IET Evolve Video II Dec 2010

IET Evolve Video II  Dec 2010
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Friday, March 2, 2012

We've Got Work to Do in 2012

It has been a while since IET has written an article. With much moving these days to try to encapsulate a point in time seems like an impossible feat lately!

However, we shall try.

There are a couple of main concepts that are pushing forth here that are important to share. They are land, community, relocation, getting off the grid, consciously growing one's own food and for the starseeds out there, a bit of extraterrestrial and soul awakening sprinklings to add to the lovely mix.

The weather patterns across the globe are consistently showing us that life isn't what it used to be and therefore we must adapt as a result. This week alone there is a series of tornados killing 9 people (**at the time this article was initially published 9 people were killed and as of today Sat 3/3/12 6:08 p.m. EST it is up to 38) in the United States (keep in mind, this is winter). Moreover, we are seeing cruise ships capsize, cruise ships have fires, spontaneous fires around the globe (see piezoelectric and the work of Alex Putney by clicking here) . The electromagnetics of the Earth are shifting and our current energy systems are not in line with the changing magnetics.

Bottom line is at some point soon when you go to flip a switch to turn on a light or your heat, it likely will not work or may combust.

I believe one of the greatest mistakes we can make right now is to pretend as if everything is OK and continue to lead the life we led yesterday. How many wake up calls do we need so we can put our heads and hearts together to make changes for our evolutionary survival?

There are far too many stories of one family member or another who is "aware and awake" with the knowledge to move with greater ease in these changing times, while the others are sleeping and plain combative about making changes. These sleepers (we shall put it mildly) are missing that this is EVOLUTION and it's on our doorstep, in fact, it's already entered our house. This isn't something personal, this is about seeing our children, families, communities and a species evolve.

A time out is in order. Whether it be a break from working one's standard 9-5 job, a halt in our regular routine, a vacation to clear your head or just staying "stop!" to the spin we are in. The spin we collectively are in will be ending in a flash and as many people who have been on the leading front of understanding these changes in the Earth's magnetics realize, it is a matter of time.

Grassroots creators who actually have been developing viable solutions are being much more vocal in their opposition of the establishment and discussing their new technologies, solutions and how these systems operate (click here for interview with James Gilliland and Jason Verbelli). Make no mistake these people are actually here for your benefit, the collective's and incarnated here for this very purpose now.

They are breathing life into the work of Tesla, Reich and Walter Russell and doing so with a higher level of consciousness to boot.

These solutions to aid in your continuation (well yes, continuation is the truth) will not come from a higher authority, established organization or agency. They will likely be coming from the person who you may have considered to be a bit quirky, yet interesting who works out of their home who's been talking about these Earth changes for quite some time, freely talk about the propulsion of UFO's, multidimensionality and organic gardening.

One thing that has become abundantly clear is the need for community. People may need to relocate to find their community and to the place that they consider to be "home."

Land is needed to develop community. After coming back from time in Kauai, a place where there is such beauty, richness of sun, rain and glorious possibilities to grow food and live in community, it is also wildly expensive to purchase land there. Rumor has it there is a famous astrophysicist who has been trying to purchase land to set up such a community and cannot yet collect the funds to do so. Another story and this is not a rumor but first hand account, of a friend who has considerable acreage on another one of the Hawaiian islands but is mandated to put up a large housing structure and basically nothing else. All that acreage and his hands are tied to put up one large residential housing structure? Lastly, a third story of a woman who owns land on the one of the islands and was temporarily staying in an older structure and was forced to leave. Leave her own land!

We have a few issues. The people that know how to properly energetically tend to the land are not in a position to purchase it. The people who can purchase the land are typically wildly disconnected from realizing the land even has energy that needs to be connected into. Those who govern the laws around the land are so caught up in red tape and rules they are restricting the human to land connection which relates to our evolution. This will not fly in our immediate future and needs to begin to change asap.

Yogi's, temple builders, monks and those who lived in communities in the past (yes referring to Lemuria and Atlantis as well as the Mayan and Egyptian civilizations) were energetically connected into the primordial Source energy of the land and used the sacred geometry with their living alignment. We are in the process of moving back to this.

I'm reminded of a story told by Colin Andrews, famed crop circle investigator while he was giving his presentation on crop circles last fall in Massachusetts. He said that when one of the farmers was complaining about the disruption to one of his crops from the freshly made crop circle he was told "this is our land." So perhaps our ET brothers and sisters existing on a different dimensional scale are tending to the energetics much more deeply than we are currently able to fathom. More importantly, this is what we are moving towards.

Setting up communities using sacred geometry, free energy devices, developing mind matter devices, growing food with our consciousness and increasing the conscious communication with our inter dimensional families.

It is one of the reasons why many people are remembering more of their soul's journey prior to this lifetimes physical incarnation. They are remembering when they lived in the times of the pyramid building, creating healing codes within the pyramids, working with antigravity and mind matter devices in Lemuria and traveling inter dimensionally.

All this knowledge is resurfacing to live in alignment with the new Earth energies. The person who we may have had as a close friend for the past several years we are beginning to recognize as the person who worked with us in the temple of Egypt thousands of years ago!

We have our work to do in 2012. We are the leaders and it will require a relentless faith and a willingness to shift dramatically to usher in these new ways of living.



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