IET Evolve Video II Dec 2010

IET Evolve Video II  Dec 2010
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Friday, October 29, 2010

The Bigger Feminine Divine

 I am a giver of life

            your water...

                   your fruit...

                          the animals you eat...

                                   the air you breathe...
                                             your herbs used to make medicine...

                                                     the warmth of clothes provided to you and shelter.

Who is tending to me? Who shows their gratitude? Who is using their consciousness to acknowledge I exist?

Who is protecting me?

We have a symbiotic relationship which allows us to grow and evolve together.

There is a perversion of this life energy now in me. I am sick and out of balance. Too much damage, too many chemicals and structures used to control me instead of connecting in with me. Too much taken without anything given and I am bleeding.  So little attention.

I was once a flourishing source of eternal love, bearer of fruit and giver of life because of the inter-relationship between us. Now I cannot sustain what has happened to me. There has been too much damage done. We have reached a critical point.

Man has treated me the way he treats the women on the planet and for this now, we are all suffering.

Women are rising up out of the control and obligation bestowed upon them to "take care of man" in the current perverse imbalanced state the male is in and they are taking care of their sisters and the Earth. Both a warrior for themselves, each other, their children and the mother they call home.

It is when man is back in balance the woman can then enter into the true relationship with the man. Only until she rises up and stakes her claim as woman, can she do this. She must say "no" to those inpurities which has restricted her true divineness of the male and female energies flowing inside of her to come through.

Where is man? Man is in ego and imbalanced. Generation after generation working for another man who works for another man, who works for another man, who works for another man...who is taking and forgetting to protect the bearer of fruit, the giver of life and the greatest nurturer of all. He has forgotten his soul's job as a visitor on this plane. To protect the woman and the Earth.

Mount Greylock

I am Mother Earth. I am woman. I am the feminine divine and I am in need of other warriors to rise above the neglect, control and domination.

What happened if we stopped working for man and worked for the Earth, our mother? What would our connection with the Cosmo's and the primordial source energy look like then? What could we tap into for this, our evolution?

We are getting assistance from above, because she is sick and it is time. This cannot happen alone, this is a symbiotic relationship. Man, Woman, Earth, Cosmo's and ET's.



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