IET Evolve Video II Dec 2010

IET Evolve Video II  Dec 2010
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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Electromagnetic Neurogenetic and the Reality We Are Living in Now

In October 2010 from 4:00 p.m. till the next morning, IET had an encounter with what felt like higher vibrational energies coupled with seeing spacecraft. The next day waking up with the term electromagnetic neurogenetic. Not knowing what this term was but sensing what it may be about, I Googled it and found it nowhere. It took a few weeks to figure out what this meant and to eventually write about on the blog here. Please click here to see the original article from November 2010 titled Ascension, 2012 and Electromagnetic NeurogeneticKnowing this was important in some way but not entirely sure on the full clarity of it, I believe we are seeing more of it's manifestation right now. This week alone we have had two major in flight emotional breakdowns occur. One with a Jet Blue pilot acting out of control (click here for source) and the other with a passenger  on a US Airways flight (click here)

Coupled with speaking with friends and personally witnessing people having emotional outbursts, the magnetics are effecting our emotions, logic and reasoning. The more fear one has, the more control they exhibit with rigidity and eventually the outburst occurs.  **Original IET article to come shortly on the difference between evolutionary emotional intelligence and egoic emotions.**

On one side of the coin, there people having amazing breakthroughs regarding the culmination of their souls journey. Some people are remembering their ancestral routes from Egyptian times, Lemuria, Atlantis, Greek ages, off Earth lives, etc...the list could go on and on. While other people are living solely in ego. Unwilling to touch anything they consider to be etheric that doesn't have to do with the solid here and now fully condensed mattered state of existence.

The people who are getting downloads of information from their previous lives are forced to integrate this information, these feelings as they intuitively realize this is a part of the soul's journey. Make no mistake, this is not easy in a world filled with so many varying degrees of realized and yet to be realized people around us on their own journey's. They may not know how and where to place it, but sense the condensement of these lives is needing to move into the one for full integration more quickly.

A good friend who informed me of the potential pole shift several years ago, said these words as translated to him from his guru, "people will need to have a spiritual practice as the pole shift approaches, because they will literally lose their minds." After further discussion my friend went on to say those people who live in ego, unconnected to Source energy will have no where to put all that is happening within them and around them.

I see it more as energy waves, if the ego is the main driver and where there energy is moving, then the energy begins to collapse in on itself with no proper outlet of release and no proper opening of energy coming in to that persons energy field to healthily nourish it. Earth and the human beings that inhabited it may have been able to operate on a different channel for a period of time, but the channel is now changing and Universal consciousness is the new dial. It is here we will be able to create technologies with the proper consciousness in alignment with the greater Universe. 

If the electromagnetics are effecting our neural and genetic coding and we are unwilling to address ourselves beyond the physical dense body, then we may be in for a firestorm. The ego refusing to deal with the emotional and etheric energy body will be facing it's own battle. The planetary energetics will come irregardless. The energies now effecting our planet will eventually trigger something in us all. If we once thought of ourselves as a boulder in a sea, unwilling to move because the sea always moved around us, may I share a word of advice, the seas are become substantially stronger and the the boulder may need to decide it is going to flow with the moving seas or it may be blown apart by the strengthening waters of change.

In the Oneness community (please click here for Oneness University info), they are training more people to be blessing givers in a shorter period of time to have a significant number of people realized in their awareness with a higher vibration in a certain amount of time. It is believed a critical number of people are needed to be awakened as we move through this shift.

Lastly, as the rise in the feminine energies take place it of course isn't without resistance and strife from the long standing domineering male energies. The feminine will rise and be in balance, that is fact. It is a matter of how difficult others want to make it for themselves along the way. The irony is once the feminine is in balance, it can offer support, assistance, comfort and strength when the male energy has surrendered it's sword in place of a genuine open hand to hold.

It is my sincere intention we remain strong and loving in the midst of much adversity, change and continued willingness to assist others through their darkest days.



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