IET Evolve Video II Dec 2010

IET Evolve Video II  Dec 2010
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Monday, October 4, 2010

Human Beings, The Ascension Process and Extraterrestrials 2012

Well by now there is much information buzzing around that the vast majority of people know UFO's exist in some capacity.  Yes it will be a matter of time before the world governments come clean about their existence. Whether or not they tell the truth of what they know or try to stage some type of negative UFO event to further scare the masses is any one's guess. But seriously and now more importantly the question of just who is occupying these craft should arise. In addition to that question, what do extra terrestrials have to do with us, human beings?

First let's start off with the question of "who are they?" If we are to look at our own planet and species as an immediate and direct reflection to who may be above (if we think they are just merely above and not already here in some capacity on a different dimensional plane), who are we?

As many people who read this blog know, I am a contactee or experiencer and experiencer seems to be the most notable term these days. What does that really mean though?  For the first time, I would like to explain what I think is going on, has been going on regarding humans, their connection with extraterrestrials and talk of this ascension process.

When I was in utero I remember the very first thought of "oh man, I'm here?! This place is loud and it felt far different than where ever I came from in the cosmos. Let's just say I now have language for it and I would say "it was so 3d!" The density was stifling, but nonetheless I was a very happy baby and a happy child which in and of itself is a mini miracle since I was mercilessly tossed around like a football from my three older brothers.  As I grew older, the happiness still was a part of my psyche and soul for quite some time.

However, there were some early memorable events that I was able to experience through this human body that felt entirely "wrong" as I will say. Like swimming against the natural wave of life I knew in my soul. The first was religion "why is this so stifling, house of God? Really? This is God?" Why are girls not allowed to be involved in the church? Why is the priest telling me I have committed sins when I know I haven't? My Irish Catholic grandmother was a staple in the church and put the fear of God into my father as a child if he didn't obey (love those stories) and she educated me about finality of death. All I could think of at 7 years old was "but death is not really death Mamie, we just continue to go on, it's limitless..." Little did I realize then, but I know now, I came from a place and understanding that had a different slate I was working from and I was stubborn to holding onto my soul's truth.

Other thoughts arose, "why do schoolteachers say one thing but mean something else? And the thoughts that carried on throughout high school and adulthood is "why are people so mean to one another, why do they want to control each other? Then more, "why are people not honest" and "why can't people see what's possible" why are they always limiting themselves and others? The ceiling always felt so low and it didn't need to, doesn't need to.

As an adult I still see this. What does this have to do with the ascension process and extraterrestrials? We are getting there. The pain game. What I realize now is being an experiencer to whomever it is I am connected to for beings is, I have not been locked in pain throughout my life therefore I can see what is possible, feel what is possible and think what is possible. The cosmos is always growing, evolving and moving and intelligent beings that inhabit this universe are as well, but with us humans it is also a choice to grow and evolve at a faster speed.

That is not to say that us experiencers don't feel pain and in fact this is where it gets quite a bit jazzy. Many of us experiencers actually feel pain deeply and we process this pain on multilevels. We also have higher levels of empathy than most, so we feel your pain too. But we don't stay locked in it, something at our core says "nah, this isn't what is flowing in the universality of positive life energy." So we reground, regroup and integrate the painful experience into our whole being and try to learn from the myriad of lessons.

Enter in now science of how the human body and neural pathways are structured and we begin to see how this pain becomes locked in our brains and bodies.  After all, the brain and body are the machine that we are working with here, so let's understand the machine better. As a child if we experience great strife and negativity then we can easily develop a "pain body" as Eckhart Tolle refers to it. Then it affects our bio energy field, what we attract and the neural pathways which are the train tracks to our emotions. Our emotions are tied to our memories and this impacts how we subconsciously respond and act towards the many facets of emotionally charged situations in our life.

If we take accountability and stand up to understanding our own brain better and not just submissively rely on some guru to "give us" the answer, then we can rewire the pathways. If we understand our own bio energy field, we can adjust our bio energy field for better emotional and physical health. If we understand we are actually a co creator in our own reality, we will create.

Now the ascension process is not some mystical event. It is in fact real. It is in fact what many of us have been put on Earth to do at this time. All that "junk DNA", well it actually may have a useful purpose after all, to integrate and conjoin with the intelligent life energy of our brothers and sisters in the cosmos.

In his book Spontaneous Evolution, Dr. Bruce Lipton discusses that when two different energies/species converge it creates a more robust product (paraphrased of course). Perhaps that is what is going on here, as the Universe grows and expands, the intelligent beings in it, need to as well to thrive and survive. In order to have a human species thrive and perhaps other species in the cosmos thrive as well as survive, a conjoining of energies is needed. So yes, we need to get real, understand we are not the only players in this Universe and stop being afraid as to what is on the other side if it looks and acts different than us. If we can't do it well in our own life right now, then we are going to be challenged in the next few years to come.

Being open to the experience of these different life forms is a huge part of this process and it starts right here at home with accepting, valuing and respecting the immense diversity on this planet. And even more simply, it comes from valuing the life and lessons learned from the people right in our family. Then at it's simplest form, accepting who WE are as an individual.

One of the most googled terms that get hits directed to IET Evolve's blog is "ascension symptoms." It is not compassion, empathy, emotion, positivity or love. It is ascension symptoms. One of the major aspects of truly ascending is to see and feel beyond ourselves.

Having spent a great deal of time over these past few years with some (mostly Western world based) "spiritual people" I was struck at the unevolved humanness of their take on this process and the juxtaposed pie in the sky love and light talk without the grounding in the day to day here and now reality.

Here it is simple and plain and non mysterious, yes, I realize it is not sexy. If we are wanting to be involved in being open up to receive these energies then that is a great start.  A calm mind in our everyday life is next. Caring about others in balance to how you care about yourself is a huge component of this process. I find little selfishness here and at times that is what I have seen in regards to "spiritual people." When I heard a famous person who is involved with the ET and UFO community talk of those who he believed would not ascend and laughingly said "that's ok, their bodies will be used as Earth food" I immediately had sadness and nausea set in, there was little respect shown for the life energy there or the struggles these people would face.

Conversely when I hear the ultra positive love and light talk without both feet on the ground, I want to get out the tether. It's a balance. A balance about caring for one self as equal to others, not being lifted off the ground to escape from our problems. 

There are many other experiencers that are out there who are quiet, don't write books, don't participate via facebook, don't have blogs etc...that are experiencing similar thoughts and they know their bodies and minds are changing as well. They go about their work and have done so quietly, humbly and with very little ego for numerous years. You would never hear them say disparaging things about others or be selfish in this process. They care about humanity deeply and it is in their day to day actions with the people they are connected too, their clients and the positive, loving vibration they hold for humanity daily.

What can you look forward too after the pain, tiredness, muscle spasms and confusion has lifted off of you from the initial ascension symptoms? Peace, calm, happiness, renewed energy, presence, heightened sensitivity, regular telepathy, strong positive energies coupled with a feeling of lightness, seeing the beauty of the Earth and natural energies more clearly (being drawn to them), thoughts manifesting to reality and the continued shedding of the old to embrace the new. It may feel like at times you have gone three steps forward and on occasion one step back. But it's are moving, afterall it is a process.

And what about just who is in those ships? And where do you go after the ascension process? Ahhhh...I think that entirely depends on just who you are on your soul level and what you want. This isn't a wham bam black and white process here. There is individual choice and creativity in moving into your new reality. The Universe is very big, there is more than just one Universe as well. Life beyond Earth is bursting with a wide variety of life forms, there are a bunch of teams on the ever flowing universal grid of energy.

Maybe we need to find out who we want to play with once we made it back on the bigger field of Universal life.



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