rd Dimension to the 5th Dimension

Aug 15, 2008 Mary Desaulniers

Ascension - Wikimedia Commons
Ascension is the process that accompanies man's shift in consciousness from the 3rd dimension of tangible reality to the 5th dimension of multidimensional wholeness.

The coming of 2012 brings with it a major shift in the geophysical structure of the planet earth. The slowing of earth's rotation has increased the signature frequency of earth. It has also caused a lessening of the density of the magnetic field. This shift is reflected in the evolution of human consciousness as well. Man is shedding the denser nature of the 3rd dimension as he shifts into the lessons of empowerment within the 5th dimension.

Ascension Is the Shift in Consciousness from the 3rd Dimension
3rd dimension consciousness is locked in the belief that the visible, tangible, physical world is all there is. This is the belief that has brought man dominion over the earth, although this same belief is moving him towards destruction of the earth.

The 3rd dimension is weighted down by a dense magnetic field which not only pulls man physically towards the ground but creates a tangible time span between thought and manifestation. Ascension brings about a change in man's ability to manifest intention.

Ascension Is the Shift in Consciousness to the 5th Dimension
Decrease in the density of earth's magnetic fields creates a clearing that allows man to experience more easily his invisible, enlightened self. Increase in the signature frequency of earth during Ascension is reflected in the signature frequency of man, which means that manifestation of thought to thing becomes much more rapid and easy during the 20 years preceding 2012.

Additionally, man has a "speeded-up" experience of time which will be balanced by a pervasive sense of timelessness once he moves into the 5th dimension. Man will also be able to maintain a balance between separateness consciousness and unity consciousness in a new appreciation of multidimensional wholeness.

Ascension Is a Birthing Process that Involves Challenges
As a birthing process, the path to Ascension is filled with challenges. When the human body resonates in harmony with earth's new frequency, it goes through a cleansing process in order to integrate the inharmonic frequencies of denser issues.

This means that man begins to experience a purging of negative energies; his mental and emotional blocks surface as physical pains and trauma that need to be balanced and re-integrated within the newly ascended body.

Traumas, fears, illness surface as opportunities for learning and growth. Ascension counselors recommend that man ask for his fears to be made known to him so that these fears can be released and re-integrated as lessons learned. Usually, this takes the form of embracing a personal goal or journey that challenges his sense of security but will result in a new sense of empowerment.

Another lesson learned is compassion which supplants judgment, the basis of trauma and fears. Compassion recodes man's DNA, moving it from being carbon based to crystal based, thus allowing man freer access to light.

Ascension is a process of growth that comes with definite signs. It is the birthing process of a New Earth of honest and fearless living.

Read more at Suite101: What Is Ascension?: Shift in Consciousness from the 3rd Dimension to the 5th Dimension

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