IET Evolve Video II Dec 2010

IET Evolve Video II  Dec 2010
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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

IET Offline

IET blogging will be offline for a short period of time. Please enjoy the other resources and links on the recommended sites page. Be back soon!


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Game Over for Planet Earth - This Month's Biggest Story You Will Never Read by Tom Engelhardt

What's the biggest story of the last several weeks?  Rick Perry’s moment of silence, all 53 seconds' worth?  The Penn State riots after revered coach JoePa went down in a child sex abuse scandal? The Kardashian wedding/divorce?  The European debt crisis that could throw the world economy into a tailspin?  The Cain sexual harassment charges?  The trial of Michael Jackson’s doctor?
The answer should be none of the above, even though as a group they’ve dominated the October/November headlines.  In fact, the piece of the week, month, and arguably year should have been one that slipped by so quietly, so off front-pages nationwide and out of news leads everywhere that you undoubtedly didn’t even notice.  And yet it’s the story that could turn your life and that of your children and grandchildren inside out and upside down.
On the face of it, it wasn’t anything to shout about -- just more stats in a world drowning in numbers.  These happen to have been put out by the U.S. Department of Energy and they reflected, as an Associated Press headline put it, the “biggest jump ever seen in global warming gases.”  In other words, in 2010, humanity (with a special bow to China, the United States, and onrushing India) managed to pump more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than at any time since the industrial revolution began -- 564 million more tons than in 2009, which represents an increase of 6%.
According to AP’s Seth Borenstein, that’s “higher than the worst case scenario outlined by climate experts just four years ago.” He’s talking about the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, or IPCC, which is, if anything, considered "conservative" in its projections of future catastrophe by many climate scientists.  Put another way, we’re talking more greenhouse gases than have entered the Earth’s atmosphere in tens of millions of years.
Consider as well the prediction offered by Fatih Birol, chief economist at the International Energy Agency: without an effective international agreement to staunch greenhouse gases within five years, the door will close on preventing a potentially disastrous rise in the planet’s temperature.  You’re talking, that is, about the kind of freaky weather that will make October’s bizarre snowstorm in the Northeast look like a walk in the park.  (That storm had all the signs of a climate-change-induced bit of extreme weather: New York City hadn’t recorded an October snowfall like it since the Civil War and it managed to hit the region in a period of ongoing warmth when the trees hadn’t yet had the decency to lose their leaves, producing a chaos of downed electrical wires.)  And don’t get me started on what this would mean in terms of future planetary hot spells or sea-level rise.
Honestly, if we were sane, if the media had its head in the right place, this would have been screaming headlines.  It would have put Rick Perry and Herman Cain and the Kardashiansand Italy and Greece and Michael Jackson’s doctor in the shade.
The only good news -- and because it unsettled the politics of the 2012 election, it did garner a few headlines -- was that the movement Bill McKibben and spearheaded to turn back the tar-sands pipeline from Hades (or its earthly global-warming equivalent, which is Alberta, Canada) gained traction in our Occupy Wall Street moment.  Check out McKibben’s account of it, “Puncturing the Pipeline,” and think of it as a harbinger.  Mark my words on this one: sooner or later, Americans are going to wake up to climate change, just as they have this year on the issue of inequality, and when they do, watch out.  There will be political hell to pay.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Kogi's of Columbia on 2012

The Kogi people are a Native American group living in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Maria in Columbia. They are one of the few pre-Columbian civilizations of South America. They live in close relationship, protection and balance with nature.

Like the Mayans, they are becoming more verbal about the times we are in and will go through in 2012. What sets this group apart from others is that they are still virtually intact and did not succumb to a conquest by outside waring forces.

*Thank you Endre*


Monday, November 21, 2011

Bill Ryan from Project Avalon

IET just saw this video for the first time last week. It is truly a gem as Bill Ryan is interviewed by Inelia Benz in April of 2011. Loaded with psychologically and spiritually grounded self empowered information about the "volunteers", duality, the current shift and Bill shares his incredible wisdom and insight for us to consider.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dr. Bruce Lipton - On Occupy Wall Street, Evolution and Biological Drivers


Friday, November 11, 2011

11.11.11 Evolutionary Survival as a Co-Creator

All the hype, is it worth it? Did the controllers (you know the creepy cabal aka the 1%) come up with this to divert attention to become more creepy and powerful? Or is this really an alignment date where the common people of this planet (the 99%) believe portals are opening up all over the globe to more explicitly connect Earth to the Cosmos for the highest good of our evolutionary development?

Perhaps this what people are intuiting, a need to connect with the Earth energies at her core, the sun and we may also be connecting in with Agartha, the inner Earth as related to Shambala. We have the Mayan elders now meeting with the Tibetan Buddhists monks as they make their way across the United States to Los Angeles. In addition, we have contactees feeling a closeness to their extraterrestrial families like never before, clearly seeing energy portals, feeling vortex's and having sightings on an all time grand scale.

Today's date, may not matter. What may matter the most is how the energy, emotions and consciousness of the people who do believe in this date has shifted and are continuing to shift. There are heart centered meditations now occurring all over the globe and the vision is similar.

A vision of peace, unity consciousness, love, wholeness, a disease free humanity, nutrient rich food, soul based society and interactions where we have a quantum jump in our technologies using mind, ether and matter to energize our homes and interstellar travel, yes real true exploration of the cosmos. We are daring to fully believe in the impossible. Co create a reality of our highest dreams, desires in alignment with universal consciousness. If you can dream it, BRING IT!

For us common folk who are not living in monastic life secluded in the forest perched on a rock or tucked away in an eco/green community on this day, you know us common people who are still working jobs in the "regular" world, going to college and/or immersed in the social world out of respect for the continuing connection of family or need to financially survive. The years leading up to this day may have felt like carrying a flamed torch in a rainstorm knowing the fire needed to stay lit till we arrived at one of the bigger destinations along the way.

It does take a village to move a mountain or a critical number of people to redirect the energy of an entire planet. Perhaps this is part of what the pole reversal is, the consciousness of the entire planet shifting in the age of Aquarius and redirecting the Earth's spin. It is because of this critical number of people who courageously chose to carry their soul's torch. Isn't this after all what the light workers are doing? Grounding the strength of the light to help the planet and others understand what is occurring so they can also make this shift? The consciousness and energy may matter far more than an actual date. And there is a whole lot of positive energy moving right now.

The rain may have come from those closest to us or those in our community who likely have laughed at this date and the 2012 alignment date, ignored the warning signs of the Earth changes and refused to look at the data, the science, the prophecy, the indigenous knowledge and the bright sparkling's of new knowledge so easily given to us from our gorgeous star children that are continuing to be birthed on this planet.

For those people who have done some research on cosmology, neuroscience, physiology, geomagnetics, etc...learning from the indigenous wisdom and most importantly who dared to listen and had the courage to explore their intuition *know* something is moving here. It may be hard to look around us and realize there are many who are still painfully unaware of these changes and are missing one of the greatest collective heart centered activities of our time.

There is a strong sense that in order to survive and thrive with the emergence of the new energies which are culminating on this planet, we will need to live from the heart and intuition in community as a co-creator. Intellectually this makes sense, behaviorally and energetically it requires a massive paradigm and day to day living shift. Paying attention to this intuition also means giving attention to the subtler realms of existence.

Cheers to those who will be taking this day of 11.11.11 in meditation, celebration or even giving a nano second to a positive thought on this day as well as having the courage to believe they are a co-creator on their journey at this most auspicious time. Go ahead and dream, there are so many others ready and happily waiting to join you.


Monday, November 7, 2011

Mayan Crystal Skull Ceremony, Bob Dean and Mary Rodwell with IET Commentary

A whirlwind it has been over the past two weeks. IET attended the Mayan Crystal Skull Ceremony with Hunbatz Men (click here for more info) at the Subud Center in Manhattan, NY on October 27, 2011. There was an intimate crowd of about 250 people of all ages, races and cultures and many people traveling at great distances to attend this event. Considering this was the first ceremony of the crystal skull journey across North America, it certainly felt organic and genuine.

Hunbatz Men, Manhattan,  NY, USA October 27, 2011

The skulls were paraded by individuals carrying them in ceremony to Hunbatz Men and each of the skulls shown to the audience. The skulls are said to house all past knowledge and future knowledge regarding our connection with cosmos. Hunbatz Men in particular discussed the significance of the North American energy grid and opening up the energy grid to the cosmos during this auspicious time.

Native American's from South Dakota, Manhattan, NY, USA ,  October 27, 2011

He said that the Maya used to inhabit Manhattan Island and it's name is actually a Mayan name. So it is why they began the ceremony in Manhattan. In particular he revealed the return of our cosmic brothers and sisters from various dimensions and planets in the Universe. He said we would be seeing much more activity in the skies above and for people to understand this delicate connection.

New and old skulls were present at this ceremony. A new skull in particular caught nearly everyone's attention as it was displayed but more importantly the significance of this skull was discussed. It was created by a young man name Logan from upstate New York, USA. He made an orgonite skull which is now included in the journey across the United States and to eventually end up in Los, Angeles on 11.11.11. IET believes this is the new energy that is emerging on the planet as this energy works with our consciousness, electromagnetics and primordial Source energy field.

Orgonite Skull, Manhattan, NY, USA October 27, 2011

The crystal skull ceremony is a way to unlock this ancient knowledge of the Earth energy and the cosmos. The ancient songs sung by the Native Americans was a sound many in the audience nearly wept to as we could feel the deep heartfelt connection and love these men had for Mother Earth, they cried for her, they cried with her. Their ancestral bodies, mind and soul held this true knowledge within their core cellular structure with every note they expressed. A shock wave of universal truth emanated from these men, through the Earth, to us in the audience, through the skulls and up to the cosmos.

With the joining of the new skulls, comprised of this organic material laid out in a "new" way, we have an evolution of these skulls if you will. The creator of the orgonite skull was conscious, deliberate and intentional about the materials used consisting of copper, diamond, crystals and certain herbs used while placing these materials to mirror the human spiritual and physical brain ie...quartz crystal located at the pineal gland of the skull.

This ceremony as well as Hunbatz Men's words regarding our cosmic family also leads into two very important recent interviews from Mary Rodwell and Bob Dean. Mary discusses her latest understandings from her work with people who have had extraterrestrial encounters. Bob Dean's continues to reveal more information regarding his actual interaction with extraterrestrials and interdimensional beings. Bob also shares deep personal insights from his amazing wealth of knowledge and humility from his own spiritual journey.

As we begin to more fully embrace our interdimensional selves, our planetary space family as well as these Earth changes, we are truly beginning to see how this is coming together.

**IET would like to thank Ivan for a truly wonderful encounter at the ceremony in Manhattan and Debbie G for making the journey to Manhattan possible and enjoyable**


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Astrology Forecast November 3, 2011


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Been Offline Due to Freak Snow Storm and Massive Power Outages

IET attended the October 27th Mayan crystal skull ceremony and was in the process of getting information together to blog regarding the event (which was incredible!) but then much of the northeastern part of the United States got hit with a massive freak snowstorm which is highly unusual for this time of year.

The storm knocked out power for a significant part of western and central Massachusetts as well as Connecticut, New Jersey and parts of New York. Power was knocked out for so many from the trees breaking due to the heavy snow which was piling up as the trees had yet to shed their fall foliage and moreover, some of the trees even still had green leaves yet to turn color making them them even further susceptible to the breaking from all the weight. Breaking trees falling on power lines and making roads dangerous to travel held up many people and are still holding up many in their homes or local communities.

Power has just been restored to some areas of the Northeast after being out from Saturday's storm on October 29th, 2011. However, there are many people needing to keep warm, get gas, food and water since much of their locations are completely without power.

Stories regarding these Earth changes and information from the crystal skull ceremony will be posted in the next 48 hours.

October 29, 2011 Snow Storm New England


Quantum Leap - Center for a New Earth, Cambridge, Massachusetts

The Xi group is in the process of developing a center for the public to be able to come and discover the following;

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