IET Evolve Video II Dec 2010

IET Evolve Video II  Dec 2010
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Friday, October 8, 2010

Merkaba, Opening up Kundalini, Ascension, New Universe, Magnetic Changes and Drunvalo Melchizedek

It is with trepidation I write this article as it is deeply personal and because of the nature of what was experienced, has traditionally felt isolating. So in trying to get over the trepidation and open up the heart wider, I will write this as best I can. Also, hopefully using the proper wisdom to write these connections down effectively for others to read. 

As time is speeding up in relation to the Earth changes. Listed below are a series of links from Drunvalo which in my opinion resonate strongly with what I feel and have experienced in encounters with higher beings and visions occuring since early childhood. 

Particularly relating to;
  • the reversal of the magnetic poles and the timing of these poles shifting
  • entering into the fourth and fifth dimension...we are moving in and out of the fourth now (it is three steps forward and one step back, like bobbling in and out of it right now)
  • getting back to the heart center 
  • caring about others as equal to ourselves 
  • using our pure intuition and minimizing the logical mind
  • Merkaba and high beings (Ascended Masters)
  • Kundalini
As some people may know in previous interviews I have talked about being shown a new universe by tall highly evolved beings starting around 1994 and being shown the evolution of this new universe in 2004. As ultra cosmic and perhaps extreme as this sounds, it is nonetheless true as my left ego brain has tried to wrestle with the complexities and further understanding of these experiences. Having sat in 2008 with a team of professionals at a large well respected astrophysics observatory consisting of an astrophysicist, a psychologist and experienced yogi practioners, I discussed and drew out what these beings showed me throughout the 1994-2004 time frame relating to this new universe.

Little did I realize until today that when I described with this team of scientists being taken from our Earth plane by these beings through a series of dimensions getting to this new universe, I said "it was like traveling at super warp speed, it was absolutely fun, thrilling and I was laughing with excitement. I knew I was traveling through dimensions because it was like seeing and dodging these chards of moving glass." comes a term I just discovered today, October 8, 2010 and it is Merkaba and as one can see, it looks like chards of glass if it is moving and rotating. As we neared each new dimension you could see a chard of glass and then WHAM, move around it to get to the next dimension. Honestly, it was an amazing and extremely thrilling ride that I hope everyone gets to experience.

I knew these beings did not have a ship they arrived in when they appeared at the foot of a bed around 12 a.m. at night in Massachusetts. How I knew they did not use a ship? I am not quite sure, just knew it. They are the ascended masters and yes they really exist. It took me until August of 2010 to realize they in fact did exist. This summer I discovered the term Elohim from a wise friend living in Australia which helped me to understand who these two particular beings were and they represented an ultimate male and female in their own divine and united creation. The term Elohim has come to mean several different things to various people due to religious implications. However, the Elohim are also the "creators of new universes." Yes. Real living beings that create universes. But more simply put, these beings felt more like my soul parents, than a label of an "ascended master." One mother and one father who are my teachers and I their divine daughter who is also their student.

Very wild and I work to understand not just what it means for me at this point in time but what it means to communicate to others as a whole. As I feel into it, I realize it is about evolution as a spiritual being and how stunning and amazing we are and can be. We all can create! It is to show others what is possible. These wise, loving, patient and humorous beings showed me what was possible in our ability to create and perhaps through my experience, I can communicate to others just what is possible.

The universe and universes are so vast, there is much room for creators, teachers and guides. I wonder if I just happen to remember and be conscious of who my soul parents are and for those who don't remember, maybe we all have soul parents and we just need to remember.

Opening up the kundalini is a necessary part to ascension. The kundalini energy is of course related to opening up our chakras. I believe opening up and balancing our chakras is both related to our internal spirit body and the external world around us that we are connected to in our everyday life.

More to come on kundalini and chakras relating to the ascension process shortly...some people have received "gifts" on the planet to help others open up their chakras and ignite the kundalini to arise so others can better receive these new energies in the ascension process:)

t.y. Melissa for your loving friendship in helping put together the broken pieces of me the other day and J.L. for introducing the D.M. links.



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