IET Evolve Video II Dec 2010

IET Evolve Video II  Dec 2010
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Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Rise of the 5th Dimension IS the Birthing of a New Universe

Another rise of new energies is emerging. We can feel it again. The craziness and intensity of a few weeks past and then the settling of the slow and steady calm. A need to sit and listen.

Listen for what?

Just listen, just be.

It feels like a flawless beautiful, gentle and subtle wave moving inside. We can't really define when it merges with our cellular selves but yet, we know it is moving inside of us, transforming us to a higher state of being which is expansive, free, loving and so incredibly delicately beautiful.

Once again, we will be different then we were just 30 days ago.

The pulsation of this Mother we stand upon now in the current Universe that is giving birth to a new Universe. She is getting ready to align herself into the birth canal and for us to rise up and move with her.

The canal is opening and we have a choice to move up and inside this flow. Once inside, we will then we carried by the sheer force of this final push as the collective life energies of this current Universe finally merge.

We will be meeting our fellow cosmic brothers and sisters in this new place as they will have made it through too.

Many more pulsations will occur till the final push extends so this New Universe can harbor life, she has been waiting for us to enter and soon the time will be just right. She is perfect. She is pure and she is ready.

The New Universe was created in the minds and hearts of our dear soul parents based on all our collective vibrations in this current Universe. These collective vibrations are comprised of our hopes, life experiences emotions, thoughts and wishes. Our soul parents created the perfect template and now we will bring all of what we are to this new place. This place where we will co-create our new reality as we grow and expand with the cosmos and share our wisdom from our human experiences and evolution.

It is the new. It is time for us to begin to enter into the new.

Sometimes trying to describe something so beautiful is difficult to express in language alone. Humbly I  believe Universal beauty can be found in a near seamless transitional point. A point when our life energy begins to connect in with all that is around us. This can be found as we delicately and slowly take in the cellular and physical breath of the other energies essence...and is then expressed by gently breathing out this new forever intertwined energy.

The beauty is at that very point of connection. The breath of that which we connect into and that which we now ARE as we breath out, this new breath then near seamlessly transforms from mere air into an ever so subtle angelic sound frequency which we have been given the vibrational voice to express.

How perfect.

The rise of the 5th dimension is the birth of a new Universe and we are about to enter into her canal with Source providing the guiding and plentiful light with abundant love in this Universal co-creative evolutionary event.



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