IET Evolve Video II Dec 2010

IET Evolve Video II  Dec 2010
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Monday, December 6, 2010

Julian Assange of Wiki Leaks - UFO's and Aliens

A courageous truth seeker or a weasel?
The Weasel?

Call for his execution screams Sarah Palin in which she says his actions are treasonous (source) (minor correction Mrs. Palin in order for his actions to be technically treasonous he would need to commit some type of crime against his own government, he is not a U.S. citizen) and Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee says "whoever in our government leaked that information should be guilty of treason" (source).  Now we have Columbia University, an academic institution in the United States chiming in on the matter and even going so far as to send their students an email "advising" the students to not read or share the Wikileaks documents for it will render them ineligible for any government jobs in the future (source).

Yes, the terminology around treason also applies to helping to conspire to overthrow a government. As far as we can see even with the release of the Wikileaks over the last four years there doesn't seem to be many people moving to quickly within the United States to overthrow anything.

Blame it on the economy, fluoride, gmo high fructose corn syrup, television, social conditioning (behave like a good boy or girl or else the group will kick you out), dumbing down electromagnetic waves, apathy, repetitive fear based propaganda, perhaps religion and yes, unfortunately there doesn't seem to be too many people moving too quick to ignite their own sense of purpose to make this world a better, freer and truer place.

Even a small percentage of notables in the exopolitics community are questioning Mr. Assange's motives and claiming he may be a CIA plant. This is not the general consensus within the community, however, it calls into question the lack of cohesion, collective intelligence and due diligence needed within the exopolitics community to thoroughly examine Mr. Assange and his motives before spreading such claims or sharing fears they independently hold.

Courageous Truth Seeker?
Now for the other side of the equation Mr. Assange says "Wikileaks has a four year publishing history. During that time there has been no credible allegation, even by organizations like the Pentagon that even a single person has come to harm as a result of our activities" (source). This fear based tactic has been used over and over saying the harm that could come to people is a threat to national security and this is causing people to be in an uproar over the  "potential harm," "potential threat," "terror," "be very afraid," and the "be more afraid business."

Truth is truth. If those individuals who are related to the leaks said and did things "for their job" then they should each be able to walk in their own truth and be held accountable for their truth. If they can't, then we have quite an issue now don't we?

Somehow we think lying, coercion, submission and apathy are acceptable forms of behavior as it relates to the role of government and the role of the people that submit their power to government. And we know enough now that it is not just government. Government is deeply intertwined with the military, with corporations, the economy, media, the pharmaceutical and health care industry.

War, money, poverty, lack of green energy, a sustainable planet to live on, the truth about UFO's and our interplanetary brothers and sisters are at stake here and Mr. Assange via the Wikileak channel is helping to let the cat out of the bag. Once the cat is out, the truths are out, then we have a chance to make a new on this planet.

One person described Mr. Assange as "Assange with his gray eyes, gray hair, thin body and eerie baritone voice is like a space creature here to deliver the truth" (source).

IET Commentary...
It is my sincere hope that these files contain all the truths regarding what the government, NASA and those who have financially profited about hiding this knowledge knows about the presence of UFO's and extraterrestrials. When they came to know about these truths and what these truths have to do with our human history.

More importantly how much of "free energy" technology and alternative healing has been hidden from the masses for all of these years while wars were continued to be fought for someone else's egoic gain and millions of people have been allowed to die of diseases by using antiquated "medicine.".

Simply put, it is this bloggers hope the whole enchilada is there and the house of false cards finally falls.

There is much moving in the world right now geologically, electromagnetically and in the skies above. To give the masses the opportunity to finally see the real truths around UFO's and extraterrestrials can allow them to finally make choices as it relates to their deeper self and to align themselves to a greater purpose they choose versus the false one that has been forced upon them.

It is there in this truth, we can finally collectively evolve as a species and planet.

But don't rest here, if we are all waiting for Mr. Assange to be "the disclosure guy" then we have truly missed something spectacular here, the will to stand in our own truth. The push for these greater truths lies within each of us to keep the pressure on, keep the truth moving, the video's produced, blogs posting, conversations continuing, an intelligent heart centered cohesion within the disclosure community and most importantly working to create a new way of living and being for a sustainable thriving planet.

Regardless of which side of the equation one falls regarding Wikileaks and Mr. Assange, it takes ALL to make these truths known about this enormous and ever evolving topic. Mr. Assange may have given those involved in the UFO and ET community a nice big push and opened the door far wider.



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