IET Evolve Video II Dec 2010

IET Evolve Video II  Dec 2010
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Monday, October 18, 2010

A New Universal Emotion?

Today IET Evolve nearly decided to end this blog based on a few recent events. One of which is the sheer "fed upness" of the fear mongering and immaturity in the UFO/ET arena by people which has seemed to taken hold of this complex, beautiful and delicate understanding of our relationship with the cosmos. When one approaches any field or any topic or any situation with a certain emotional lens, then that lens sees through that specific emotion and therefore what one receives for a product of information is tainted by that respective lens. Moreover, the tainting continues and the emotional contagion spreads to the person that is viewing the information, especially if they are already in a fear/submissive based mode when viewing the clip or reading the material.

A few days ago Richard Dolan, author of the recently published book After Disclosure posted on his facebook status about the need to use intellectual rigor when investigating what is going on in this field and I couldn't agree more. I added to his status which he also agreed, that we need to use emotional intelligence as well. What is happening all too often now is the hijacking of people's amygdala when viewing these clips from you tube relating to black ops, recent sightings, stargates, government conspiracies and the like. Do they exist? Of course they do in some context. Why get caught up with it now is the question.

The world is experiencing an awakening. The best of who we are to offer the world is right before our eyes. The love we feel for ourselves as a reflection in another person, the love we feel for others, seeing the wonderous light in a child's eyes and the incredible beauty of the Earth.

It is an especially tough time for people who are sensitive as so much is happening right now. So in light of this awareness around these various groups of people likely unconsciously spreading their fear, the new energies hitting the planet and the changes going on within us that may really shake our known comfort zones...let us introduce a possible 7th Universal emotion as described in this clip.

Truly an intelligent emotional truth. Humor, a key to this whole process. May we smile a little more today.

Blog still may end in November 2010 with one final article.

This gem of a clip surfaced from a writer for the Huffington Post (click here for original source)
*thank you Cedar



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