IET Evolve Video II Dec 2010

IET Evolve Video II  Dec 2010
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Monday, July 25, 2011

Extraterrestrial Messages & Creating New Communities ~ With An Evolutionary Flare

Our governments are failing and people are speaking out across the globe like never before. The healthcare system as a whole is questionable. The integrity of the food in many of our mainstream stores are compromised, our oceanic health is dying, and as we know, it is getting much harder to stay healthier.

What to do?

As the new higher dimensional energies are hitting the planet, which are in turn effecting our bodies, it is literally making it impossible to live in the old social norm western world ways, quiet honestly, who would want too?

Then really, the answer is right in front of our eyes or should I say right under our feet.

Saturday July 24th was a magical day. I met a man named Dan and his wife Roshni. Bare feet, a stack of papers, high vibe and a stimulated brain with a trunk full of fresh cut vegetables was how I drove away from the gathering. I couldn't sleep last night as my mind was so positively charged from the experience.

As many who read this blog know, we meet people when we are supposed too. Some spontaneous meetings are much more soul impacting and life shifting than others. This meeting was the soul impacting, "oh my heavens, where have you been all my life? There you finally are" people!

One clear connection with Dan and Roshni is a need to co-create. A boredom of living in the current structure and a need to go forward *now*. Not waiting for a shift to occur on the planet, but rather shifting the space and place of where we are now.

Let's take a minute and look realistically at the UFO/ET circuit at the present time. We have solid folks who have had ET contact coming forward and telling their stories. People like Steven Jones, Matias De Stefano, Lisa Renee, Niara Terela Isley and George Filer to name a few. I attended Steven Jones talk last week and was so pleased at his messages and how he conveyed his story of contact. A significant portion of Steven's experiences coincided with my own.

Then we have others who are receiving much press, air and you tube time from the UFO/ET /Conspiracy based outlets. Professing dates, events, negative ET's and giving firm instructions on what people should be doing.

Consider this, there are many contactees who have extensive knowledge, who are humbly going about their mission with the information they have received and some of which is not jiving with those who getting the current air time. As we know, females are traditionally more intuitive than males. In addition, the female energy on the planet itself is rising.

Where are the voices of the female energies?  What is the significance of a balance contribution? Our human primal brains are still somewhat geared towards fear, so we have a tendency to pay attention to those with the fear based messages. Yet wisdom from our higher evolutionary self is speaking too. I often think, what if Jesus was here now and among us? Would his message be heard and if so, to what degree? Questions each individual may want to answer for themselves.

Many of us know a shift is occurring and may be completed by December 21, 2012 or may be completed earlier or later depending upon which direction you are looking in. What do we do in the meantime? Wait? Listen to others with their professing of dates on certain events? Wait for negative entities? A fake staging? Wait for positive entities? Pull others along to awaken? And awaken to just what?

That's not what we are choosing to do here.

When we wait for an event, we are stopping our vital life force giving up our power. This is not 5d higher evolutionary behavior which has our chi flowing positively, if anything it creates stagnation. Co creation is our higher evolutionary self. It is what the ET's have been showing many of us. They will drop us a morsel perhaps, but a good teacher let's the student learn and do as much as possible on their own. Afterall, the human species evolving is at stake, how else would it be done?

What have they shown us?

They show us the capability of harnessing space travel (which is antigravity mind matter technology), inter dimensional shifting, capacity for Christ consciousness, collective focused intent, co creation, alignment with Source energy which propels these mind matter devices. Caring about the environment, creating healthy food, vibrant water, nurturing one another for healthy beings and how diversity in the Universe creates a gorgeous and magically robust Universe.

This is movement to the 5d. We have an opportunity to exercise this right now if we so choose to be co creators.

Getting back to Dan and his wife Roshni. They are farmers of the evolutionary kind. Two of the smartest, kindest, most humble (funky and enjoyable) people I have ever encountered. They not only believe in growing healthy food, but biorich soil, water and air as well. It takes incredible intent, collective wisdom and teamwork to do what they are doing. They are using some of the most contemporary growing methods on the planet right now as their consciousness is an integral part of their methods and what Dan and Roshni exhibit in their own energy fields. Here is a link to Dan's organization Real Food

The Earth's bioenergy field is being depleted. We have an opportunity to set up our respective energy grids by creating a biorich environment starting right with the soil and water that is right underneath our feet. This is just what the ancients knew and did!

Charging the land, putting our vibrational stakes in the ground is in addition to meditation, our merkaba vessels, our higher vibratory self and now we have progressed to a point to create an exchange with the Earth's energy. She responds so well to our intentions with her, especially when using natural based elements in their pure form and then designing them in such a way which is in alignment with magnetics, orgone and crystalline energy to name a few. She is such a willing participant because THIS is the grid she operates on and understands as it is part of her, the Earth's consciousness!

Eating healthy organic food is good. Growing your own with intent is great. Nurturing the soil, charging the water it is grown in and the water you drink, purifying the air around you is even better! This is tapping into the primordial Source energy field and living in alignment with it. The higher vibratory ET's have already known this and us kids are just catching up:-)

We know the magnetic poles are shifting. Intuitively many people know being connected to nature is important to move through this shift. If the Earth's vibration is changing to a higher vibration and is less dense, eating the most bionutrient rich food is helping us to live in alignment with Source as this food has a high bioenergy charge to it and is life positive energy.

We have the power right now to set up our own energy grids along the planet, just as the ancients did when constructing the pyramids, Stonehenge, and Newgrange (it was no wonder that the soil was highly fertile around Newgrange because the beings and people who built it where likely working with the lay lines, magnetics, harmonics, bioenergy fields and living in sync with the life energies around them and perhaps we should consider the "land of the fertile cresent.") It seems consciousness, spirituality and fertile land go hand in hand. With the new Earth moving into a new energy field, we can co-create our reality with other like vibed souls right now.

This is a prime example of life positive energy and transition into the 5th dimension.

**IET did not list everything in this article in relation to setting up one's own energy grid using scalar, orgone, crystalline and magnetic energy. Please email IET for further information at** 



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