IET Evolve Video II Dec 2010

IET Evolve Video II  Dec 2010
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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Earthquake in Chile and ET Experiencers

If you are waking up today and going about your daily business with little or no care (but wait a minute, if you are reading this then that is NOT you) that we have had major planetary shifts in Haiti and now Chile within the past two months and one in Japan yesterday, I would say...ignorance must be bliss. For those people who are ET experiencers (those who have experienced life long or recent ET contact), this is part of what we FEEL. We cannot tune these changes out, it is connected to us and we it. Many of us experiencers have known for years about these earth changes and the information has been provided by our interplanetary brothers and sisters. This information and a need to prepare the unawakened public for these changes is what this collective knowledge of what the years of contact have been geared towards, this blogger believes.

The changes are many. They are fast. We are seeing this play out on a daily basis in our economy, technology, planetary shifts, people's behavior, old systems failing, veils being lifted and truths that have been hidden are being revealed. On a note about the truths, it is this awakening within people where they can intuit the world doesn't really operate as we have been told. And as a result old paradigms are falling and new ones are allowed to emerge.

Dennis Whitney on his Strange Planet Blogspot has the most comprehensive post regarding the collective knowledge encompassing earth changes and this latest round of Earthquakes in Chile and Japan, much of the activity as we can see is around the Pacific Rim.

Please click on Strange Planet Blogspot link to be directed to his latest post.

Thanks Dennis.


Friday, February 26, 2010

NASA: Where's the Mission (at least publicly)

Knowing what we know about the real and true presence of extraterrestrials and NASA's role in educating the public regarding NASA's operations, it might be interesting for people to see what occurs at this particular NASA budget hearing with Miles O'Brien former CNN journalist who is now working with His comments appear 1hr:32 minutes and his contribution as well as others testifying are rather interesting.

It is clear from watching this clip that to those working within a certain level of NASA and those affiliated with the organization, that this agency is without a mission. When they are still needing to quote former President Kennedy about putting a man on the moon and we have not done anything beyond putting a man on the moon since the 70's (at least to the public's knowledge) one has to seriously consider just what is going on? Who knows what? And just where is this agency going?

Moreover, consider the incredible advancements in technology and now our everyday human capacity to learn and understand a wide variety of information. Leaps and bounds have been made on Earth with a myriad of things in our capacity to create technologies yet we have been stifled in our space program? One doesn't need a PhD in Astrophysics or Logic to realize this is illogical, it just doesn't add up.

I think there is no stifling. Just what the public has been led to believe and even those working within this agency themselves. There are reasons human beings have not been back to the moon (at least to the public's knowledge) that others don't want us to know about. What is unfolding within NASA and those closely associated with this organization is certainly most interesting.

Let's keep in mind President Kennedy was assassinated. He spoke of the secret governments within our own government. The last time a public quantum leap in space occurred was with Kennedy as president. Very hard for this blogger to believe we do not possess the capacity to return to the cosmos, at least publicly of course.

This is simply one more piece of the puzzle to consider as we move towards creating the quantum leap in our human consciousness.


Drawing from The Art of Close Encounters by Kim Calsberg

Art work too good to pass up today! Enjoy:>)


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Creating Healthy Food Options Through a Food Crisis

As the economy continues to get worse and people's budgets to eat healthy food options get squeezed there is a consideration for people living in the city with limited planting space and that is rooftop gardens.

If we can learn to take the options that exist before us to try to be both collaborative with our neighbors and self sufficient with our food options perhaps we can circumvent potential food crisis issues that many fear will be plaguing us in the near future. What is it that is required to turn a rooftop into a garden? Click here for more info

There are options. Empower yourself, connect and live in positive life energy.


Lakota Wisdom

Some video's require little explanation, this is one of those. Thank you Melissa and Donna.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Earth, Lord of the Flies, Humans and Extraterrestrials

Here is a clip from the former Canadian Defense Minister speaking about disclosure and the impact to everyday people about not providing disclosure regarding free energy. Former Canadian Defense Minister Speaking About Disclosure

What does this have to do with Lord of the Flies you may be wondering? Well, it seems as if the kids on Earth have been allowed to play without much boundaries and practicing restraint. We have developed nuclear weapons, set them off, contaminated the Earth and sky with the explosion of these weapons. Have not respected our differences as human beings living on one planet and have not done a very good job taking care of the planet that provides us with nourishment and medicine. Moreover we have desecrated the indigenous people on this planet (yes the very same people who know how to live in harmony with the planet) as they have failed to move along with the industrial and capitalistic ways of the world.

So comes along big brother perhaps and in the form of extraterrestrials. Wondering just what the heck we are doing and how we are going to work to get out of this mess we have created. This blogger is reminded of the movie Lord of the Flies when the adults arrive and the kids look stunned as the reality of their behavior has set in. Perhaps when we collectively meet our brothers and sisters in the cosmos we will then have a similar reaction "oh...just what have we done."


Monday, February 8, 2010

Media Manipulation Fox News & Monsanto

This is a very good clip regarding how mass media manipulates the truth. We have heard time and time again about the FDA allowing unhealthy products into our day to day food supply and not allowing natural organic products to work to cure a variety of diseases. Moreover, the influence of controlling, opinionated and obscenely greedy people like Rupert Murdoch.

In a day and age where people are waking up to a higher consciousness here is a prime example of two reporters who were unwilling to bend on their ethics to line their pockets and had the power to exercise the word "no." Each day each consequence of our actions and what we choose to do for work and who we choose to work for is important to be able to live more freely as healthy and connected society. Truth is the truth and it is getting a lot tougher to hide it these days.

*Thank you Andrea J. for bringing this to light, great find.*


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Gary McKinnon - NASA's Suppression of the Truth

Who is Gary McKinnon (click here) ? Why is he getting support from these musicians? Well, he did something that made the US and the UK governments feel threatened. You see he hacked into NASA. He was curious about their extensive knowledge about UFO's, ET's and more specifically learning about the long term suppression of antigravity devices and free energy. What gets more interesting is Gary's mother and her educating the authorities holding Gary of his aspergers (click here to learn about this diagnosis) and depression. She claims if he was to be put in prison he would likely commit suicide. Her work to save her son has reached far and wide (click here to see Coast to Coast radio show with Gary's Mom).

Here we are, a man who has the incredible intellect to access faulty computer systems with the will to learn about the truth. There is something very wrong when our own governmental agencies and the people that are employed within these agencies work so hard to suppress the truth. For what purpose? And this man should suffer because he was driven to pursue the truth and accessed a crack in the system?

*Thanks Des for the post on Gary*


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Known Universe

It might be wise to watch this clip two times. The first from the perspective as you are holding it today right now based on the information that you have acquired to date and who you are. As for watching it the second time...well, see below after you watch it once.

The clip is about the known Universe. It does not take into account the vast amount of knowledge gleaned from people who have had extraordinary contact with alternative ways of knowing information about the nature and structure of the Universe that does not flow linearly. Mainstream science typically flows linearly. IET Evolve believes once we marry up today's contemporary and brave scientists with the extraordinary knowledge that exists right here on our own planet then the knowledge about the Universe explodes with what we know about space, time and how long it really takes to get from point A to point B in the Universe (think worm holes, black holes, and dimensions!). As amazing as this clip is, it is only a tiny glimpse of what we are about to soon discover. Put your seat belts on, we are in for quite a ride as these new worlds and their inhabitants are opened up to us.

Thank you Melissa W.K. if it wasn't for you commenting on a post, I wouldn't have looked at this.


Monday, February 1, 2010

An Experiencer's Translation of the New Earth

IET Evolve decides to post stories, clips and people that resonate with this author based on the years of extraordinary contact and visions shown. In this author's experiences, simplicity of living, instant healing of disease by others, instant manifestation of needs, creation of beautiful ways of living and most importantly the soul to soul daily connection with each other as a human species is right around the corner. It is not as far off as people think, will it be a hundred years? I believe far sooner than that as we move into the quantum leap.

It has been said mind and heart create our physical reality. In the near future the mind and heart with it's connection to Source and one another may be what propels us into this new way of living and manifesting our New Earth.

*Thanks Anadae


When Mainstream Academia Starts to "Get it." Science of the Quantum Leap Type, Well Kinda

For those of us who have experienced alternate realities and dimensions and seen what has been labeled "impossible" by the staunch mainstream academics from years past, let's say hello to the new science occurring throughout the world. A new book offered by Stoyan Sarg attemps to explain how antigravity devices can move. Moreover this week an article was posted regarding MIT and Columbia University working on antigravity technology as well (click here for article). The kicker with all of this of course is "are we developing and using these technologies with the proper consciousness attached?"

We are still in warlike times on our planet. The technology must have the proper mindful good intended consciousness attached to the creation of the devices and their usage in order for us to earn a rightful place in our exploration of the Cosmos. Hmmmm maybe this is what our interplanetary brothers and sisters are concerned about? Have the kids on Earth grown up enough, have we evolved enough to earn our rightful place among them and to know the gifts that lie beyond our planet or are we as a human species going to continue to act the same way we do on our own planet? Controlling, dominating, excluding, destroying and disrespecting? Maybe this is one of the many reasons why there is so much buzz of UFO activity around our planet at the present time.

Have the kids on Earth grown up enough to know how to act with the proper consciousness to use such technology? Perhaps we need to look at the consciousness directed at our own planet and the present day results to know this answer.

New book offers scientific reasoning for UFO technology

Field Propulsion by Control of Gravity by Stoyan Sarg, Ph.D.
explains a new theory of propulsion in an effort to explain the
reported movements of unidentified aircraft

TORONTO (MMD Newswire) January 28, 2010 -- Field Propulsion
by Control of Gravity: Theory and Experiments by Stoyan Sarg,
Ph.D. seeks to explain the science behind a propulsion system that
would be consistent with the movements and appearance often
attributed to UFOs.

According to Sarg, the nature of UFO phenomena is still considered
a mystery because the observed and registered physical effects
are not explainable from the point of view of modern physics. Citing
overwhelming evidence, Sarg contends that the scientific
community should reconsider previously held assumptions about
gravity and propulsion as related to flight. With that in mind, Sarg
presents a theory called "Basic Structures of Matter -
Supergravitation Unified Theory," which predicts an effect called
stimulated anomalous reaction to gravity. It is based on a process
that invokes quantum mechanical interactions between oscillating
ion-electron pairs and the space-time continuum. According to Sarg,
the effect could lead to development of a new propulsion system for
a spacecraft.

"Serious inquiry into UFO subject matter is not an agenda in the
scientific community despite the significant database of
observations and recorded physical data," he says. "We can't
simply ignore the evidence because the phenomenon seems to
contradict the laws of physics. Instead, some adopted postulates
should be revised."

The book is a blend of theoretical analysis, conclusions and
experiments related to new technologies that could power and
guide a spacecraft. Featuring illustrations and designs, the book
seeks to demonstrate the feasibility of the predicted propulsion
method and offers a practical foundation for future research.

Field Propulsion by Control of Gravity: Theory and Experiments is
available for sale online at, and through additional
wholesale and retail channels worldwide.

About the Author
Stoyan Sarg, Ph.D. is a scientist, researcher and writer presently at
York University in Toronto. Born in Bulgaria, Sarg earned a degree
in engineering and holds a Ph.D. in physics. His career began with
space research projects coordinated by the former Soviet Union for
the international program Intercosmos. He immigrated to Canada in
1991 and later became involved in projects for the Canadian Space
. Today, Sarg is focused on his role as an educator and

*Thank you Janis for the info on Stoyan's findings and latest book


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