IET Evolve Video II Dec 2010

IET Evolve Video II  Dec 2010
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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

IET Update January 10, 2012

It's been a while since an original article was written. There is so much moving these days to try to capture in words just what "is" going on is like trying to standstill and eat a lollipop in a riptide.

Perhaps for some of us we are smooth sailing and others are experiencing some rough currents or maybe even a combination of the two. For IET it has clearly been a combo of smooth and rough times!

Would like to share what some people are experiencing at the moment in terms of physical and emotional symptoms and they are as follows;

  • Changes in vision. Seeing more blurry than usual. Noticing natural objects even at quite some distance where unnatural objects right in front of us we might bump into because they are not in our vision. Also seeing more energy in sparks of light, energy moving before manifesting into physical matter.
  • Mood swings shifting with the changing days. Some days are calm and blissful while once again, other days we are being asked to examine our "stuff."
  • Need to be as close to pure nature as possible. Almost like quenching a thirst. It has to be done, absorbed in the cells of our body. Nature is calling us to join in on the adventure. 
  • Possible relocation, a strong urge to be elsewhere with very little logistical forethought. 
  • Sadness for others not in line with your journey, a sense of knowing what is to come for them and the hardships they will likely go through. A sense of missing them as well as you move forward with your journey.
  • Naked and raw. It appears as if more and more layers of the soul is revealed and as a result finding oneself more charged and sensitive. 
  • Difficult time finding the "right" foods to eat. Foods are tasting more bland and not appealing to the changing senses. A feeling of waiting for a "new food" to emerge. Food may appear as laborious to obtain, cut, cook and even chew!
  • Flashes of insight regarding "the job/mission." This may come sporadically as "known" knowledge but it may be the first time you are consciously acknowledging your soul's previous life and the culmination of your souls' energy at this point in time.
  • Being more open to joining in with others as a sense of community, moving outside the traditional boundaries of yourself. 
Hopefully for you today it is a better day with all that is moving.

Cheers to 2012 and much love and blessings to you along this very unique journey at this auspicious time. More original articles will be forthcoming:-)



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