IET Evolve Video II Dec 2010

IET Evolve Video II  Dec 2010
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Monday, November 7, 2011

Mayan Crystal Skull Ceremony, Bob Dean and Mary Rodwell with IET Commentary

A whirlwind it has been over the past two weeks. IET attended the Mayan Crystal Skull Ceremony with Hunbatz Men (click here for more info) at the Subud Center in Manhattan, NY on October 27, 2011. There was an intimate crowd of about 250 people of all ages, races and cultures and many people traveling at great distances to attend this event. Considering this was the first ceremony of the crystal skull journey across North America, it certainly felt organic and genuine.

Hunbatz Men, Manhattan,  NY, USA October 27, 2011

The skulls were paraded by individuals carrying them in ceremony to Hunbatz Men and each of the skulls shown to the audience. The skulls are said to house all past knowledge and future knowledge regarding our connection with cosmos. Hunbatz Men in particular discussed the significance of the North American energy grid and opening up the energy grid to the cosmos during this auspicious time.

Native American's from South Dakota, Manhattan, NY, USA ,  October 27, 2011

He said that the Maya used to inhabit Manhattan Island and it's name is actually a Mayan name. So it is why they began the ceremony in Manhattan. In particular he revealed the return of our cosmic brothers and sisters from various dimensions and planets in the Universe. He said we would be seeing much more activity in the skies above and for people to understand this delicate connection.

New and old skulls were present at this ceremony. A new skull in particular caught nearly everyone's attention as it was displayed but more importantly the significance of this skull was discussed. It was created by a young man name Logan from upstate New York, USA. He made an orgonite skull which is now included in the journey across the United States and to eventually end up in Los, Angeles on 11.11.11. IET believes this is the new energy that is emerging on the planet as this energy works with our consciousness, electromagnetics and primordial Source energy field.

Orgonite Skull, Manhattan, NY, USA October 27, 2011

The crystal skull ceremony is a way to unlock this ancient knowledge of the Earth energy and the cosmos. The ancient songs sung by the Native Americans was a sound many in the audience nearly wept to as we could feel the deep heartfelt connection and love these men had for Mother Earth, they cried for her, they cried with her. Their ancestral bodies, mind and soul held this true knowledge within their core cellular structure with every note they expressed. A shock wave of universal truth emanated from these men, through the Earth, to us in the audience, through the skulls and up to the cosmos.

With the joining of the new skulls, comprised of this organic material laid out in a "new" way, we have an evolution of these skulls if you will. The creator of the orgonite skull was conscious, deliberate and intentional about the materials used consisting of copper, diamond, crystals and certain herbs used while placing these materials to mirror the human spiritual and physical brain ie...quartz crystal located at the pineal gland of the skull.

This ceremony as well as Hunbatz Men's words regarding our cosmic family also leads into two very important recent interviews from Mary Rodwell and Bob Dean. Mary discusses her latest understandings from her work with people who have had extraterrestrial encounters. Bob Dean's continues to reveal more information regarding his actual interaction with extraterrestrials and interdimensional beings. Bob also shares deep personal insights from his amazing wealth of knowledge and humility from his own spiritual journey.

As we begin to more fully embrace our interdimensional selves, our planetary space family as well as these Earth changes, we are truly beginning to see how this is coming together.

**IET would like to thank Ivan for a truly wonderful encounter at the ceremony in Manhattan and Debbie G for making the journey to Manhattan possible and enjoyable**



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