IET Evolve Video II Dec 2010

IET Evolve Video II  Dec 2010
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Common Sense Message About The Changes in the World

Nuclear radiation is spreading like a plague across the globe.

The ocean waters are contaminated.

GMO in our food is shutting down and killing our body.

Male hubris and fear using humans and the Earth as a GI-Joe game. Their toys are nuclear weapons, guns, economic posturing and now haarp technology. Their result is bloodshed, domination, more fear, countless deaths and a decimation of their chosen battlefield - planet Earth.

The weather is getting more extreme all over the globe.


And yes, there is a root cause for the essentials that allows our humanness in this precious human body to survive. Those who have been in control of this world and think they know what's best for you. For they have held greed, separation, fear and male hubris which has (and forgive my langugage) "fucked" our world. Ego has finally been caught with it's pants down and it ain't pretty, point blank, it's vile.

This, the very vibration of these emotions has now manifested into our air, oceans and food. No one can argue that ALL of these Earth elements are critical to our survival here.

The human species is getting sicker as a result and time is nearly out.

What prevents this species from waking up?

Having a conversation with a friend just yesterday he said "it's hard to listen to all of this." I said "well, if you want to survive and have your kids survive you just might want to be willing to see all that is going on around you and have the courage to live your life differently."

Alcohol, television, music, sports, excessive work, material goods and blind comforts are not going to guard you once you are forced to deal with the fact that your environment has become inhospitable to you and inhospitable to your children. These blind comforts are only temporary and separate one from their rightful evolution on this planet, here and now.

How can one live blind on the very home they stand on, sleep on, play on, work on, eat off of, breath on?  We won't be able to do it much longer.

What's harder? Truly seeing what is going on around you and doing things differently or slowly suffering while those around you die early of unnecessary diseases and watching a young person fail to ever reach their true soul's potential?

There are those who have woken up and have already faced the reality of what is going on around them.

They are on the path of their own soul's empowerment. They are expelling their body of chemicals by eating naturally grown plants and increasing their intake of fresh water. Pushing out long held negative emotions, false beliefs and structures and working to live in community more holistically with nature. To take care of the air, water and ground which is around them for they understand the delicate balance which is needed to survive and thrive.

But...what about everyone else?

What about the masses?

Here is a simple message to the masses - life may be ok for the time being as you have a job, a home and some healthy food on your table. However, the collective energy from man's vile corporate and government's hand has infiltrated the air, food and oceans.

Five Common Sense Steps to Empowering Yourself

1. Plant a simple garden - put your hands in the Earth, have a close connection to the natural food you are eating.

2. Drink your water with intention - drink fresh water and set a positive intention when you are consuming it.

3. Realize your body has a energy system inside of it which is amazingly receptive of what you tell it to do!

4. Learn about intelligent life outside of Earth, the intelligent and benevolent life that is walking on here now and has walked on here in the past. There may come a time in the near future where other benevolent and intelligent life in the form of extraterrestrial beings will be here to take us off the planet temporarily in order to help our human species survive.

5. Get connected into the Earth - in order to embrace #4 in your own soul's truth, the connection to the Earth is essential.



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