IET Evolve Video II Dec 2010

IET Evolve Video II  Dec 2010
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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

On the Brink of Breaking Through - Free Energy

We all can intuit it's coming. We know deep in our psyche and soul it's been here. It has been hidden from the masses for years at a few people's deep wallowing hole of never ending greed and countless sacrified bodies and souls in wars. Now here is where fear meets courage, complacency meets action and submission meets creativity and cohesion. There are numerous people throughout the world working on free energy hidden in houses, basements and small companies. Against all odds it is coming through and it cannot be stopped. This blogger's suggestion is to not wait for it to come to you, find out and be part of the winds of the quantum leap in this positive consciousness created technology and join energies with those working on these projects.

Once you have experienced these positive consciousness based technologies, you know what is possible and riding in a car and airplane is so 3d!

“In 2010, crude divisions like the color of one’s skin, or the color of one’s passport, should no longer bind individuals together. Technology frees us to explore the world, either digitally or in-person, and seek out the people to whom we are the most philosophically aligned.” —Simon Black **Posted 9/7/10 from A.S. it was a perfectly fitting quote.



Quantum Leap - Center for a New Earth, Cambridge, Massachusetts

The Xi group is in the process of developing a center for the public to be able to come and discover the following;

*"How to Hold the Impossible" Workshop Gatherings
*Learn Telepathy
*Nurturing Indigo and Star Children
*Animal Intelligence
*Free Energy Discoveries and Exploration
*Emotional and Spiritual Awareness
*Indigenous Knowledge

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