IET Evolve Video II Dec 2010

IET Evolve Video II  Dec 2010
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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

AGARTHA - The Inner Earth

If it wasn't for IET having a profound experience with Agartha in 1996 and fully realizing it was in fact Agartha in 2011, this would not be posted. It would seem a bit "out there." However, IET tries to share relevant info on this blog based on my experiences and what I know to be "true."

This seems to resonate strongly with IET. We shall leave your resonance up to you.

And Happy Winter Solstice today!



Quantum Leap - Center for a New Earth, Cambridge, Massachusetts

The Xi group is in the process of developing a center for the public to be able to come and discover the following;

*"How to Hold the Impossible" Workshop Gatherings
*Learn Telepathy
*Nurturing Indigo and Star Children
*Animal Intelligence
*Free Energy Discoveries and Exploration
*Emotional and Spiritual Awareness
*Indigenous Knowledge

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