IET Evolve Video II Dec 2010

IET Evolve Video II  Dec 2010
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Thursday, June 30, 2011

IET Blog and Personal Update

A small shout out to those people who follow this blog from time to time, thank you and a personal update:-)

This blog journey started in November of 2009 after a good friend who I assisted in starting Gaia Souls ( with said "man, you need a blog to write down your thoughts." This soul brother was kind enough to send me the proper links, cut and paste everything into place and voila it started.

At that point, 37 years of walking on this planet fully aware of the extraterrestrial contact, the consistent dumbing down of our human species by those in control as the air, food and water continued to become contaminated, there was much to write about to help to awaken others.

At that point I was concerned with "what will my friends think? What will my family think? What about my clients and colleagues!?" The force inside of me to get these greater truths told were stronger than the fear of losing the social and financial support of those around me. Simply put, it needed to be done.

A word about us contactees, we are literally built to connect in with others as we have a strong ability to empathize with life energies in people, plants and animals. The isolation of "being dropped" here and having to hold these greater truths to help humanity evolve while the very people we are here to assist ridiculed, isolated and denied this knowledge.

As empaths and all of us felt every sting of that rejection. I know not of one contactee who has not felt that sense of rejection. It's been a hell of a road to put it gently, but it was our job to perservere no matter what obstacle came forth to hold the light for the planet and this precious human species.

Moreover, our government, media and religious institutions failed to assist here while we witnessed humanity falling over themselves in believing these man made fear based institutions. The only statement that comes to mind when individual power is given away so liberally, is "well, who am I to know?"

We came to remind you..."it IS your right to know, to feel and to believe. "You are your own creator with the creator."

Here it is nearly 2 years later and the shift in the world is occurring as a result of people speaking their truths in whatever platform they chose. People are becoming awakened to their higher selves and do believe what was once impossible is now their sovereign right to live on a planet that is free of war, disease and one that encompasses love as connected to Source.

Once we claim our sovereign right, it is a force that has the power to ignite the masses to their own truths and sovereign rights. A gorgeous ripple effect on a planet holding a species that is very much in need of a higher vibrational adjustment.

It has been said that Earth is one of the only planets in the cosmos that is disconnected from Source energy. We are a fragmented species and humanity has been given a great option, to unite to our higher selves. When we have the courage to be brave enough to change and shift, we find ourselves connected to each other and Source energy.

On a personal side note, I have watched from the peripheral as contactees, scientists, ufologists and others have written books and come forward with their stories and visions of what they think contact is about and what will happen in 2012. On occasion I have done a few radio shows on the topic of emotional intelligence and discussed my ET contact. Over the past two years, I have been pursued by two different television producers to work in the "paranormal" area and both times I have now rejected these offers.

Here is why, when we go into the world of television there is little creative control of your image and how you are portrayed. The reality of who you are and what you are bringing is "adjusted" to have you fit a certain image someone else (rather a team of someone else's) conjures up to increase the viewership which is of course tied into mass media advertising, which is tied into corporate funding. Point blank you are no longer you and your message is diluted.

Will the greater truths during this pivotal time get revealed through this avenue? Hmmmm...not likely as mainstream media is currently structured.

Onto the topics of those who have written books about their ET contact and visions for what they think is going to happen with this shift. I humbly offer this advice...please take in the collective information of the different authors, subjects and visions.

There are quite a few people on the circuit right now offering their stamp of what they "know" for truths and others who don't know better are beginning to follow. These messages are conveyed without counterbalancing the interpretation of the information with other contactees and as a result they are  subsequently denying others truths and failing to give a heartier message.

One of the people and books I do recommend is Dolores Cannon's new book "The Three Waves of Volunteer's and the New Earth." I like this book because it is from the collective while the client's conscious mind (beta or day to day mind) was quieted and the subconscious (theta or higher level mind) could speak. This isn't about any one person's vision for the future, rather a compilation of various people over several years.

Much of what Dolores has discovered through these various people fits with my own interpretation of personal contact.

However, as I did say to Dolores last week when she said "the 2nd wavers don't remember who they are." I said "ahhh, but some of us do. Some of us were conscious of our instructions coming here and the contact we have had." So while not every author holds a perfect clear truth, there are some that are much more robust than others and I do recommend her work.

Lastly, IET will be putting up two videos in the upcoming months to help to reveal the collective truths of contactees for others to consider.

Thank you again for being part of this journey - your openness, creativity, communication and companionship has been a very much appreciated:)




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