IET Evolve Video II Dec 2010

IET Evolve Video II  Dec 2010
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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ship Activity: Stay with the Earth or is an Uplift in Order?

The buzz lately seems to be regarding the sharp increase in ship activity. The conversations move back and forth on Facebook pages, blogs, private internet forums about whether to go up in the ships if they so choose to come to this current density and our own current density or whether to ascend with the Earth.

Why does it have to be one or the other?

As people who regularly read this blog know, IET is a lifetime contactee. However, it's pretty safe to say I've never made wild claims about what to do, who to believe, what entities are bad and which one's are good. One may assume since I've had contact I would advocate popping up on the ships if the seas get rough here.

However that is not the case. The jury is still out and the beautiful mystery continues! I like examining the collective and what is moving through all of us and counterbalancing my incoming truths with those who are closely connected to the ship activity and those who are fond of the "stay with the Earth motto."

Before we get into it, please forgive my more direct writing and leaving the fanciful words behind. I guess that's why communicating in symbols is far more reaching! The time for the linguistic slow dance is temporarily on hold.

For people who have had contact throughout the majority of their lives contact is increasing and has been significant this week. Primarily in the form of feeling a strong vibrating sensation in their body, moments or hours later seeing a ship slowly move by overhead in the skies and in some instances making their presence known by bold flashes as to say "yes, this is really what you are seeing, so pay attention."

What I try to take notice of is the following when this occurs; what new information has come in? How do I feel now? What am I being inspired to do? And lastly, the most important question, how will this help humanity as a whole?

Signs, symbols, messages, intuitive hits are all great, however, we still have a choice whether or not we gently step out our own way to implement the knowledge gleaned from this contact. Although the feelings of "what to do" is getting stronger and stronger, we do still have a choice at this point about how we choose to use our mental, emotional and physical energy.

What I will share is numerous contactees have lived traditional lives. Typically not so immersed in the spiritual community, rather in their family community, providing community support at a low key but effective level and have held regular jobs. I've met people through the quantum healing hypnosis work who are heros unto themselves providing years and years of selfless service to their families.

I am reminded of a woman who lives in the same state I do who epitomizes the feminine divine. She is in her early 50's and she held together her family through some incredible hardships. Lovingly and without regard brought two children into the world who were special needs, experienced the death of one of her children and continues to nurture her family in spite of the fact she "knows I had to go through all of this in order to better help people through the shift and potentially on the ships." This woman is incredibly well put together, strong, sensitive, kind and highly aware.

Why I say she is a prime example of the feminine divine is that she realizes the nurturing she provided to her husband, children and her community is what our human evolution is all about. If we can't properly nurture and lovingly attend to our children how on Earth can we survive? The two go hand in hand, clearly. Emotional maturity regarding people, plants and animals is an integral part of the feminine divine.

People like this woman are coming out now in greater numbers and are sharing a similar belief.

The belief is the Earth is going to experience some extreme changes shortly and they are also toggling with their role and what that looks like. Their role may be to get people on the ships if the time comes.

So where does this leave the "stay with the Earth theory?" Well, being connected to the real resonance of the Earth's frequency is in line with the propulsion system many of the ships are using. Of course not every ship in the Universe is, however, it seems the vast majority are using this primordial Source energy.

It is one of the reasons why it is important to shed the ego, increase our vibration, live in service to self as equal to others so we can discern what our next steps and role may be.

It doesn't have to be one or the other and perhaps there is an additional option. If we can see the beautiful organic entanglement of the Earth's energy with the ship propulsion, our consciousness as connected to those beings inside and yes to the ship itself, then we have moved from duality to a higher integrated state of understanding who we are and where we may want to go.

Perhaps we even develop the technology ourselves once we have graduated to a higher collective consciousness so big brother isn't doing it for us, rather, patiently waiting for us to choose more effective uses of our time and go vertical ourselves. This allows us to walk into our higher divine selves as connected to others.

Lastly, if people do choose to go, may we consider they were visitors here and some of their souls likely came from other galaxies, star systems and planets. Who is it for us to say where they choose to go? It seems they will know and it doesn't have to be the exact same place. That's the beauty of a pop in evolution, the robustness and diversity is abundant. It's what helps the cosmos continue to grow.

More to come...

**Thank you Robyn Justo for your contribution**


Friday, June 15, 2012

Round Table: The Elders Leading Us Into A New Paradigm

Lisa Harrison puts together a wonderful interview with David Yurth, Trevour Osborne and David O'Brien as they all share their thoughts on what is available and what is needed to take us through this shift to a new paradigm.

Special thanks to Mike Pond.


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