IET Evolve Video II Dec 2010

IET Evolve Video II  Dec 2010
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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Will the Real Light Warriors Please Stand Up

There is a growing bifurcation of the draconian versus the light warrior energy. Over the past year there seems to be a growing bifurcation in those people who possess the draconian energy and those truly with the light warrior status. Let us define draconian energy - rigorous, unusually severe and cruel. There are those who possess the draco energy, let's call it a black hole of sorts that sucks nearly everyone in it/the draco person comes into contact with and those in the second tier who surround the draco black hole who act out draco tendencies on behalf of their "master", yet they by themselves would likely not act in such a manner. Then there are those in the third tier who are merely submissive, have no power and who's life energy is snagged by the draco and the draco's assistant(s).

These people are in all walks of life. Government, military, churches, schools, non profit organizations, traditional corporate organizations and even in newer forms of computer and technology fields. Let's put it this way, where there is fame, money, power and soul sucking, it is everywhere.

And just how is this supposed to help a world in peril?

So here we stand post Paris November 13th, 2015 events. Where are the real light warriors?

Here is an answer to consider...

They are you. The people who are the kind, sensitive, wouldn't hurt a fly, people who plant trees, like to put their hands in the Earth, believe in the goodness of life, respect the divine feminine and know it is on the rise and exhibit Universal consciousness and ethics. The people who look around this world and say "are you f'ing kidding me?" to all that is happening right now. They have the awareness, the might and the discernment to know BS from genuineness. They are people who cannot be bought, cannot be sold and who are unwilling to live another day on this planet working for draconian energy. They are people who need to feel their divinity in their work, their personal lives and to feel the potency of the mana running through their souls out their bodies and emotions.

Light Warriors came here to show up in the biggest way possible with their hearts and superpowers fully manifested.

What are the Light Warriors to Do?

The dracos have done a damn fine job at scaring the light warriors for a long, long time and holding influence over money, jobs and positions of power. The dracos have two primary emotions, fear and anger. They fear the light warriors taking over and they use anger to fuel their rage to try to fragment and separate the light warriors. Ok, we've seen it before, thank you for the training dracos, now it is time for the light warriors to end the training and take their leadership positions on the planet.

Light warriors have two primary emotions as well, love and vigilance. Light warriors do not stoop to dirty measures to achieve their goals, they cannot. They cannot operate in the nastiness (lying, manipulation, cheating, insulting, etc...) as the dracos do because it is literally not in their DNA. They must be able to leave the planet without negative karma. What can the light warriors do?

They can use the greater gifts that they have in common, love and trust with each other. The bonds with the light warriors as they band together are unshakable, creative, superluminal and form teams that can traverse the Universe freely. Bonds that can plow through eons of old Atlantean energy. The time is over for the fragmentation of the light warriors, we've had our training, now it is time to rise up, organize with one another and take your leadership and teammate role in our quick evolving world.

Looking forward to seeing the light warrior family stand up and find each other all over this great planet. We came to Earth to help ourselves and the planet transition to its rightful place in the Universe. Will the real light warriors please stand up.


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Five BS's of Love and Light

The 5 Bullshit’s of Love and Light


It seems the language of love and light is used quite a bit lately in the spiritual movement or just in human movement at times when it seems fitting. And often by those who have done some not so nice things to others. Yes, the title of this is the bullshit of love and light. Oh, this sounds like an oxymoron correct? Correct. It is an oxymoron if it is being used to excuse the following;

1.   You’re cheated on and when you address the situation you get…it’s all love and light. A good friend of mine had her boyfriend cheat on her with a mutual friend and the answer from both the friend and soon to be ex-boyfriend was…”we are healing the Earth with our love. You should understand. This is greater than your ego.”


2.   You’re lied to by others and they say, forgive, release, forget, love and light filled with hearts and smiley emoji’s!


3.   You are stabbed in the back by because of traditional corporate greed and all its Atlantean musings and you are supposed to be the one to embrace love and light immediately.


4.   People take from you because hey, you have more than they do, so they feel like it is ok. Let there be love and light!


5.   You are criticized for your own unique spiritual beliefs by those who are “obviously more spiritually aware then you” while they stick a finger in your face with an aggressive tone and say…”why your just not ready to hear this higher level truth.”


Why is it those who commit the trigger for the atrocity expect you to use the love and light card immediately, very much akin to the get out of jail card from the game Monopoly? Well, a few possible answers;

·       Guilt – if you immediately release the atrocity, then you set them free.


·       Continued Power by the controller – by you having to do even more work, you allow the other person to continue to get away with it and the cycle continues and often times this is how the cycle of abuse is perpetuated.


·       Dissonance – the inability to see reality or to even have proper empathy and compassion for the injustice.

On a serious note, we cannot expect to evolve as a person, organization, society and planet in our spiritual growth when we are clearly retarding our own selves and demanding others to “do love and light on others terms.” Healthy emotional and spiritual people are able to effectively identify their emotions, the emotions of others, know where they come from and how to manage those emotions for self and others.

By jumping to love and light without genuine compassion is missing an enormous factor in the equation of getting to true emotional and spiritual freedom. I remember when my mother died nearly 20 years ago, I couldn’t feel the grace of spirit move to a state of joy, because I just simply missed my mother in the physical and this was the last time I would engage her this way. True healing is a process, a mature and delicate process.

May there be genuine love and light after both parties have acknowledged their mutual engagement and sought to have a connection of the heart, not the mind and ego.

I actually do love love and love the light. I prefer to see it used respectfully, honorably and in a way that actually evolves us together and not that one party loses out and another wins. Compassion is key and it is not forced, it is a natural process. To me, compassion is a necessary part of the evolution to love and light.


Monday, July 27, 2015

The Living Library - Susan Kornacki Part 1

My Living Library interview with Lynn McCullum. The first of 6 parts. Rest will be coming shortly as Lynn publishes this interview on her site.


Saturday, July 25, 2015

Susan Kornacki, on Global Transformation with Anjula Ram


Monday, March 23, 2015

The Divine Feminine Realized ~ A Contactee's Perspective March 22, 2015

By Susan A. Kornacki M.S.
As promised for the past several years, I would write again. Today, it is finally happening. After nearly three years it is just time. So, please forgive in advance any choppiness or even quirkiness in the writing. Although, I publicly appear on Facebook, I definitely haven't been able to drop into a more natural deeper state in quite some time. When the Universe puts one on mission, the call to action takes us into a vortex or zone without much equipment and we have to respond accordingly. 2012 to early 2015 certainly marked an epic 3 year cycle in my life as well as many others around me.
I am now blessed to be living on one of the most sacred places on the planet, Kauai. Living on the north shore of Kauai has striking mountains, sky high waterfalls visible every morning when I leave my home and journey on the day. Butterflies, dragonflies and albatross when I go for a run. Horses to ride and connect with are abundantly here roaming in the valleys and lands while you are seeing the mountains and the ocean. Whales visible from favorite meditation spots and the sound of frogs, crickets and the ocean at night.  Fresh fish, organic fruits, vegetables, food farms and seed exchange programs for the people here. The Hawaiians grounding and anchoring the true meaning of Aloha as it is embodied in their physical body and spirit as connected to the sacred sites, mountains and all knowing rocks which have a personality and unique energy signature of their own. Most importantly the quiet awareness of "we are one here" with the way people work together for the betterment of themselves, neighbors and the whole island. There is a belief here that what we do on our 33 mile island has the ability to ripple out and impact the rest of the planet. We honor our role and respect the stewardship we have been granted and shown up to provide.
Thousands of years in the making to reach this point, the culmination of many dimensions, timelines and spirits merging together.
It is a gift to be able to experience nature in her purer form and learn from and with her daily.
It is in this awareness today of what the divine feminine is realized, the ability to feel eternity running through our bodies as connected to the Earth as Earth is connected to the Cosmos. On coming back from a run today by the ocean and mountains while feeling the warm tropical air moving through my body and hair and seeing yellow, pink, red, orange and white hibiscus flowers, eternity was ignited and opened up once again, in this feeling state brought on new awareness.
It is in my humble belief that woman have had to operate in a quite unbalanced way on this planet for the male energy was not in its divine state and woman was either acting as male to provide food and shelter for her children, acting as submissive female or being cunning to find some form of balance in an out of balanced morphogenetic field that was encapsulating this world.
Whatever set this disconnection in motion is debatable. Perhaps it came from a distorted powerful energy device gone awry due to a growing imbalance, the rise of the ego and power in the age soon after the Golden Age or the Fourth Dynasty in Egypt. At one point man and woman were equals and woman was valued for her wisdom and ability to connect into the ether to Source energy so as to provide insight to her partner to then take action.
Today we are living in an age where the rush to create free energy devices is created in a lab primarily dominated by male energy. We have gotten far away from the deeper reason we are to have these devices and to create them from a purer state of intention with a balanced representation of the etheric yin yang energy. To help raise the positive life force of the other people, plants, animals, water and air around us. This is what woman carries, the nurturing to see life be created, emerge and grow to a beautiful being that she can take joy in its evolvement for this is the fractal nature of life she can affect.
Many women have become hardened and our divine essence diluted. The fight has been unbearable for many to wear the mask to "operate in this world" and as a result the true nature of woman has been only barely allowed to pierce through the veil at times. Moreover, it hasn't allowed men to come into their divine nature.  
The numerous extraterrestrial contact experiences people have that are not reported in the media or even alternative media outlets are of those beings with a balanced energy and often times contactees report they cannot entirely differentiate male or female with the various beings.
Yet the most memorable and eternally impacting actions we have is the ability to nurture, create and vision for the life energies we are connected to around us and in our environment. The smell of a baby, the softness of a baby's skin, hearing the positive potency of a child's laughter, the care provided when others are sick to be nursed to health to get better, the gentleness we carry to see and feel the space between the spaces, the innate desire to see life thrive and the great lengths we will go to so we make sure it does, these are our gifts.
It has been said with these different energetic cosmic energies pulsing through the sun through flares and effecting the Schumann's resonance of the Earth and our human bodies (which we may want to start referring to as our organic space ship), that we are adjusting to a new vibratory level and as a result things are opening up. I do believe this, what I also believe is that we are learning how to better support one another, hear each other, listen and care as a human species. The trust with each other is increasing and that is precisely what is needed to move us into this next phase of unity consciousness in action. When we feel trust, love and acceptance, it enhances our creativity and creative union. Perhaps, this is the divine feminine and divine masculine in action.


Quantum Leap - Center for a New Earth, Cambridge, Massachusetts

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