IET Evolve Video II Dec 2010

IET Evolve Video II  Dec 2010
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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ascension, 2012 and Electromagnetic Neurogenetic

What is electromagnetic neurogenetic?

A few things first to set the grounding as far as what is going on now and what is moving with the ascension process because as we know by now everything is connected through the subtle energy fields at constant play and relates to this notion of electromagnetic neurogenetic.

Will there be great earthquakes, tsunamis, world war III in 2012? THE BIG CATACLYSMIC EVENT? Hmmm...I don't believe so. We may experience slightly more and perhaps more extreme geological events, but not the one BIG event that some people seem to be waiting for to occur. And why are we waiting for this to occur? For what reason? What benefit does it serve in our life and the lives of others? And truly isn't that really quite a 3d expectation and not in a higher level vibratory dimensional space?

We have had BIG events occur and it is still business as usual for some people. The oil leak in the gulf occurred earlier this year. What changed as a result of that? That perhaps is a question for each person to answer independently. 

We have something far more deadly and destructive at work that is happening now. The trajectory and progression of the current path we are on is headed towards a downward spiral as far as the social norm of society goes regardless of where you live around the world, this includes our economic system, health care system, government agencies and traditional schooling for our children. If we are locked into the current economic system and reliant upon it, then we will likely feel the ill effects. The bioenergy field of the system is unhealthy itself, it is simply a matter of time before the physical structure breaks down and it will likely break down hard by 2015 unless there are sweeping dramatic changes.

It is reported that children in schools are getting physically and emotionally sicker as time goes on and it is stated that "for the first time in our history, the United States is raising a generation of children who may live sicker, shorter lives than their parents." RWJ, 2009 (please click here to see trajectory of our children's health article). It is also reported that since 2000 there has been a 40% decrease in empathy among college students (click here for article source). Moreover, another study relating to empathy revealed that wealthier people are less able to be empathetic than those that are poorer (click here to see source). 

A bit of reasoning here for a minute, college students typically get jobs upon graduation and run companies, they become our leaders and they are lacking in empathy. Wealthier people are also correlated to being college graduates and wealthier people are lacking in empathy. So those people who are running the current economic, health and government agencies of the world are unable to feel what it is another human being feels, let alone what the fragile ecosystem of the planet feels like. Yes, we are in trouble.

This is the subtle silent tsunami right here, a lack of empathy is amok in the decision making levels of the current social system and it is choking the life out of all of us. Those lack of feeling leaders create laws and "good" law abiding citizens submissively adhere to them. Consider the TSA screening that is currently at play here in the United States. This is an extreme form of control, lack of empathy and fear based mongering on part of the law maker and submission on behalf of the person who "willingly agrees to do this without regard."

A prediction of sorts, we have literally until the mid part of 2012 to get our emotional and spiritual selves in shape, get off the current social grid and back on the natural Earth energy grid and to make anew in our lives. Create thriving new societies and to help each other become connected and healthy once again. It takes bravery to this, certainly not for the weak who are waiting for permission from someone else to tell them what to do. Moreover, a ship will not appear overhead and make contact unless the person has done their work first. Courage is an enormous part of the connection with the beings.

What does this have to do with electromagnetic neurogenetic? Everything! The current social system is unhealthy, it's bioenergy field is now severely compromised. What is your bioenergy field? Are you a part of the current social system and how strongly are you engaged in this system? Are you connected to the Earth, yourself and the ether? These questions have everything to do with the electromagnetic neurogenetic.

Many of us experiencers are seeing ships regularly now and feeling their presence in our bodies and many changes are occurring in us as a result. How ready we are to receive these frequencies emitted from their incredible subtle vibrations affects how in complete resonance we receive these transmissions, how we interpret them and what we do behaviorally as a result. 

As many spiritual leaders are saying now "go with your heart, not your head." Yeah, even for this lifetime experiencer, this isn't so easy to do is it? We have been trained to think, plan, analyze, prepare and keep ourselves grounded to pay the bills for our food, shelter and fun. Yes sometimes we need money to chill and have fun. So it is a constant rebalancing of receiving these new energies with the left and right brain hemispheres (as needed), integrating them into our lives and then figuring/feeling what to do next.

This is reminiscent of an ayahuasca experience. One drinks the ayahuasca to help to purge out the old undealt with emotional afflictions for healing, purification and balance. It seems that this is occurring naturally with people who are moving through this phase of the ascension process and maybe even more emotionally jarring for people who are in mainstream society that have to reintegrate these processed feelings and emotions while still living in the same social structure.

It appears as if the natural process of the Earth energies (Schumann's resonance) based on the continued galactic alignment are helping to move out the old wounds (unhelpful emotions and vibrations) within us and the ships overhead are helping to bring in the new waves. In these new waves, they are triggering our powerful genes in our bodies to awaken to a higher level. When these genes are triggered, it affects our neural pathways. 

In order for new neural pathways to form, an old pathway must cease to exist. Think of a computer with it's ram and hard drive, sometimes we need to delete a few files for new more complex files to be stored and we need to capacity to speed up the processing power. It's an upgrade and this process is similar, however the human upgrade process is inherently tied to our emotional and energetic selves:)

If the electromagnetic field around the person is comprised, then the level of absorption within the human being is compromised too. If the new energies are trying to come in and the electromagnetic field is wobbly, weak and out of balance then the person could have a very difficult time and feel like their thoughts are not in sync with their body and intense confusion could occur. 

Many of us keep saying it over and over, to get out and spend time with nature away from any disturbances, it is the best thing we can do to upgrade our genetic structure that is being asked to come alive! We may need some time to just sit and "be" to reel from what is occurring. This is why meditation is important more than ever because meditation allows us to be in a low beta/alpha brain wave state. And YES, we can be in this state in our daily life and YES even during work! (click here to see new data on how meditation affects our chromosomes)

The more time moves on and the more upgrades we receive, the subtler our energies are. This IS higher vibration at play and it doesn't jive well with the energies of the current social world and all the pollutants that are attached to it. So, something must shift and it is up to us to make those decisions which shift our daily living into the new, higher vibratory way.

We stand a far better chance to move through these times in harmony if we are courageous creators and willing to live in the new because we have co-created it. This co-creation is with other people, plant, animal energies and the incoming energies from our brother's and sisters in the cosmos who are gently knocking at our door. 

It's a good feeling to know who's at the door and that we are truly ready for company:)



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