IET Evolve Video II Dec 2010

IET Evolve Video II  Dec 2010
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Friday, November 5, 2010

Ascension: Is It What We Think It Is? 2012 Preparation Updated

Ascension may be really a preparation for getting people off the planet via our friends from above while the magnetic poles change and Earth cleansing continues. The physical, emotional and spiritual body will move easier into this space if we are prepared accordingly. Please see original article for 2012 Preparation Not Found in a Box.

Consider this, if we are asked or we choose to be vacated off this planet before the very hard times hit the planet, our body needs to be able to more freely move into this space. A car that has not been started in a while may grind a bit, a bit more and it may start or it may not start. There is much we can do to ensure the car starts and runs smoothly. Starting our car aka getting our energy bodies and physical bodies prepared to align with these new energies is a choice. For us to enter into initial contact with a higher dimensional space craft and extra terrestrial being will be a choice that we have now prepared for accordingly. It is believed people will be offered a choice whether to go or not go right before the Earth becomes too hostile for certain people to handle.

Please keep something simple in mind, when our physical body has contact with an extra terrestrial and/or higher dimensional energy and our physical human body needs to move into an entirely different dimensional space then our vibrational cells need to prepare as this is the very part of who we are, our true core body, our energy body that moves us in conjunction with the receiver which is the extraterrestrial. If the energy body is moving and getting stuck in the 3d body as it is too dense, then transition may not occur or the transition will be intense and could be painful.

So, perhaps lighten the load on the 3d body. Feel spirit in your body, your true core body and the vibrational cells can be easily in resonance with the physical body cells.

Having experienced this at 5 years old, being pulled through the walls of my living room and never forgetting that feeling "like the cells of my body were being pulled through the world's smallest strainer", I believe that this is what ascension is and this is what we can do to properly prepare ourselves to engage in this higher dimensional energy. They want this to be collaborative, a choice, not a submissive human on the other end.

An update on the 2012 preparation (although it is really happening right now);

  • Intolerance for alcohol
  • Intolerance for meat or fish
  • Marked hunger
  • Inconsistent sleep patterns
  • Continued bioenergy sensitivity
  • Bouts of sadness (leaving things and people behind) and anticipation (something is coming)
  • Continued expanded conscious awareness and feeling of lightness
  • Precognitive thoughts manifesting into reality
  • Slowing down, spending time in thought, prayer, meditation
  • Seeing bright silver flashes
  • Seeing objects in sky that may be real UFO's
  • Continued night time teachings for preparation of a New Earth
  • Needing to be with nature and people on a similar path
  • Building of strength (warrior like tendencies) for males and females to balance the scales of injustice for all sentient life forms. This includes compassion and seeing self as a part of everyone and everything. Caring for your future self and the future of all sentient life forms.
**Compassion for all sentient life forms is essential in ascension**

Added a few minutes ago a message from James Gilliland that resonates with what is coming in (ok, everything except for the topsoil comment, JG is aware how I feel about it:)

And another post indicating this very same thing regarding the quicking of contact and co-creative contact.

There is a global CE-5 Event taking place on November, 6, 2010! Click here for details...



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