IET Evolve Video II Dec 2010

IET Evolve Video II  Dec 2010
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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Touched - original eXperiencers and Dr. John Mack

In 1991, while a teenager living on Cape Cod for the summer, I came across Budd Hopkins. Many kids from New England go to the Cape for summer to work in the restaurant and hotel industry and provides a good excuse to spend time at the beach with the sun and surf. Even in my teens, I was aware of my ET experiences. So when I saw a man by the name of Budd Hopkins who just wrote a book on people's ET encounters, I eagerly and nervously attended this talk in Hyannis, Massachusetts.

Roll forward two more years and I graduate with my Bachelor's degree in Psychology, just recently enrolled in graduate school for psychology and then find out their is a man by the name of John Mack at Harvard University who is doing research on people that had ET encounters. I finish my first semester of graduate school, pack up what I own in my tiny Nissan Sentra and move to Boston to be a part of this research team.

Little did I realize I was not to be on the research team but rather part of the people being studied who had ET encounters. The original 40 I now call it as there were about 40 people in the research study. Well a big part of me was pissed because I thought I could help others to understand these encounters, not be studied. Afterall, I had and have been studied by my whole life by these beings. So the level of pissiness and angst was at an all time high. Moreover, it was the era of grunge, so my prevailing mood matched the music on the scene in the states during this era. Mosh pits seemed to provide a good release for the angst.

And why was I angry? Society had no clue what was real and what wasn't and here I was walking around with all this knowledge and information about human beings and our relationship to other beings in the Universe while a young adult. How do I bridge this gap with the people around me and the people in society? It is so fucking wide. Son of a bitch, I just want to be like everyone else, it is far easier to do that and fit in.

When I moved to Boston that spring, I met Dr. Mack and the group at PEER which stood for Program for Extraordinary Experience Research and other experiencers. The majority of people were real experiencers and others were not. Those who were not real experiencers could be picked out like a red balloon in a sea of white balloons by those of us who did in fact have real contact. This proved to be an issue in group work as our heightened sensitivity went up like hairs on the back of a frightened cat. How could you put us with these people? Don't you know better? Angst continuing to build...

I did not receive therapy or regression from John. I remembered so much consciously that I was always able to integrate the experiences in with who I am, the day to day me. So, there was no need for therapy. Well little did I know this would all unravel about 10 years later as my experiences picked up again and completely turned my life upside down. I had much integration to do.

Just last night I saw this film for the first time, November 2, 2010. Without mentioning any specific names, I know the people in this film and one in particular very well. These people are brave pioneers who spoke up well before it was popular or accepted in society to do so. They paid a heavy price for communicating their truths and have held onto their truths steadily in the face of much adversity.

What I like about this film is that it highlights John's compassionate therapeutic work combined with his rigorous research mind intertwined with his down to Earth rationality and sense of humor. He truly set the groundwork in a respectable way to help people understand and heal from their ET encounters. This man was a gift in a way that others have yet to establish in the professional academic community.

Somewhere around 1995 I attended one of the PEER functions in Cambridge and saw the television cameras there from PBS. My anxiety was once again high attending this talk as I had my fiance with me. I bolted like bat out of hell once the function was over that evening when I saw those cameras and never went back till ten years later. I turned my back and did my best to live my life like a good social norm person by getting married, worked a ridiculous amount of hours in corporate America, bought a house, built a house and had a child.

Little did I realize my greatest awakening had yet to come as the experiences would continue whether I chose to live in the social norm world or not. I am connected to them and they are connected to me.

I certainly wasn't one of the brave ones back in the 90's, the people on this film were.

This blog and going more public with what I have experienced and what I know now relating to my years of contact is one of the ways I repay for walking out that day.

Lastly, when people who want to glamorize or sexify the ET contact experience, it couldn't be farther from the truth. For those of us who have had it and had to walk all these years in these truths while holding it together so the social norm world could get caught up, it has been anything less than easy.

A movie about the reality of contact and how it affects us us eXperiencers.



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