IET Evolve Video II Dec 2010

IET Evolve Video II  Dec 2010
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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Apoligies to the Feminine Divine Video and the Reality of Women Waking Up

May we have an awareness that are there are some men who are waking up to all that they are and to all that the female holds within source light, there are still many others asleep and as a result some beautiful sisters are suffering.

In the man's sleeping state, they are painfully causing harm to themselves, their significant others, ex's and to these beautiful beings of innocent light - our children. The time is now for the pain, negativity, oppression and neglect to stop. This pain and negativity is in the form of emotional and physical abuse from the man to the woman and child(ren) and this is occurring right now.

As these women awaken to their connection with Mother Earth and to Source, their thoughts change, their behavior shifts and their emotion of love to sentient beings enhances significantly. The men who are they are associated with are creating an environment of fear, control and harder oppression. They cannot understand these changes and her connection, find it threatening and are trying to squash what is naturally occurring within these women because they themselves are fragmented from within. They are failing to find the courage to create their own connection with Source and to truly embrace the female and her new truths.

Simply put, they are not moving with the new and they are doing their hardest to make sure the female doesn't either.

Spread the word, spread the vibration and help to change the trajectory of what is perverse in our society, psyche and planet. Sometimes a little bit of love, humility and true courage can have an enormously positive impact. If you see this happening within the people around you, say something, do something, afterall we are all ultimately in this together.

Perhaps some of the characteristics that define a man in a woman's eyes are his ability to be real, pure, sensitive, humble, strong and to be a source of strength for other men to awaken to their higher self. It takes courage for brothers to redirect each other to move into a higher evolutionary path.

Thank you Jeff for what you have created.



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