IET Evolve Video II Dec 2010

IET Evolve Video II  Dec 2010
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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Discernment of UFO's and ET's: How to Spot Government Made from the Real One's

This is another area I don't like to write about and it is the first time I am writing about it and the last time. In the late 80's with other visions about the future, here is one in particular that has continued throughout the present time. It is in regards to the "fake" or staged ET invasion from our world's government/black ops if you will. 

Of course it didn't make sense at the time, because why on Earth would someone do this to cause harm on another. Oh naive me...still a learning process. People go to great lengths to harm others perhaps unconsciously when they want something (typically control and power) so bad.

Here is how it may unfold.

  • The fake UFO threat shows ships appearing that look far more dense than a real ship. The feeling and presence of the fake ship is heavy, lighter than an airplane of course, but too dense for a real ship. It is almost like the feeling you get standing next to a manipulative sick controlling person (think icky pedophile creepy guy). That is the feeling you may get with the fake ship.
  • Real ships oscillate and are truly "out of this world", you may hear a gentle wooo wooo soothing hum. You will just know they are out of this world. You will feel it in the cellular structure of your body. Your body will vibrate in unison with the ship. The true ancient memory of your life energy comes alive in the cells of your body. Pay attention to your deep intuition here.
  • The fake staging shows people (your neighbors even) being picked up and being uncomfortably moved through a dense beam of light with them screaming as they are unwilling to go. They are hurt in this process, the fake staging, which is designed to scare the masses but human beings are hurt in this process. There is no regard for humanity here.
  • Real ships with good intention to help humanity can completely out manuever the fake ships and weaponry which is designed to harm and hold people down in fear. They can literally out dance the fake ships and they will do this in almost a humorous way. 
  • Be leary of the beams of light with no immediate change into quasi physical matter. Real ships can make those adjustments, the projected beam of light "looking" like a ship can't shift that quickly.
What's the advice here? IF you see something like this occur or see more sightings with too much of a fear base attached to it, please use your discernment and not what you have seen on television, movies or scary tactics in the media. 

It is why getting in touch with nature's Earth energy and those people who hold a naturally high vibration is so vital right now. Getting in touch with this Earth energy is connected to the cosmic primordial energy which is a true, loving, eternal source energy and can help to guide you during these times IF this type of event occurs.

There are many people writing about it and educating others that this might occur. UFO's are great to see, just make sure you use your own ancient intution intelligently (your first sense) to help guide you.



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