IET Evolve Video II Dec 2010

IET Evolve Video II  Dec 2010
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Monday, January 10, 2011

Extraterrestrials and Human Beings: Metacognition, Metasensory and Multidimensionality

Sometimes in these articles there is an extensive and detailed set up to logistically support points and statements that are made or simply at times the facts just lead in a certain direction.  This article will be written a bit differently...

What if we are the one's we are waiting for (or at least mostly us)? It is actually us in those ships above, our multidimensional selves with our soul brother's and sisters in the cosmos. We realize our consciousness exists on many different levels of subtlety. Some of us have this awareness of the subtlety of our multidimensional existence through dreams, memories, precognitive visions, connection with other non 3d non Earthly beings, strong feelings and seeing space time as we know it adjust right in front of our eyes. And more simply put having genuine conversations with those we love and value which validate this "knowingness" of our multidimensional selves.

So what if we sent us to remind us and those we are connected to of our greater purpose now, to be used as a catalyst to help Earth and the beings on it through this transition? To hold the light. To bring in the light. To work together in the light. To evolve as a species and a planet as the Earth moves into alignment, as the galaxy moves into it's own alignment and as perhaps the whole Universe itself is going into its own alignment for the birthing of a new Universe, for which we may eventually reside. 

What if we gave us the deep knowledge inside to create and harness mind matter and antigravity devices to move back and forth from one dimensionality to the other? To help cure those we love of diseases by our higher dimensional light energies and heart focused group intent? 

A great teacher is a supporter, an empower, loves the student and is willing to provide enough discipline, not one who gives all the answers. A great student is one who is willing to strive through difficulties, form the proper intent and have self discipline necessary to then become a teacher themselves. If you were your own teacher, how would you have guided you during this lifetime?

Perhaps this is what ascension is, the birthing of a new Universe on a new Earth in a lighter density and we are transitioning into now. Living in a higher dimensional more free space time plane and the students are now becoming the teachers.

Do we leave those behind who do not make it to the new Earth?

I don't believe we do, in fact if we are moving our physical body with our light body to a new plane, perhaps we will then be the extraterrestrial brothers and sisters to those people on the old Earth who need assistance as the extraterrestrial/light body beings were once to us. Once we have felt and connected with them through the experience of our emotions on this 3d plane here, then we can help them as we know have a shared frequency resonance. To then be the loving teacher to the student, so the student can grow, expand and eventually become a teacher themselves in accordance with universal cosmic law.

Multidimensionality applies to metacognition, the ability to think about thinking or to know about knowing.  Multisensory is intrinsically tied to multidimensionality.  It is perhaps why it is so necessary to have an Earth plane 3d existence so we learn and experience through our physical bodies, our senses can go to the sheer depth and heights of our emotionality, so our spirit body can connect with others, learn and subsequently expand.

So we may also know our intentions about what is important to us and what we are willing to do to help out one another and yes, still play, still love and still have fun. If we can be empathetic and caring to those around on us on this Earth plane, perhaps this applies to what we can do in the greater cosmos beyond Earth:) If this is school and once we graduate, what's next?

The greater the heartfelt connection to sentient life, the more knowledge we acquire in the vast and ever expanding cosmos. To experience all these sensations and feelings for ourselves as connected to others, IS to truly know.  If we feel, we can help. If we are brave enough to feel, then we are a part of them, they are a part of us forever and we hold this connection in our being.

Perhaps we are the one's we are waiting for...



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