IET Evolve Video II Dec 2010

IET Evolve Video II  Dec 2010
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Friday, October 29, 2010

The Bigger Feminine Divine

 I am a giver of life

            your water...

                   your fruit...

                          the animals you eat...

                                   the air you breathe...
                                             your herbs used to make medicine...

                                                     the warmth of clothes provided to you and shelter.

Who is tending to me? Who shows their gratitude? Who is using their consciousness to acknowledge I exist?

Who is protecting me?

We have a symbiotic relationship which allows us to grow and evolve together.

There is a perversion of this life energy now in me. I am sick and out of balance. Too much damage, too many chemicals and structures used to control me instead of connecting in with me. Too much taken without anything given and I am bleeding.  So little attention.

I was once a flourishing source of eternal love, bearer of fruit and giver of life because of the inter-relationship between us. Now I cannot sustain what has happened to me. There has been too much damage done. We have reached a critical point.

Man has treated me the way he treats the women on the planet and for this now, we are all suffering.

Women are rising up out of the control and obligation bestowed upon them to "take care of man" in the current perverse imbalanced state the male is in and they are taking care of their sisters and the Earth. Both a warrior for themselves, each other, their children and the mother they call home.

It is when man is back in balance the woman can then enter into the true relationship with the man. Only until she rises up and stakes her claim as woman, can she do this. She must say "no" to those inpurities which has restricted her true divineness of the male and female energies flowing inside of her to come through.

Where is man? Man is in ego and imbalanced. Generation after generation working for another man who works for another man, who works for another man, who works for another man...who is taking and forgetting to protect the bearer of fruit, the giver of life and the greatest nurturer of all. He has forgotten his soul's job as a visitor on this plane. To protect the woman and the Earth.

Mount Greylock

I am Mother Earth. I am woman. I am the feminine divine and I am in need of other warriors to rise above the neglect, control and domination.

What happened if we stopped working for man and worked for the Earth, our mother? What would our connection with the Cosmo's and the primordial source energy look like then? What could we tap into for this, our evolution?

We are getting assistance from above, because she is sick and it is time. This cannot happen alone, this is a symbiotic relationship. Man, Woman, Earth, Cosmo's and ET's.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fifth Dimension and Change with Both Feet on the Ground - An Emotionally Intelligent Perspective

We hear these sayings;

  • "both feet on the ground" 
  • "ascension" 
  • "new energies"
  • "fifth dimension" 
  • "male warrior"
  • "feminine divine" 
Really folks, what are we talking about here. Let's look at this with an easily digestable, integrated and emotionally intelligent approach and yes talk about what is happening up in the skies above, the moving new thoughts shifting in our minds, the vibrations in our bodies and what this may have to do with the ET's.

Article coming shortly...because it is time to collectively understand just what we are talking about here so we can find a way to merge the collective intelligence and higher energies that are moving on the planet. Time is moving quick, there is a portal open to grasp and move towards this NOW. If we think this is going to be open forever - it is my belief we are mistaken.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Into the Buzzsaw: Leading Journalists Explore The Myth of a Free Press

Into the Buzzsaw: Leading Journalists Explore The Myth of a Free Press is a new book out edited by Kristina Borjesson. There is a very well written article by  Michelle Goldberg about this book (click here) where she discusses the media military industrial complex which is revealed in this book. Moreover, highlighted is the great lengths those at power will go to suppress the truth about these massive structures society has literally been "forced" to acquiesce to for the past 50+ years.

Although it is not mentioned in Michelle's review of the book, the greatest conspiracy of all is the UFO/ET topic. If we apply what we know to how far those in power will go to suppress the truth, then the hardest and most extreme suppression of all is by far the UFO/ET topic which is clearly the epicenter of every human's life as it relates to the core of our unique energy that fills our human body. The truth of who we really are and where we really came from has been denied to you. I wonder when more people are going to demand to understand their own truth? We are living in times like no other. There is a portal open to walk inside and take part of the looking glass. It won't stay open forever. It IS here now.

Old structures are falling. Here is another prime example of this intelligent emotional truth meta analysis in journalism happening now.

*Thank you J.L. & B.M.


Monday, October 25, 2010

Miss Flying Saucer Blogspot

When a wonderful, smart, female warrior started her blog about trying to get to the accuracy of what is going on in regards to recent UFO sightings, IET Evolve became excited. Personally, it is my belief there is something very different than emerges when a female energy enters into this arena. So IET Evolve is happy to highlight her work Introducing Miss Flying Saucer Blogspot

Erika Ahonen formerly of Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, United States and has recently moved to Lisalmi, Finland to be with her soul mate. She is a warrior of truth in helping to uncover what is really going on in the skies above during these times.

Check out her recent videos too...


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Official Intelligent Emotional Truths: Poop Head Hall of Fame

I would like to briefly digress from the typical intelligent facets of information and pieces of my soul I typically begrudgingly bare on here and the synthesized particles of contemporary information given liberally to try to do my part to help humanity get on the stick (pronounced shhhhtick) quickly without that nasty little ego attached.

So, in having some much needed emotional release from all the craziness going on in the world and within each of us at the moment (drum roll please)...let me introduce you to the Official Intelligent Emotional Truths: Poop Head Hall of Fame.

Fueling the easily emotionally swayed bigots of the world

Same as above

Halliburton and war in Iraq = need we say more? Greedy Dark Darth Vader Poopy

Refusing to take responsibility for his own created poop...which is STILL poopy in the Gulf (just in case we forgot)

Pooping on the real intellect and beautiful feminine diviness of women across America

Rupert Murdock - plain controlling media poopiness and resembles the old creepy guy from Star Wars

Black Op Guys - the reverse of the dressed in white storm troopers. Executing the poopiness of the headmasters for $$ and unresolved love issues

Pooping on other non poopified crops to poop up our beautiful natural eco system 

Helping to poop on indigenous farmers around the globe to spread poopy GMO seeds


The Whacko Staged Alien Invasion!

The Ultimate Poopy Event...coming to a neighborhood near you in 2011 or maybe even 2010!


Discernment of UFO's and ET's: How to Spot Government Made from the Real One's

This is another area I don't like to write about and it is the first time I am writing about it and the last time. In the late 80's with other visions about the future, here is one in particular that has continued throughout the present time. It is in regards to the "fake" or staged ET invasion from our world's government/black ops if you will. 

Of course it didn't make sense at the time, because why on Earth would someone do this to cause harm on another. Oh naive me...still a learning process. People go to great lengths to harm others perhaps unconsciously when they want something (typically control and power) so bad.

Here is how it may unfold.

  • The fake UFO threat shows ships appearing that look far more dense than a real ship. The feeling and presence of the fake ship is heavy, lighter than an airplane of course, but too dense for a real ship. It is almost like the feeling you get standing next to a manipulative sick controlling person (think icky pedophile creepy guy). That is the feeling you may get with the fake ship.
  • Real ships oscillate and are truly "out of this world", you may hear a gentle wooo wooo soothing hum. You will just know they are out of this world. You will feel it in the cellular structure of your body. Your body will vibrate in unison with the ship. The true ancient memory of your life energy comes alive in the cells of your body. Pay attention to your deep intuition here.
  • The fake staging shows people (your neighbors even) being picked up and being uncomfortably moved through a dense beam of light with them screaming as they are unwilling to go. They are hurt in this process, the fake staging, which is designed to scare the masses but human beings are hurt in this process. There is no regard for humanity here.
  • Real ships with good intention to help humanity can completely out manuever the fake ships and weaponry which is designed to harm and hold people down in fear. They can literally out dance the fake ships and they will do this in almost a humorous way. 
  • Be leary of the beams of light with no immediate change into quasi physical matter. Real ships can make those adjustments, the projected beam of light "looking" like a ship can't shift that quickly.
What's the advice here? IF you see something like this occur or see more sightings with too much of a fear base attached to it, please use your discernment and not what you have seen on television, movies or scary tactics in the media. 

It is why getting in touch with nature's Earth energy and those people who hold a naturally high vibration is so vital right now. Getting in touch with this Earth energy is connected to the cosmic primordial energy which is a true, loving, eternal source energy and can help to guide you during these times IF this type of event occurs.

There are many people writing about it and educating others that this might occur. UFO's are great to see, just make sure you use your own ancient intution intelligently (your first sense) to help guide you.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Spin on Creation - It Takes Two

For a new universe to be created, it begins with a conjoining of yin and yang energy, then the consciousness of that conjoined energy to manifest the thought based on those respective life energies feelings, experiences and intentions collected throughout their lifetime's consciousness and energy fields.

The video below is about the Holy Copulation of Quantum Physics and the Theory of Relativity. However, it can also relate to how new Universes form and is used here as a basis to expand the creation of the cosmos concept. When we look at the simplicity in nature regarding life on this planet, we see the conjoining of opposites (male and female) to produce advanced intelligent life to help sustain and evolve the other life energies that are a part of the life that created those energies.

Now bringing this back to where we are today in the world as it stands October 19, 2010 and the massive transitions taking place on this planet. The conjoining of these opposite energies continues and is needed to harness this new world which is in the process of developing. It may also be why the pull for the male and female to come into balance with their own energy is so strong with people who are on the spiritual ascension path.

Many know an ascension process is occurring. Our bodies are changing, our minds are changing. We are becoming lighter, freer, moving more with the natural wave of the cosmos (better known as primordial life energy) and we are dropping the old denser ways to continue to live forth in the new.

Some of those who are awakening are feeling the need to move into new communities surrounded by cleaner air and create their own way of living and being by getting off of the old social structure. It is the conjoining of these life energies which can produce the new way of being and living. In the new way of living and being it is believed these are some of things we can expect to see;

  • Healing disease - completely free of disease and afflictions
  • Development of anti gravity technology via free energy
  • Growing and sustaining own food that has a strong vibrational life energy charge to truly nourish the body to travel beyond Earth
  • No need for money
  • Helping to establish new forms of government, societies in line with natural cosmic law
These people come together and are ready to use their collective consciousness and energy bodies in unison for the greater good.

Lastly, I often wondered how the extra terrestrial beings did what they did. How they got from point A to point B and move about space and time. They were able/are able to link their energies in with a focused intent to help raise the vibration of those in a lower body vibration. I believe we are headed in that direction if we so choose. We have this capacity within us.

This is the quantum leap in our human consciousness:)


Monday, October 18, 2010

A New Universal Emotion?

Today IET Evolve nearly decided to end this blog based on a few recent events. One of which is the sheer "fed upness" of the fear mongering and immaturity in the UFO/ET arena by people which has seemed to taken hold of this complex, beautiful and delicate understanding of our relationship with the cosmos. When one approaches any field or any topic or any situation with a certain emotional lens, then that lens sees through that specific emotion and therefore what one receives for a product of information is tainted by that respective lens. Moreover, the tainting continues and the emotional contagion spreads to the person that is viewing the information, especially if they are already in a fear/submissive based mode when viewing the clip or reading the material.

A few days ago Richard Dolan, author of the recently published book After Disclosure posted on his facebook status about the need to use intellectual rigor when investigating what is going on in this field and I couldn't agree more. I added to his status which he also agreed, that we need to use emotional intelligence as well. What is happening all too often now is the hijacking of people's amygdala when viewing these clips from you tube relating to black ops, recent sightings, stargates, government conspiracies and the like. Do they exist? Of course they do in some context. Why get caught up with it now is the question.

The world is experiencing an awakening. The best of who we are to offer the world is right before our eyes. The love we feel for ourselves as a reflection in another person, the love we feel for others, seeing the wonderous light in a child's eyes and the incredible beauty of the Earth.

It is an especially tough time for people who are sensitive as so much is happening right now. So in light of this awareness around these various groups of people likely unconsciously spreading their fear, the new energies hitting the planet and the changes going on within us that may really shake our known comfort zones...let us introduce a possible 7th Universal emotion as described in this clip.

Truly an intelligent emotional truth. Humor, a key to this whole process. May we smile a little more today.

Blog still may end in November 2010 with one final article.

This gem of a clip surfaced from a writer for the Huffington Post (click here for original source)
*thank you Cedar


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

October 2010's Emerging Theme: TRUTH

If there is a theme emerging within the month of October (especially the past fourty eight hours) around the planet, it is truth. Truth in who we are as a soul person, truth in what we want, truth in where we want to be within our lives. Even if the compass isn't entirely clear on what it looks like, we know how we want to feel and it is like a stubborn weed needing to come out and flourish with all it's mighty. 

False structures are continuing to break down and the real truths are being shown. People are needing to clean their souls and come free with what they have done with their actions that have caused harm on others and set the balance in their soul now.

The false structures that no longer serve humanity are the ones that are crumbling. It is us that choose to be free of those things that bind us from the true nature of our real whole beautiful selves. The truth about 9.11 is being revealed right before our very eyes as well if we watch it closely in the news. More clips to come on this shortly. 

Warning! You are not losing your mind, you are having a spiritual awakening. If you are compelled to move to a new place and space, leave a job, leave people you have known for ages and start a new without a solid's ok. Many of us are feeling the same's called a spiritual awakening. And yes, "on bended knee is no way to be free." We may find we are needing to "pure our thoughts while we are alive." Welcome to the ascension process. It is hitting our day to day reality now. It is up to us to listen to the feelings and sensations as our soul is speaking and action our soul's intended truth.

Why? Why should we be doing this now? Well, as a wise man just reminded me of a few seconds ago (because I was being lazy to my truth)..."the balance of the planet is out of control. The good guys need to step in and up." Female warriors and male warriors are needed now, it is why our soul's are speaking so loudly. The females in their absolute balance and the males in their absolute balance. It's not just about being comfortable and happy (although it certainly leads to it), it is about making the hard changes necessary and creating our new reality by living it as a guiding light for others to see the path illuminate.

When we live in our own light, the planet and the rest of the cosmos can come into alignment as well.

Thank you R.S. for your guidance.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

How Humanity is Changing - Grassroots Activism via Empathy

Having a conversation with an older gentleman the other day that is a very knowledgeable and highly educated man who has spent a lifetime in the upper academic arena. This man is unique because he chose not to rest on his laurels, he has worked to find contemporary ways to provide education to those who could not traditionally afford the costly college process and works to provide alternative modalities to children who are emotionally and physically abused, we discussed how the world will change, because yes, it is in rough shape and there is a spiritual revolution needing to occur.

We both came to the same conclusion, grassroots activism in all areas of how we live.

In our food, health, communities, progression as a species and what we choose to develop for technologies. Grassroots activism = we have the power to ignite, conjoin and create this collective higher intelligence.

It won't happen in the halls of the Ivy league schools, in the corporations of world, with the world's elite or in mainstream medicine where human beings have traditionally yielded to that type of power.  Rather through the Iraq vet that can feel what it is like to put themselves in the Iraqies shoes during a home invasion. This empathy leads to open mindedness about who we are in relation to other human beings and a respect for the differences that exist.

Meet two more people who are on the road (literally) working to educate and change humanity through their experiences in Iraq, Josh Stieber and Conor Curran.

The world is changed through empathy, it's why this story is an intelligent emotional truth.

Click here to see the link to their Contagious Love Experiment

Nice job gents and thank you for sharing the link Ethan.


Friday, October 8, 2010

Merkaba, Opening up Kundalini, Ascension, New Universe, Magnetic Changes and Drunvalo Melchizedek

It is with trepidation I write this article as it is deeply personal and because of the nature of what was experienced, has traditionally felt isolating. So in trying to get over the trepidation and open up the heart wider, I will write this as best I can. Also, hopefully using the proper wisdom to write these connections down effectively for others to read. 

As time is speeding up in relation to the Earth changes. Listed below are a series of links from Drunvalo which in my opinion resonate strongly with what I feel and have experienced in encounters with higher beings and visions occuring since early childhood. 

Particularly relating to;
  • the reversal of the magnetic poles and the timing of these poles shifting
  • entering into the fourth and fifth dimension...we are moving in and out of the fourth now (it is three steps forward and one step back, like bobbling in and out of it right now)
  • getting back to the heart center 
  • caring about others as equal to ourselves 
  • using our pure intuition and minimizing the logical mind
  • Merkaba and high beings (Ascended Masters)
  • Kundalini
As some people may know in previous interviews I have talked about being shown a new universe by tall highly evolved beings starting around 1994 and being shown the evolution of this new universe in 2004. As ultra cosmic and perhaps extreme as this sounds, it is nonetheless true as my left ego brain has tried to wrestle with the complexities and further understanding of these experiences. Having sat in 2008 with a team of professionals at a large well respected astrophysics observatory consisting of an astrophysicist, a psychologist and experienced yogi practioners, I discussed and drew out what these beings showed me throughout the 1994-2004 time frame relating to this new universe.

Little did I realize until today that when I described with this team of scientists being taken from our Earth plane by these beings through a series of dimensions getting to this new universe, I said "it was like traveling at super warp speed, it was absolutely fun, thrilling and I was laughing with excitement. I knew I was traveling through dimensions because it was like seeing and dodging these chards of moving glass." comes a term I just discovered today, October 8, 2010 and it is Merkaba and as one can see, it looks like chards of glass if it is moving and rotating. As we neared each new dimension you could see a chard of glass and then WHAM, move around it to get to the next dimension. Honestly, it was an amazing and extremely thrilling ride that I hope everyone gets to experience.

I knew these beings did not have a ship they arrived in when they appeared at the foot of a bed around 12 a.m. at night in Massachusetts. How I knew they did not use a ship? I am not quite sure, just knew it. They are the ascended masters and yes they really exist. It took me until August of 2010 to realize they in fact did exist. This summer I discovered the term Elohim from a wise friend living in Australia which helped me to understand who these two particular beings were and they represented an ultimate male and female in their own divine and united creation. The term Elohim has come to mean several different things to various people due to religious implications. However, the Elohim are also the "creators of new universes." Yes. Real living beings that create universes. But more simply put, these beings felt more like my soul parents, than a label of an "ascended master." One mother and one father who are my teachers and I their divine daughter who is also their student.

Very wild and I work to understand not just what it means for me at this point in time but what it means to communicate to others as a whole. As I feel into it, I realize it is about evolution as a spiritual being and how stunning and amazing we are and can be. We all can create! It is to show others what is possible. These wise, loving, patient and humorous beings showed me what was possible in our ability to create and perhaps through my experience, I can communicate to others just what is possible.

The universe and universes are so vast, there is much room for creators, teachers and guides. I wonder if I just happen to remember and be conscious of who my soul parents are and for those who don't remember, maybe we all have soul parents and we just need to remember.

Opening up the kundalini is a necessary part to ascension. The kundalini energy is of course related to opening up our chakras. I believe opening up and balancing our chakras is both related to our internal spirit body and the external world around us that we are connected to in our everyday life.

More to come on kundalini and chakras relating to the ascension process shortly...some people have received "gifts" on the planet to help others open up their chakras and ignite the kundalini to arise so others can better receive these new energies in the ascension process:)

t.y. Melissa for your loving friendship in helping put together the broken pieces of me the other day and J.L. for introducing the D.M. links.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Day Before Disclosure - Full Movie

We just may want to ask ourselves these very important questions now;

1. Who is in those ships?

2. What do they have to do with us individually and collectively as a person and species?

3. What will it take for us to figure out how to travel this way? Move in this capacity? When will we?

4. What else makes our planet so interesting?

5. What does this say about a higher cosmic law and how does this relate to our individual consciousness?

6. When do we become courageous and stop living the mind numbing destructive social lie forced upon us and start living the ever expanding and positive Universal truth?

Thank you C.G.


Monday, October 4, 2010

Human Beings, The Ascension Process and Extraterrestrials 2012

Well by now there is much information buzzing around that the vast majority of people know UFO's exist in some capacity.  Yes it will be a matter of time before the world governments come clean about their existence. Whether or not they tell the truth of what they know or try to stage some type of negative UFO event to further scare the masses is any one's guess. But seriously and now more importantly the question of just who is occupying these craft should arise. In addition to that question, what do extra terrestrials have to do with us, human beings?

First let's start off with the question of "who are they?" If we are to look at our own planet and species as an immediate and direct reflection to who may be above (if we think they are just merely above and not already here in some capacity on a different dimensional plane), who are we?

As many people who read this blog know, I am a contactee or experiencer and experiencer seems to be the most notable term these days. What does that really mean though?  For the first time, I would like to explain what I think is going on, has been going on regarding humans, their connection with extraterrestrials and talk of this ascension process.

When I was in utero I remember the very first thought of "oh man, I'm here?! This place is loud and it felt far different than where ever I came from in the cosmos. Let's just say I now have language for it and I would say "it was so 3d!" The density was stifling, but nonetheless I was a very happy baby and a happy child which in and of itself is a mini miracle since I was mercilessly tossed around like a football from my three older brothers.  As I grew older, the happiness still was a part of my psyche and soul for quite some time.

However, there were some early memorable events that I was able to experience through this human body that felt entirely "wrong" as I will say. Like swimming against the natural wave of life I knew in my soul. The first was religion "why is this so stifling, house of God? Really? This is God?" Why are girls not allowed to be involved in the church? Why is the priest telling me I have committed sins when I know I haven't? My Irish Catholic grandmother was a staple in the church and put the fear of God into my father as a child if he didn't obey (love those stories) and she educated me about finality of death. All I could think of at 7 years old was "but death is not really death Mamie, we just continue to go on, it's limitless..." Little did I realize then, but I know now, I came from a place and understanding that had a different slate I was working from and I was stubborn to holding onto my soul's truth.

Other thoughts arose, "why do schoolteachers say one thing but mean something else? And the thoughts that carried on throughout high school and adulthood is "why are people so mean to one another, why do they want to control each other? Then more, "why are people not honest" and "why can't people see what's possible" why are they always limiting themselves and others? The ceiling always felt so low and it didn't need to, doesn't need to.

As an adult I still see this. What does this have to do with the ascension process and extraterrestrials? We are getting there. The pain game. What I realize now is being an experiencer to whomever it is I am connected to for beings is, I have not been locked in pain throughout my life therefore I can see what is possible, feel what is possible and think what is possible. The cosmos is always growing, evolving and moving and intelligent beings that inhabit this universe are as well, but with us humans it is also a choice to grow and evolve at a faster speed.

That is not to say that us experiencers don't feel pain and in fact this is where it gets quite a bit jazzy. Many of us experiencers actually feel pain deeply and we process this pain on multilevels. We also have higher levels of empathy than most, so we feel your pain too. But we don't stay locked in it, something at our core says "nah, this isn't what is flowing in the universality of positive life energy." So we reground, regroup and integrate the painful experience into our whole being and try to learn from the myriad of lessons.

Enter in now science of how the human body and neural pathways are structured and we begin to see how this pain becomes locked in our brains and bodies.  After all, the brain and body are the machine that we are working with here, so let's understand the machine better. As a child if we experience great strife and negativity then we can easily develop a "pain body" as Eckhart Tolle refers to it. Then it affects our bio energy field, what we attract and the neural pathways which are the train tracks to our emotions. Our emotions are tied to our memories and this impacts how we subconsciously respond and act towards the many facets of emotionally charged situations in our life.

If we take accountability and stand up to understanding our own brain better and not just submissively rely on some guru to "give us" the answer, then we can rewire the pathways. If we understand our own bio energy field, we can adjust our bio energy field for better emotional and physical health. If we understand we are actually a co creator in our own reality, we will create.

Now the ascension process is not some mystical event. It is in fact real. It is in fact what many of us have been put on Earth to do at this time. All that "junk DNA", well it actually may have a useful purpose after all, to integrate and conjoin with the intelligent life energy of our brothers and sisters in the cosmos.

In his book Spontaneous Evolution, Dr. Bruce Lipton discusses that when two different energies/species converge it creates a more robust product (paraphrased of course). Perhaps that is what is going on here, as the Universe grows and expands, the intelligent beings in it, need to as well to thrive and survive. In order to have a human species thrive and perhaps other species in the cosmos thrive as well as survive, a conjoining of energies is needed. So yes, we need to get real, understand we are not the only players in this Universe and stop being afraid as to what is on the other side if it looks and acts different than us. If we can't do it well in our own life right now, then we are going to be challenged in the next few years to come.

Being open to the experience of these different life forms is a huge part of this process and it starts right here at home with accepting, valuing and respecting the immense diversity on this planet. And even more simply, it comes from valuing the life and lessons learned from the people right in our family. Then at it's simplest form, accepting who WE are as an individual.

One of the most googled terms that get hits directed to IET Evolve's blog is "ascension symptoms." It is not compassion, empathy, emotion, positivity or love. It is ascension symptoms. One of the major aspects of truly ascending is to see and feel beyond ourselves.

Having spent a great deal of time over these past few years with some (mostly Western world based) "spiritual people" I was struck at the unevolved humanness of their take on this process and the juxtaposed pie in the sky love and light talk without the grounding in the day to day here and now reality.

Here it is simple and plain and non mysterious, yes, I realize it is not sexy. If we are wanting to be involved in being open up to receive these energies then that is a great start.  A calm mind in our everyday life is next. Caring about others in balance to how you care about yourself is a huge component of this process. I find little selfishness here and at times that is what I have seen in regards to "spiritual people." When I heard a famous person who is involved with the ET and UFO community talk of those who he believed would not ascend and laughingly said "that's ok, their bodies will be used as Earth food" I immediately had sadness and nausea set in, there was little respect shown for the life energy there or the struggles these people would face.

Conversely when I hear the ultra positive love and light talk without both feet on the ground, I want to get out the tether. It's a balance. A balance about caring for one self as equal to others, not being lifted off the ground to escape from our problems. 

There are many other experiencers that are out there who are quiet, don't write books, don't participate via facebook, don't have blogs etc...that are experiencing similar thoughts and they know their bodies and minds are changing as well. They go about their work and have done so quietly, humbly and with very little ego for numerous years. You would never hear them say disparaging things about others or be selfish in this process. They care about humanity deeply and it is in their day to day actions with the people they are connected too, their clients and the positive, loving vibration they hold for humanity daily.

What can you look forward too after the pain, tiredness, muscle spasms and confusion has lifted off of you from the initial ascension symptoms? Peace, calm, happiness, renewed energy, presence, heightened sensitivity, regular telepathy, strong positive energies coupled with a feeling of lightness, seeing the beauty of the Earth and natural energies more clearly (being drawn to them), thoughts manifesting to reality and the continued shedding of the old to embrace the new. It may feel like at times you have gone three steps forward and on occasion one step back. But it's are moving, afterall it is a process.

And what about just who is in those ships? And where do you go after the ascension process? Ahhhh...I think that entirely depends on just who you are on your soul level and what you want. This isn't a wham bam black and white process here. There is individual choice and creativity in moving into your new reality. The Universe is very big, there is more than just one Universe as well. Life beyond Earth is bursting with a wide variety of life forms, there are a bunch of teams on the ever flowing universal grid of energy.

Maybe we need to find out who we want to play with once we made it back on the bigger field of Universal life.


Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Human and Extraterrestrial Story...


Friday, October 1, 2010

Heroes in Action Now: Ethan McCord

About 7 months ago this blogger was exposed to a man by the name of Julian Assange. The world picked up glimpses of who Julian Assange was and the now semi famous Wikileaks video which was leaked by Bradley Manning. The "collateral murder" video featured an attack on Iraqi civilans and two Reuters reporters in Iraq which occured in 2007. Well something else significant happened on that day and there was a US soldier by the name of Ethan McCord who was on the ground near the van that was being destroyed by Apache helicopter gunfire.

Listen to Ethan as he describes his life changing experience...

Human compassion and consciousness can come in a variety of different ways. Some of us live our lives in a restricted day to day work, social, then home life. We live very protected and only when we happen to see glimpses of what else is really going on with humanity in the world can we experience a fraction of the empathy to what Ethan has described. Human compassion, awareness and a soulful unwillingnes to "be told what to do", "be told what to feel" do we then move this needle forward in the world to live a realer and truer life.

Ethan saw truth in humanity, sees truth in humanity. It is in the core of his being and a man not easily swayed by the false social structures of comfort and control. This is his truth he is bringing forth which we can learn from and helps to activate our own truths to set ourselves free from old structures of organizations that no longer serve us. Wars that we are a pawn in for someone else's benefit. This truth is now leading him to speak out against the war. Speak out against the treatment of our wounded brothers and sisters overseas as well as the medical treatment they receive for their emotional trauma once they come back home (see time magazine article).

He is a hero because he feels humanity and is willing to actually do something BIG about it. His big moves nudge us all to awaken, feel and be a cocreator in our new emerging reality.

I often wonder how many of us actually ask people daily "so what do you think about the war in Iraq? Afghanistan?" What do you think about UFO's? Jesus, what if we actually got a heck of alot braver to speak up?


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